Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : indie / alternative / hip hop /

Modern Way is an artist management company and record label based in Edinburgh,
Established by Bruce Craigie and Michael Lambert, A Modern Way aims to assist artists
in developing all aspects of their career.

AMV     001
AMV     002     FATHERSON               I AM AN ISLAND                  CD      04.2014

        1       I Am An Island                                  3:15
        2       Hometown                                        3:24
        3       I Like Not Knowing                              3:21
        4       Cat Stevens                                     3:31
        5       Lights                                          3:08
        6       Mine For Me                                     3:01
        7       Half The Things                                 3:31
        8       Dust                                            2:39
        9       James                                           4:58
        10      Kiteers                                         2:56
        11      Foreign Waters                                  10:52
AMW     004     FATHERSON               I AM AN ISLAND                  LP+DLc  04.2014

        A1      I Am An Island
        A2      Hometown
        A3      I Like Not Knowing
        A4      Cat Stevens
        A5      Lights
        A6      Mine For Me
        A7      Half The Things
        B1      Dust
        B2      James
        B3      Kiteers
        B4      Foreign Water
AMW     005     STANLEY ODD             CHASE YIRSEL                    12"     05.2014

        1A      Chase Yirsel
        2A      Chase Yirsel (Instrumental)
        3A      Chase Yirsel (A Capella)
        1B      Let Ma Brain Breathe
        2B      Let Ma Brain Breathe (Instrumental)
        3B      Let Ma Brain Breathe (A Capella)
                (Note : 12" , 500 copies)
AMW     014 LP  STANLEY ODD             A THING BRAND NEW               LP+DLc  11.2014
AMW     014 CD  STANLEY ODD             A THING BRAND NEW               CD      11.2014

        A1      Get Back In The Basement
        A2      To Be This Good Takes Stages
        A3      Who Am I?
        A4      Put Your Roots Down
        A5      Pastime
        A6      Draw Yir Own Conclusions
        B1      Knock Knock
        B2      Monsoon Season
        B3      The Walking Dead
        B4      Her Name Was Hip-Hop
        B5      Son I Voted Yes
AMW     019 LP  RODDY WOOMBLE           THE DELUDER                     LP+DLc  09.2017
AMW     019 CD  RODDY WOOMBLE           THE DELUDER                     CD      09.2017

        1       Look Back Like Leaving
        2       To Feel Like A Fool
        3       Jupiter
        4       A Skull With A Teardrop
        5       Like Caruso
        6       First Love Is Never Returned 
        7       Remember To Breathe
        8       I'll Meet You By The Memorial
        9       On N'a Plus De Temps
        10      Any Old Kind Of World Will Do
        11      Floating On A River

Following on from the brooding, atmospheric 'Like Carsuo' single in March comes the
highly anticipated fourth solo album 'The Deluder' from Idlewild's frontman Roddy