A TURNTABLE FRIEND                      Eigenstrasse 82
******************                      Duisburg 4100


Exist   : 1990-1999
Owner   : Ulrich Hoffmann
Distr.  : GE - Revolver
          UK - Cargo/SRD/
Style   : shoefaze / dreamy pop /jangle pop / indie pop / twee pop / noise pop /
          post punk / alternative rock /

TURN    01      LOVE PARADE             LAZY DAYS                       7"        .1990

        A1      Lazy Days
        A2      Sick Joke
        B1      Priory
        B2      Autumn
TURN    02      THE APPLE MOTHS         FRED ASTAIRE                    7"      11.1990

        A1      Fred Astaire
        B1      Elvis
        B2      Miserable Town
TURN    03      LOVE PARADE             THE GUILT CHEST                 7"        .1990

        A1      Life
        B1      Perfect Combination
        B2      The Guilt Chest
TURN    04      THE DREAMSCAPE          BLACKFLOWER                     7"      02.1990

        A       Blackflower
        B       Evergreen
TURN    05      THE GRAVY TRAIN         MAKE IT BETTER                  7"      09.1991

        A1      Make It Better
        B1      Pull the Boat In
        B2      Sad
TURN    06      VINEGAR BLOSSOM         ABSENCE OF A CHOICE             7"        .1991

        A       Absence Of A Choice
        B       Perfection Found In Good Health
TURN    07      SECRET SHINE            UNBEARABLE                      7"      09.1991

        A       Unbearable
        B       My Only Friend
TURN    08      THE CLAIM               SAY SO                          7"      04.1992

        A1      Say So
        B1      Plastic Grip
        B2      Waiting for Jesus
TURN    09      TREE FORT ANGST         SIX SONGS EP                    7"        .1992

        A1      You Should've Seen The One That Got Away
        A2      I'm Not Giving Up On You
        A3      Four Years, Six Months, Two Days
        B1      Shining Example
        B2      Eternal Pledge
        B3      Ascension
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TURN    10      FEVERFEW/THE RILEYS     THE HAPPINESS EP                7"        .1992

        A1      Feverfew                Bed of Roses
        A2      Feverfew                She's Leaving
        B1      The Rileys              Dreamsway
        B2      The Rileys              Time Will Pass
TURN    11      HOPE                    FUNNY EP                        7"        .1992

        A1      Funny
        B1      There's A Place
        B2      Singing Vest
TURN    12      ANTISEPTIC BEAUTY       RISING                          12"     04.1993

        A1      Good To Be Gone
        A2      Love Run Dry
        A3      Rising
        B1      Illuminate Me
        B2      Lost
TURN    13      THE GRAVY TRAIN         ST. GEORGE'S WAY                7"        .1993

        A       St George's Way
        B       Why Does The Sun Fall From The Sky ?
TURN    14      BOYRACER                NAKED                           7"      02.1993

        A1      Naked
        B1      No Fuel
        B2      New Zealand Song
TURN    15
TURN    16      V / A                   CALLING AT DUKE STREET          2x12"  12.1993

12"/1   A1      The Rolf and Cindy Band : Slow Crawl
        A2      The Orchids             Avignon
        A3      Lorelei                 Burro
        A4      Red Letter Day : Aeolian Harp (Vinyl Version)
        A5      Eva Luna : From Here to Who Knows Where
        A6      Beatnik Filmstars : You Can't Fake Sadness Like This (Live)
        A7      Going Public            Hauntin'
        B1      Antiseptic Beauty       Solvent Mind
        B2      Eggplant                Your History Is Not My History
        B3      Boyracer With Even as We Speak : Friend
        B4      Hellfire Sermons        Bill & Sarah
        B5      Seashells               Lovebirds
        B6      Bartlebees              You've Taken All My Dreams Away
        B7      Hula Hoop               Stairway to Elizabeth
        B8      The Pristines           Final

12"/2   C1      Tea                     Two Weeks
        C2      Tree Fort Angst         Fin de siecle
        D1      Glaring Surge           Unreleased Dreams
TURN    17      THE RILEYS              THE WORLD AND HIS WIFE          CD        .1993

        1       Keep Smiling                                    3:40
        2       Skies to Blue                                   3:04
        3       Crimson and Blue                                4:32
        4       Finders Keepers                                 3:36
        5       Rings in Your Mind                              3:50
        6       Time Will Pass                                  3:13
        7       Stupid                                          2:35
        8       You Can't Be Loved Forever                      2:28
TURN    18      BOYRACER/HULA HOOP : LOUISVILLE LEEDS TKO!              12"       .1993

        A1      Boyracer                Sanguine
        A2      Boyracer                She Comes Alone
        A3      Boyracer                My Town
        A4      Boyracer                Trying Too Hard
        A5      Boyracer                This Has Gone on Too Long
        B1      Hula Hoop               Dog
        B2      Hula Hoop               French Kiss '66
        B3      Hula Hoop               High on Nitrous
        B4      Hula Hoop               Patric Walker
        B5      Hula Hoop               Emma Peel, Formula One (New Version)
TURN    19      EVA LUNA                KICK OUT                        7"        .1993

        A       Kick Out (At The Things You Hate)
        B       She Shines

        A1      A Friend for Life
        A2      Passionflower
        A3      That's Progress
        A4      Chanteuse
        A5      Skill
        A6      Fifteen
        A7      My New Shoes
        A8      Why Bother Asking Me Now?
        A9      Is It Me or Is It Cold?
        A10     New Zealand Jazz
        B1      Define Beauty
        B2      Hatemail
        B3      Jazz B.
        B4      Giving Way
        B5      The Useless Romantic
        B6      Second Is Always Second

CD      Slumberland     SLR 28          1994    US
TURN    21      BOMB POPS               GIRL DAREDEVIL                  7"        .1994

        A       Girl Daredevil                                  3:54
        B       Riverside                                       3:22
TURN    22      SUGAR PLANT             ORANGE FILTER                   7"      06.1994

        A       Orange Filter
        B       Cakes On The Shels
TURN    23 F    BOYRACER                ELECTRICITY                     FLEXI     .1995

        A1      Electricity
        A2      Sex (Live)
TURN    24      BOYRACER : WE ARE MADE OF THE SAME WOOD                 10"       .1995
TURN    24      BOYRACER : WE ARE MADE OF THE SAME WOOD                 CD        .1995

LP      A1      Twisted Love
        A2      Superhip
        A3      You're Breaking His Heart
        A4      Area 51 Revisited
        A5      Finger Pie
        A6      Post-Modernist Retro Bullshit
        A7      Bring Me the Hair of Phil Oakey
        B1      Vitamin B
        B2      Michael
        B3      In Love With These Times
        B4      Your Dark Secrets
        B5      Serious Teeth

CD      1       Twisted Love                                    2:19
        2       Superhip                                        1:22
        3       You're Breaking His Heart                       0:54
        4       Area 51 Revisited                               2:03
        5       Finger Pie                                      1:25
        6       Post Modernist Retro Bullshit                   1:25
        7       Bring Me the Hair of Phil Oakey                 1:20
        8       Vitamin B                                       2:12
        9       Michael                                         2:05
        10      In Love With These Times                        1:24
        11      Your Dark Secrets                               2:11
        12      Serious Teeth                                   4:06

CD      Slumberland     SLR 48          1995    US
TURN    25      TEA                     KITTY KITTY ANGELRINDER         10"       .1995

        A1      It's A Good Day
        A2      Slates (For Shed)
        A3      Don't Ask
        B1      A53 Northbound
        B2      Hiding Place
        B3      An Apology
        B4      Harbour Song (With Seagulls)
TURN    26      BOYRACER                THE RACER 100 EP                10"       .1996

        A1      Your Unspoken Desires
        A2      Boxing Day
        B1      Untouched by Conversation
        B2      Baleen
        B3      Re-Run
TURN    27
TURN    28      BOYRACER/MY FAVORITE    SPLIT                           7"        .1996

        A       Boyracer                False Economy
        B       My Favorite             Modulate
TURN    29      BRIGHT COLOURED EYES    OPEN YOUR EYES                  7"        .1997

        A1      Open Your Eyes                                  2:40
        A2      Leave You Behind                                2:45
        B       Count the Raindrops                             3:35
TURN    30
TURN    31      JUNIPER                 YOU DON'Y HIDE SO WELL          7"        .1996

        A       You Don't Hide So Well                          3:18
        B       Anna Theme                                      2:52
                (Note : 7" , blue vinyl)
TURN    32
TURN    33      THE ROPERS              THE WORLD IS FIRE               CD        .1997

        1       Drink You Up                                    3:02
        2       Please Understand                               2:51
        3       Take Your Time                                  2:47
        4       Home                                            4:01
        5       Paste                                           2:14
        6       These Days                                      4:11
        7       Dawn                                            3:04

CD      Teenbeat        225             1997    US
TURN    34       HULABOY                LUCY                            7"        .1997

        A1      Garden
        A2      The Unwritten Rule
        B1      Puce Moment
        B2      The Turtle
        B3      Sodomite Bomb
                (Note ; 7" , 0range vinyl)
TURN    35
TURN    36      TEA                     BREATHING MCD                   3"CD      .1999

        1       Breathing (LP Mix)
        2       We're The Astral Love Police And This Is A Bust
        3       An Apology
        4       Partial Lighthouse
        5       Breathing (Original 7" Mix)

TURN    50      V / A                   THE TEST OF TIME                3LP+DLc 07.2017
                (Note : 3LP , housed in tri-fold sleeve with 12 x 12 full
                colour booklet and a download code. Ed. of 500 copies)
TURN    50      V / A                   THE TEST OF TIME                2CD     07.2017

Side 1  1       Bomb Pops               ‘Girl Daredevil’
        2       The Claim               ‘Hercules’*
        3       Love Parade             ‘Out To Sea’*
        4       Hope                    ‘Funny’
        5       Lorelei                 ‘Burro’
        6       Boyracer                ‘No Fuel’

Side 2  1.      My Favourite            ‘Modulate’ (7” Version)
        2.      Vinegar Blossom         ‘Perfection Found In Good Health
        3.      Hulaboy                 ‘Garden’
        4.      Tea                     ‘Two Weeks’
        5.      Hope                    ‘Whining and Whining’*
        6.      Decemberists Of Liverpool : ‘Simpler To Say’*
        7.      Hula Hoop               ‘French Kiss ‘66’

Side 3  1.      The Claim               ‘Waiting For Jesus’
        2.      Love Parade             ‘Lazy Days’
        3.      Hope                    ‘There’s A Place’
        4.      The Apple Moths         ‘Miserable Town’
        5.      Feverfew                ‘Bed Of Roses’
        6.      Boyracer                ‘My Town’
        7.      Sugar Plant             ‘Orange Filter’

Side 4  1.      Boyracer                ‘The Useless Romantic’
        2.      The Gravy Train         ‘Make It Better’
        3.      Feverfew                ‘Paint It Blue’*
        4.      Juniper                 ‘You Don’t Hide So Well’
        5.      Tree Fort Angst         ‘You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away’
        6.      Hellfire Sermons        ‘Door To My Backyard’*
        7.      Antiseptic Beauty       ‘Illuminate Me’

Side 5  1.      The Apple Moths         ‘Fred Astaire’
        2.      Eva Luna                ‘She Sines’
        3.      Tea                     ‘Breathing’(7” MIx)
        4.      Hellfire Sermons        ‘Bill And Sarah’
        5.      Secret Shine            ‘Unbearable’
        6.      Hula Hoop               ‘She’s A Bad Motorcycle’*

Side 6  1.      Remember Fun            ‘Train Journeys’*
        2.      The Ropers              ‘These Days’
        3.      The Dreamscape          ‘Blackflower’
        4.      Boyracer with Even As We Speak : ‘Friend’
        5.      The Claim               ‘Plastic Grip’
        6.      The Rileys              ‘Time Will Pass’
        7.      Love Parade             ‘Life’

        *       Previously unavailable on vinyl or CD

CD      1       side 1-3
CD      2       side 4-6

The return of A Turntable Friend Records starts with an opulent 40 track retrospective
compilation of their heydays in the 1990s. Peers of Sarah Records and Slumberland
Records but far from copying their style, ATF Records always had their own musical
identity allowing for a roster as diverse as Boyracer (with Even As We Speak), Secret
Shine, The Claim, The Ropers, the Hellfire Sermons + Lorelei.

This compilation is a feast of highlights from the long-deleted back catalogue plus 8
unreleased tracks from the period. Many of the original 7s & 12s are much sought after
collector items and several tracks appear on cd for the first time.
Indie guitar pop of the best variety delivered by bands from the UK< USA, Australia
+ Japan.

The release is luxuriously packaged in a tri-fold sleeve for the triple vinyl, strictly
limited to 500 for the world. It includes a 12 x 12 full colour booklet and a download
The double cd comes with the same tracks also in a gatefold sleeve with full colour
This compilation is a fundraiser for the William Wates Memorial Trust in the UK with
all profits being donated.
TURN    51      DRAHLA                  FICTIONAL DECISION              7"      04.2017

        A       Fictional Decision                              3:53
        B       Dog Collar Guillotine                           2:25

(Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies on silver-grey vinyl, cardboard sleeve)

DRAHLA are a 3piece post-punk combo from Leeds/Wakefield area.
TURN    52 LP   TEA : EVERYBODY'S  HAPPY  SOMETHING                     2LP+DLc 07.2017

        1)      Intro
        2)      Token Happy Song
        3)      6.30am
        4)      Worries Of A Simple Man
        5)      Hiding Place
        6)      There Are Things
        7)      In Yr Room
        8)      At The Bottom Of Broadway
        9)      Turn Off The World
        10)     It's A Good Day
        11)     Breathing
        12)     Anywhere But Here
        13)     Bus People
        14)     We're The Astral Love Police And This Is A Bust
        15)     Harbour Song

(Note : orange vinyl 2LP on A Turntable Friend. Edition of 300 copies in gatefold)

TEA are a duo from the Isle of Man who are said to peddle indie pop that sits somewhere
between the Field Mice and the Beloved. This was initially due in 1999 but is probably
better off coming out in the more indie-pop friendly 2017.
TURN    053 LP  EASY                    MAGIC SEED                      LP+CD   01.2018
TURN    053 CD  EASY                    MAGIC SEED                      CD      01.2018

LP      1)      Castle Train
        2)      He Brings The Honey
        3)      Cloud Chamber
        4)      Dam-sugar
        5)      On A Sunny Day
        6)      Land Diving
        7)      Horoscope
        8)      Between John & Yoko
        9)      Pleasure Cruise
        10)     Magic Seed
CD +    11)     Apples For You
        12)     Flamingo
        13)     Number 25
        14)     Snake Charmer
        15)     Horoscope (Daniel Miller mix)
        16)     Come Find The Horses (demo)

LP      Remastered LP + CD on A Turntable Friend, housed in gatefold sleeve.
CD      Remastered CD on A Turntable Friend, housed in gatefold package.

Rerelease of the debut album by Easy, Magic Seed. Originally released in 1990.
Remastered version of this classic debut, all with hypnotic original artwork by
William Latham. CD version comes in a gatefold sleeve; Includes six bonus tracks.
TURN    054 LP  EASY                    A HEARTBEAT FROM ETERNITY       LP      02.2018
TURN    054 CD  EASY                    A HEARTBEAT FROM ETERNITY       CD      02.2018

        1)      Ask The Sky
        2)      I Can Tell You Why
        3)      For Beauty
        4)      It’s Ok To Cry
        5)      Swimming With The Beast
        6)      Song To Remember
        7)      Ghost Of Nero
        8)      Little Boy
        9)      A Picture (I’ve Got Mine)
        10)     I Belong Wherever You Will Take Me
        11)     The Reincarnated

2LP     1.      Greed And Peasant Land
        2.      To Have And To Hurt
        3.      Gang Of One
        4.      Always Torn
        5.      Lust Roulette
        6.      Adrift Again
        7.      Radio Edna
        8.      Everything At Once
        9.      Gary's Going Down
        10.     Skin Storm 11. A Wounding
        12.     In Liverpool
        13.     Boys Will Be Boys
        14.     The Loss
        15.     A Pint Of Bitterness
        16.     Tattered, Tangled And Torn
        17.     Skin Storm (Original single)
        18.     Saturday Insanity
        19.     Gatling Gun
        20.     Quality Of Mercy
        21.     Here Endeth The First Lesson

CD1:    1.      Greed And Peasant Land
        2.      To Have And To Hurt
        3.      Gang Of One
        4.      Always Torn
        5.      Lust Roulette
        6.      Adrift Again
        7.      Radio Edna
        8.      Everything At Once
        9.      Gary's Going Down
        10.     Skin Storm
        11.     A Wounding
        12.     In Liverpool
        13.     Boys Will Be Boys
        14.     The Loss
        15.     A Pint Of Bitterness

CD2:    1.      Tattered, Tangled And Torn
        2.      Headful Of Dreadful
        3.      Saturday Insanity
        4.      Laughing Larry's
        5.      Gatling Gun
        6.      Quality Of Mercy
        7.      Here Endeth The First Lesson
        8.      Little Boy Lost
        9.      Hard Feelings
        10.     Lift Your Eyes To Where She Dwells
        11.     Fallen Open
        12.     Swim
        13.     The Swing Of Things
        14.     Gang Of One Revisited
        15.     Skin Storm (Original single)

A Turntable Friend Records present a reissue of Bradford's Shouting Quietly, orig.
released in 1990. Thirty years ago a young Northern band named Bradford were very
publically handed the baton by Morrissey to blaze a trail in English indie music after
the demise of The Smiths. Top British producer Stephen Street immediately signed the
band to his brand new Foundation label and the scene was set for Bradford who in the
words of Sounds Magazine in May 1988 were "Five guys with strict haircuts -- their
image conjures up short, sharp shocks but their music tells a different story...
creating intelligent and distinctive, finely crafted pop songs. There are no jangly
jaunts through well- trodden paths of predictability -- the image, the name, the
songs, the intelligence and the voice see to that". Alas two things destroyed their
chances: the collapse of Rough Trade, sending Stephen Street's new label into ruin
and the overwhelming avalanche in music that became known as "Madchester". Bradford's
brand of sleek English pop was suddenly completely out of step with the times. Thirty
years on and it's time for a reappraisal. Here it is in its remastered form, containing
three top twenty indie singles, one being the renowned indie classic "Skin Storm" which
Morrissey also recorded and released in 1991. This newly remastered re-release also
contains "In Liverpool" (a Record Mirror "Single of The Week") their first single for
Stephen Street's Foundation label, B sides, the eponymous French mini-album, and some
never before released material. Extensive liner notes by Fergal Kinney (Louder Than
War). Double CD version comes in a gatefold sleeve.
TURN    056 LP  THE ROOM IN THE WOOD    THE ROOM IN THE WOOD            LP      07.2018
TURN    056 CD  THE ROOM IN THE WOOD    THE ROOM IN THE WOOD            CD      07.2018

        01.     Greedy Stars
        02.     Magic Thinking
        03.     Raven Girl
        04.     False Friend
        05.     Grey Wolf Lullaby
        06.     Sensation
        07.     Sky Pool
        08.     Snowblind
        09.     Time Machine
        10.     Nothing Is Real
        11.     Snakeways

The Room In The Wood is the latest project by Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson. Over
the past year, they have written over 30 new songs. Eleven of these appear on their
forthcoming self-titled album.
TURN    057     DOSE                    FURNITURE                       7"      06.2018

Debut single Furniture by Newcastle, UK experimental noise-rock band Dose.
A cinematic amalgamation of discordant melodies, intricate guitars, and a strong
rhythm, all blended together with an array of obscure effects and samples. "Furniture"
was written by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr and recorded at Suburban Home Studio with
MJ from Hookworms. The full band includes bassist Matthew Collerton, guitar/synth
/samples from Sam Campbell, and drummer Joe Donkin. Their unique sound blends art
rock, krautrock, and slowcore into one coherent sonic landscape.

TURN    059 LP  THE WOLFHOUNS           HANDS IN THE TILL               LP      07.2018
                [The Complete John Peel Sessions]
TURN    059 CD  THE WOLFHOUNS           HANDS IN THE TILL               LP      07.2018
                [The Complete John Peel Sessions]

A.      1.      The Anti-Midas Touch
        2.      Hand In The Till
        3.      Me
        4.      Whale On The Beach
        5.      Boy Racers, RM1
        6.      Disgusted, E7
B.      7.      Rule of Thumb
        8.      Sandy
        9.      Happy Shopper
        10.     Non-Specific Song
        11.     The William Randolph Hearse
        12.     Son of Nothing

LP      Slumberland             SLR 235         2018    US
CD      Slumberland             SLR 235         2018    US

Originally formed as teenagers in 1984, The Wolfhounds released four critically
acclaimed LPs and numerous singles, appeared on the NME’s influential C86 cassette,
extensively toured the UK and continental Europe, finally disbanding in 1990. The
band reformed in 2006 at the request of St Etienne’s Bob Stanley to celebrate 20 years
since the release of C86, and inflicted a severe guitar noisefest on an unsuspecting
indiepop crowd at London’s ICA. Since 2012 they have been recording and releasing new
TURN    060
TURN    061
TURN    062 LP  BIG TIDE                SYNC OR SWIM                    LP      05.2019
TURN    062 CD  BIG TIDE                SYNC OR SWIM                    CD      05.2019

        1)      The Crash 
        2)      Hide Me In Your Spaceship 
        3)      Wrong Number 
        4)      Make A Baby 
        5)      You Can’t Live Your Life On An Email 
        6)      Half The Time 
        7)      Sync Or Swim 
        8)      Thirst For The Limelight 
        9)      When The Tide Turns 
        10)     I Could Walk Away

Founded by Liverpool native Ben Thomas in 2017, Big Tide was born out of Thomas’
disillusionment with the electronic music scene. His previous output as French House
producer L’Etranger spanned for six years gaining attention from the likes of Clash
magazine, Earmilk & Amazing Radio amongst others.
TURN    063 CD  DRAGON WELDING          DRAGON WELDING                  CD      03.2019

        1)      Dirty Stick
        2)      The Builders
        3)      One Miserable Summer
        4)      These Are Dangerous Summer
        5)      Slap
        6)      Join The Dots
        7)      The Dumb
        8)      Bucket List No.1
        9)      Bucket List No.2
        10)     Soldarite
        11)     Lament For Common Sense

Dragon Welding is the new project and first solo album by The Wolfhounds guitarist
Andy Golding. The albums sees his music straying into the post-rock/drone
experimentalism of Moonshake and the krautrock of Neu. Ant Chapman of Collapsed
Lung mastered the album and it features a guest appearance from Alice Golding of
The Othyrs.
TURN    064 LP  THE CLAIM               BOOMY TELLA                     LP+DLc  03.2019
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on green vinyl)
TURN    064 CD  THE CLAIM               BOOMY TELLA                     CD      03.2019
                (Note : CD + 4 unreleased bonus demos from 1988/1990)

LP      1)      Not So Simple Sharon Says
        2)      Love Letter
        3)      Beneath The Reach
        4)      All About Hope
        5)      Las Regas El Resoto
        6)      Down By The Chimney
        7)      Mrs Shepherd
        8)      Sanity Starts At Home
        9)      On My Way
        10)     Christopher
        11)     Business Boy (demo)*
        12)     God Cliffe And Me (demo)*
        13)     Fallen Hero (demo)*
        14)     Untitled (demo)*

Available as a limited (300 copies) 10 track green vinyl gatefold (with D/L code) or
limited 14 track CD in gatefold sleeve, this is the re-mastered re-release of the
second classic album by The Claim, originally released on Kevin Pearce’s legendary
Esurient Communications in 1988.
The Claim from Cliffe, Kent and were one of the key players in the then thriving
‘Medway Scene’ alongside The Prisoners, Billy Childish and The Dentists. This second
album received glowing reviews at the time including Bob Stanley’s 8/10 review in
the NME alongside numerous plays by Peel. If you want to hear where early Blur got
their sound from look no further.
The Claim’s guitarist David Arnold also played on early Jasmine Minks releases.
This re-master was done using the original quarter inch tapes and gets a luxurious
treatment as a limited green vinyl. The cd is a six panel package and features 4
unreleased demo tracks from 1988/1990. Both formats feature liner notes by David
TURN    065 LP  THE CLAIM : THE NEW INDUSTRIAL BALLADS                  LP+DLc  06.2019
TURN    065 CD  THE CLAIM : THE NEW INDUSTRIAL BALLADS                  CD      06.2019

        1)      Johnny Kidd’s Right Hand Man
        2)      Journey
        3)      Smoke And Screens
        4)      The Haunted Pub
        5)      Light Bending
        6)      Hercules
        7)      When The Morning Comes
        8)      Music/Pictures
        9)      Gamma Rays
        10)     Just Too Far
        11)     Mrs Jones
        12)     Estuary Greens And Blues
        13)     30 Years
        14)     Under Canvas
TURN    066 LP  PAUL DEN HEYER          EVERYTHING SO FAR               LP+DLc  06.2019
TURN    066 CD  PAUL DEN HEYER          EVERYTHING SO FAR               CD      06.2019

        1)      Technicolour Summer Sunshine
        2)      Clear Sunlight View
        3)      Illusions Shine Like Gold
        4)      Unfolding (revisited)
        5)      Money Cloud
        6)      Passing Of The Season
        7)      Home Song
        8)      End Of The Summer
        9)      Everything So Far

Paul Den Heyer is something of a supporting cast character in the North-West’s music
history, formerly a member of short-lived indie rockers Fishmonkeyman and then of The
Red Sided Garter Snakes alongside ex-members of Puressence and Inspiral Carpets.
He’s now creating hazy guitar sketches in his own right - Everything So Far is his
debut solo release.
TURN    067     JASMINE MINKS           STEP BY STEP                    7"+DLc  03.2019

        A       Step By Step
        B       Gravity
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on blue vinyl)

The first band to be signed to the iconic Creation Records, The Jasmine Minks return
with a new single as compelling as those early singles, ‘Think’ or ‘Cold Heart’.

With almost the same line-up as the very first recordings, Jim Shepherd, Martin Keena
Dave Musker and Tom Reid recorded the two new songs with producer Pat Collier in his
Perry Vale Studios.