Distr.  : US - Darla/
Style   : electronic /

EP      10      I AM ROBOT AND PROUD/OORUTAICHI-LOGIKA/PANNA            10"     06.2018

                I Am Robot And Proud Side
        1.      Logika
        2.      Logika (Oorutaichi MIx)
                Oorutaichi Side
        1.      Panna
        2.      Panna (I Am Robot And Proud Mix)

Canada meets Japan. Toronto’s computer music wizard I Am Robot And Proud and renowned
Kansai composer Oorutaichi combine forces to construct a pulsating collection of joyful
otherworldly and surprising electronic melodies. Cover art is an original procedurally
generated computer drawing by I Am Robot and Proud. Produced exclusively for Record
Store Day Japan, limited pressing.