Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
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88WLPR  004     KOYO                    KOYO                            2LP     10.2017
                (Note : double LP , black vinyl)
88WLPR  004 X   KOYO                    KOYO                            2LP     10.2017
                (Note : double LP , red and blue vinyl)
88WCD   004     KOYO                    KOYO                            CD      10.2017

        1       Strange Bird in the Sky
        2       Jettisoned
        3       The Beauty in Loneliness
        4       Lost in the Kingdom
        5       Jouska
        6       Ray of Sunshine
        7       What is Mine
        8       Now I Understand
        9       Tetrachromat (Parts 1 & 2)

Hotly-tipped Leeds quintet KOYO are set to release their debut album . Named after
the Japanese word for colourful autumn leaves, KOYO is also the name of a new group
fusing colourful influences to create music of their own. Formed in Leeds in 2015.
88WLPR  012     KOYO                    YOU SAID IT                     LP      06.2020
88WCDR  012     KOYO                    YOU SAID IT                     CD      06.2020

        1.      Same Mistake Twice
        2.      Circles
        3.      Ostracised
        4.      You Said It
        5.      Surrounded
        6.      Out Of Control
        7.      Murmur
        8.      Confused
        9.      Obelisk
        10.     Rolling In My Head
        11.     Against All Odds

One of the best bands to have emerged from Leedsí healthy alternative music scene in
recent years, Koyo introduce their second studio album. Following their self-titled
album from 2017 and their five-track EP from earlier this year, You Said It is a more
refined and complex sequel to the rawness that won them such acclaim.