Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : ambient / modern classical /

99CHANTS  1 LP  DAVID AUGUST            DCXXXIX A.C.                    2LP     05.2018

LP 1    01.     In Limbo
        02.     The Rite Of Spring
        03.     Fragments
        04.     Halo
        05.     1999 D.C.
        06.     Echoes
        07.     Requiem For A Land
        08.     Y.H.W.Y.S.
        09.     Underground
        10.     Muses And Ashes
        11.     Light Of The Past
        12.     His Guide

LP 2    01.     Blue Arc
        02.     Theory Of Colours
        03.     Modern Testament
        04.     Pursuance
        05.     The Void
        06.     Venus
        07.     Gospel Of A Thief
        08.     Dorian Space
        09.     Lost Nile
        10.     Guardians
        11.     Torre D'avorio
        12.     The Gate 

A nonconformist and multifaceted electronic artist, David August has been on hiatus
for a year. Taking time to reflect and discover unknown paths in both, musically and
personally, August connected to his Italian roots, drawing inspiration from it’s
history, rich culture and diverse landscape. The result is a new language of soundand
space that until now has remained hidden.
99CHANTS  2 LP  LOUIS STERLING          ADISCEDA                        LP      04.2019

        A1.     Adisceda
        A2.     The Pillars Of Serene
        A3.     Under The Monarch
        A4.     A.D. Millenium View
        A5.     The Black Gate To Utopia
        B1.     An Ancestors Forgiveness
        B2.     Falstaff, In Awe
        B3.     Southstoke Orchard
        B4.     A Reminiscence Of 2000
        B5.     Simoné

The second instalment of David Augusts 99CHANTS comes in the form of Adisceda, the
debut offering of 21-year-old UK Producer Louis Sterling.
The record will be released as chant#02 on a 12” heavyweight vinyl mastered by ambient
specialist Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios NY in a full-cover designed by
Colin D. Fletcher.