A COLOURFUL STORM                       AUSTRALIA


Distr.  : AU -
          UK - Piccadilly
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : indie / C86 pop / techno / industrial / drum'n'bass / experimental
          / concrete music / dub / new wave / minimal / lo-fi / folk /

ACOLOUR 001     DENIAL                  CALIFORNIA DREAMING             7"      05.2016

        A       California Dreaming
        B       The Weatherman
ACOLOUR 002     NERVE                   POWER RELATIONS                 12"     06.2016

        A       Glass Fist (Reprise)
        B       Heads And Ordinary Concrete
ACOLOUR 003     MARK : HERE COMES A FUCKING STARTUP CAMPUS              12"     05.2017

        1       We Connect The Right People To Build Relationships That
                Truly Matter
        2       Our Home & Heart Is In Berlin, As We Believe In The
                Potentials Of The Local Creative Scene
ACOLOUR 004     TACKLE                  GRONDMAN                        12"     04.2017

        1       Grondman
        2       Smoke Point
ACOLOUR 005     KLON DUMP               KLON VES. THE OPEN AIR          2x12"   07.2017

12"/1   01      Out Of Touch!
        02      Sashay Crabwise
        03      Sashay FX For Moopie

12"/2   01      Specialist
        02      The Risk Taker
ACOLOUR 006     NERVE                   SHARPSHOOTER                    12"     09.2017

(Note : 12" , super limited, single-sided 12" cut proper by Helmut Erler at Dubplates
        & Mastering)
ACOLOUR 007     V / A : I Won't Have To Think About You: Compiled by    LP      11.2017
                Bayu and Moopie

        A1.     The Cat's Miaow         Not Like I Was Doing Anything
        A2.     The Particles           Driving Me
        A3.     The Ampersands          Affected
        A4.     Pearly Gatecrashers     In The Summer
        A5.     Ya Ya Choral            Waiting Time
        A6.     Bart & Friends          There May Come A Time
        B1.     Even As We Speak        I Won't Have To Think About You
        B2.     Maestros and Dipsos     Dot
        B3.     Love Positions          Light Of Day
        B4.     Shapiros                Gone By Fall
        B5.     Hydroplane              Completed Extract From The Previous 7"
        B6.     The Cannanes            Lamington Lane

(Note : LP , included is the previously unreleased 'Dot', by Mutant Sounds cult
        band Maestros and Dipsos. Full colour reverse-card sleeve with printed
        insert and lyrics sheet)
ACOLOUR 008     BLUEBOY                 THE BANK OF ENGLAND             LP      03.2018

        A1.     Joined-Up Writing
        A2.     Miss UK
        A3.     Love Yourself
        A4.     By Appointment
        A5.     Marco Polo
        B1.     Jennifer Yeah!
        B2.     Disco Bunny
        B3.     Chadwick
        B4.     Ask The Family
        B5.     Bradford, Texas
        B6.     Angel At My Table

(Note : LP on A Colourful Storm, housed in reverse board sleeve with insert. First
        -time vinyl edition, mastered from the original recording tapes)

A Colourful Storm presents the first-time vinyl issue of one of the true treasures of
modern pop music: Blueboy's The Bank Of England. The group of Paul Stewart, Keith
Girdler, Cath Close, Ian Gardner and James Neville are Sarah Records royalty alongside
The Field Mice, Heavenly, The Wake and The Orchids, and this is the final recording
from arguably the most beautiful, afflicted band of 90's indie-pop and DIY.

Mastered from the original recording tapes with assistance from Sarah and Shinkansen
Records' own Matt Haynes.
ACOLOUR 009     MARK                    INTEGRIER DICH DU YUPPIE        12"     01.2018

        A1.     Integrier Dich Du Yuppie
        B1.     Samwers In The Uferhallen
        B2.     Careful Development Without Haste

ACOLOUR 011     CHRISTOPH DE BABALON    EXQUISITE ANGST                 LP      11.2018

        A1.     Gaseous Invertebrate
        A2.     Kirchengänger
        A3.     Realistic Riot Ritual Routine
        A4.     Leave Me In The Autumn
        A5.     Are You Talking To Me?
        B1.     Alpenglühen
        B2.     Marble Stairs
        B3.     Meditate
        B4.     Valediction

(Note : LP , on a colourful storm comes in reverse board sleeve with poster insert)
ACOLOUR 012     BRUNNEN : THE GARDEN OF PERPETUAL DREAMS                LP      05.2019

        A1      Cris en mouvements
        A2      Der Klang
        A3      Die Liebe
        A4      The return of the giant maracas
        A5      A discreet sign of passing
        A6      A tiny waltz
        B1      A sail across the skies
        B2      Roger caught a rabbit
        B3      Ikizler
        B4      A vanilla kite
        B5      Tomorrowland

Brunnen is Freek Kinkelaar - an important figure in the Dutch underground scene.
He was one half of Dutch experimentalists Beequeen.
Produced with Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots and mastered by Steeg and
Peter Van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando, De Fabriek, The Use Of Ashes).