625 THRASHCORE RECORDS                  Max 625
**********************                  249  Smith St. , PMB 106
625 Trash                               Brooklyn
625 Productions                         NY  11231


Start  : 1992 (in Redwood, CA)
Distr. : CA - Scratch
         US - Very Distr./Stickfigure/
Style  : punk / trash / hardcore / grincore / trashcore /

625 P   001     NO LESS/ETO             Split                           LP        .1994

        A1      No Less                 Suckaduck
        A2      No Less : Nothing Is Good Unless You Can Play With It
        A3      No Less                 Framework
        A4      No Less                 No Less
        A5      No Less                 Whitebread
        B1      Evolved To Obliteration : Bullwinkle
        B2      Evolved To Obliteration : Clone
        B3      Evolved To Obliteration : P.A. Sucks
        B4      Evolved To Obliteration : Deep
        B5      Evolved To Obliteration : Scrappin' Trees
        B6      Evolved To Obliteration  : Wharf
625 P   002     MORBID LIFE SOCIETY     Demo EP                         7"EP      .1996

        A1      Herbspiration
        A2      Negativity
        B1      The Pot Song
        B2      Prostitution
625 P   003     PLUTOCRACY              Dankstahz                       LP        .1992

A.      1       Intro                                           1:52
        2       Jailed                                          2:12
        3       Mizer                                           1:03
        4       Guilt                                           3:13
        5       Good Times                                      0:33
        6       Blurred                                         1:36
        7       Dankstahz                                       1:02
        8       Two Sided Tale                                  2:07
B.      9       Class Tension                                   3:19
        10      Rolling With Dank                               0:55
        11      Tutu, I Love You                                0:18
        12      Crust?...Not!                                   0:42
        13      DVS                                             2:00
        14      Snitch                                          0:57
        15      Erupt                                           1:49
        16      Outro                                           0:37
625 P   004     SPAZZ/CHARLES BRONSON   Split                           LP        .2000

        A1      SPAZZ                   Mad at the World        0:44
        A2      SPAZZ                   Tripper                 1:01
        A3      SPAZZ                   Uniform                 0:15
        A4      SPAZZ                   Bore                    0:46
        A5      SPAZZ                   Hard Boiled             0:45
        B1      Charles Bronson:Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song  0:51
        B2      Charles Bronson : You Get What You Pay For      0:20
        B3      Charles Bronson : Charles Bronson Will Not Turn
                Into a _____ Band                               0:32
        B4      Charles Bronson         Rich Crusties Shall Pay 0:33
        B5      Charles Bronson         Fuckin Drunken Uncle    0:39
        B6      Charles Bronson         Fratguy On the Barbi    0:37
        B7      Charles Bronson : I Lied When I Said I Liked
                Your Zine                                       0:43
        B8      Charles Bronson         Playing Lotto           1:01
625 P   005     AGENTS OF SATAN         Agents Of Satan                 7"EP      .1995

        A1      Unholy Ascension
        A2      H.O.G.
        A3      Crosshairs
        A4      Posted
        A5      Sliver in Christ's Cornhole
        A6      Vomit Tar
        B1      Crust=Glam
        B2      Snatch in Your Eye
        B3      Goat Core
        B4      Red Impulse
                (Note :P 7" , 800 black/200 red copies)
625 P   006     EXHUMED/PALE EXISTENCE  Split                           7"EP      .1996

        A1      Pale Existence          Atmospheres Of Consciousness
        A2      Pale Existence          Descend To Wisdom
        B1      Exhumed                 Blood & Alcohol
        B2      Exhumed                 Oozing Rectal Feast
                (Note : 7" , 1000 copies)
625 P   007     V / A                   EL GUAPO                        LP        .1994

        A1      Evolved To Obliteration : Another One Lost
        A2      Evolved To Obliteration : Bullwinkle
        A3      Apartment 213           Dahmer / Milwaukee Murders
        A4      Short Hate Temper       Coward
        A5      S.B.C.                  Pushin' Daisies
        A6      S.B.C.                  Bla Bla Bla
        A7      S.B.C.                  Stupid Has A Clone
        A8      S.B.C.                  R.C.S.Q. Tribalwarfare
        A9      S.B.C.                  Stick In The Throat
        A10     Pretentious Assholes    The Conquest Continues
        A11     Spazz                   Enterslavement
        A12     Spazz                   Hardboiled
        A13     Spazz                   Burning Tongue
        A14     Christ Mess             Good Taste
        A15     Christ Mess             Crown Of Fire
        A16     Christ Mess             Stench
        A17     Reform Control          Why?
        A18     Reform Control          Murderer
        A19     Reform Control          Subtract
        A20     No Less                 Untitled
        A21     Deadbodieseverywhere    Sloth
        A22     Manchurian Candidates   Blind Lives
        A23     Manchurian Candidates   Minimum Wage Slave Tirade
        B1      State Of The Union      Untitled One
        B2      Agents Of Satan         Raped Priest
        B3      Agents Of Satan         Cut Off My Dick
        B4      Charles Bronson : I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About
                Morons Like You
        B5      Pisspoor                Estrogen Overload
        B6      Ansojuan                Monolopy Song
        B7      Benümb                  Denied
        B8      Benümb                  Self-Expulsion
        B9      Lack Of Interest        I Don't Care
        B10     Potato Justice          Labels
        B11     Remission               Typo
        B12     Slobber                 Severed President's Head
        B13     Slobber                 Miniature Italian Cookies
        B14     Nailed Down             Boring Life
        B15     Nailed Down             Tutti Rabia
        B16     Dread, The              Mad
625 P   008     UTTER BASTARD           Utter Bastard                   7"EP      .1996

        A1      Beer Picnic
        A2      Piece Of Shit
        A3      Macho Man
        A4      Five Finger Discount
        A5      Bass Fill Song
        A6      Harmonica Song
        A7      The Strain
        A8      Gettin' Unorthodox
        A9      Glam Rock
        B1      Four Horsemen
        B2      Old Men
        B3      We Drink Beer
        B4      Hippie Alert
        B5      Ego Shit
        B6      Punk Drunk
        B7      S.D.I.
        B8      Flamin' Bag Of Dog Shit
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   009     V / A                   Possessed To Skate              LP.CD     .1997

        A1      Charles Bronson         The Story Of My Life
        A2      Charles Bronson         Grown Up Corpses
        A3      Charles Bronson         Big Pig On A Rope
        A4      Charles Bronson         I'm So Smart Now
        A5      Charles Bronson         As Fucked As Gator
        A6      Charles Bronson         Skate For God
        A7      Charles Bronson         You Will Go (Steve Caballero)
        A8      Spazz                   Sir Wax Alot
        A9      Spazz : Billy Pepper's Fist In The Glass Eye Of Jake Phelps
        A10     Spazz : Skatin' And Satan Go Hand In Hoof
        A11     Spazz                   B-Street Butta
        A12     Spazz                   Town Center
        A13     Spazz                   Crazy Eddie
        A14     Assholeparade           Hash Thrash
        A15     Assholeparade           700 Years
        A16     Assholeparade           Just A Reminder
        A17     Assholeparade           Launch Ramp
        B1      Pretentious Assholes    South Of New Haven
        B2      Pretentious Assholes    Willow Brook Warriors
        B3      Pretentious Assholes    Servitude
        B4      Pretentious Assholes    Kill Thy Slavemaster
        B5      Pretentious Assholes    Player Dog Rest In Peace
        B6      Pretentious Assholes    Decisions
        B7      Pretentious Assholes    Buried Alive
        B8      Unanswered              Social Insecurity
        B9      Unanswered              Classification
        B10     Palatka                 Bicentennial
        B11     Palatka                 Vultures, Hyenas
        B12     Palatka                 Apartment
        B13     Palatka                 Property Values
        B14     Palatka                 Straight (Straight Youth)
        B15     Despise You             Blindside Assault
        B16     Despise You             Extinction By Design
        B17     Despise You             It Made That Man Snap
        B18     Despise You             End Of The Line
        B19     Despise You             Run For Your Fucking Life
        B20     Despise You             You Can't...
        B21     Despise You             We Won't Stop Cutting You
        B22     Despise You             Cry To The Bleeding Sky
        B23     Despise You             Mental Winter
        B24     Despise You             Rage Of The Helpless
625 P   010     GODSTOMPER              Godstomper                      7"EP      .1998

        A1      Halo
        A2      Cert
        A3      Born To Work
        A4      Pen On The Wall
        A5      Strawberry Hill
        A6      Die Now, Die Later
        B1      Thee Agony
        B2      Old English
        B3      Duerma (Sleep)
                (Note : 7" , 800 black/200 red copies)
625 P   011     GORYMELANOMA/EMETIC     Split                           7"EP      .1998

        A1      Gory Melanoma           Intro/Gutted And Dead
        A2      Gory Melanoma           Gnats
        A3      Gory Melanoma           Inflatable Scrotum
        A4      Gory Melanoma           Grindcore #2
        A5      Gory Melanoma           Up The Butt
        A6      Gory Melanoma           M.V.
        A7      Gory Melanoma           *****
        A8      Gory Melanoma           Worms
        B1      Emetic                  Malt
        B2      Emetic                  Liquor
        B3      Emetic                  H.B.S.
        B4      Emetic                  Junk-A-Latte
625 P   012     EXCRUCIATING TERROR     Live At Gilman                  7"EP      .1997

        A1      Last Act Of Man
        A2      Another Rejection
        A3      In Control
        A4      Think Again
        B1      Bomb Has Fallen
        B2      Mental Prison
        B3      Just Another Victim
                (Note : 7" , 1300 black/200 red copies)
625     13      ENTROPY                 Entropy                         7"EP      .1998

        A1      Kill The Messenger
        A2      Circular Condition
        A3      N.R.A.
        B1      Smash Egotist
        B2      Bury The Hatchet
        B3      Upon A Threshold
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   014     UTTER BASTARD/DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE : Split              7"EP      .1997

        A1      Deadbodieseverywhere : The Wahft
        A2      Deadbodieseverywhere : Deadbenumbs
        A3      Deadbodieseverywhere : Pete-o-phile
        A4      Deadbodieseverywhere : Lifer
        B1      Utter Bastard           Slave State
        B2      Utter Bastard           Mighty Ramen
        B3      Utter Bastard           Brutal Truth
        B4      Utter Bastard           Slide Song
625 P   015     NO LE$$/POTATO JUSTICE  Split                           7"EP      .1998

        A1      Potato Justice          Anarchy Doesn`t Work
        A2      Potato Justice          Our Fight (Confront)
        A3      Potato Justice : The South Shall Rise Again Cause Shit Floats
        A4      Potato Justice          The Tough Guy Song
        B1      NoLe$$                  Gin & Tonic
        B2      NoLe$$                  World Of Bubbles
        B3      NoLe$$                  Balls Deep
                (NOte : 7" , 500 black/500 green copies)
625 P   016     NO COMPLY/CHRISTMESS    Split                           7"EP      .1997

        A1      No Comply               New Monster
        A2      No Comply               Judge Judy
        A3      No Comply               Your Friend
        A4      No Comply               Pole Basher
        A5      No Comply               Ogar
        B1      Christ Mess             Skate Song
        B2      Christ Mess             Hellboy
        B3      Christ Mess             Payback
        B4      Christ Mess             Mark vs New York
        B5      Christ Mess             Last Stand at Missile Command
625 P   017     324                     324                             7"EP      .1997

        A1      Lowest Level
        A2      New Rotation
        A3      Retrospect
        A4      Acquisition
        B1      Shallow
        B2      Meltingway
        B3      Besieged
                (Note : 7" , 800 black/200 gold copies)
625 P   018     KURBITS I.R.            Kurbits I.R.                    7"EP      .1997

        A1      Civil Olydnad                                   0:32
        A2      Maktmissbruk                                    0:39
        A3      En Slav                                         0:48
        A4      Smutsig Värld                                   0:41
        A5      Berövad                                         0:43
        A6      Krossa Systemet                                 0:40
        A7      Var Värld                                       0:33
        A8      Passiv                                          0:48
        B1      Vägra Lyda                                      0:35
        B2      Fri                                             0:36
        B3      Begär                                           0:35
        B4      Förtryckt                                       0:32
        B5      Bränd                                           0:29
        B6      Ond Cirkel                                      0:34
        B7      Oskyldig                                        0:42
        B8      Utslagen                                        0:42
        B9      Avrättad                                        0:46
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   019     AVULSION                The Crimson Follage Hit         CD        .1999

        1       Self Hypnosis                                   1:28
        2       Beyond The Realm Of Donnie Moore's Understanding1:08
        3       Distorted Mirrors                               0:24
        4       Pineal Gland Breathing                          0:17
        5       Sha-Na-Na                                       1:03
        6       Virtues Disappear                               2:50
        7       Jim's Power Play                                0:23
        8       The Crimson Foliage Hit                         0:10
        9       Fear Is The Leading Cause Of Death              1:41
        10      The Fickle Finger Of Fate (Part I)              0:11
        11      The Fickle Finger Of Fate (Part II)             0:19
        12      Black Line Crimes                               3:17
        13      The Unexpected Thrills Of The Overhunt          1:23
        14      Pink Mastiffs To The Systematic                 1:41
        15      The Green Scare
        16      Boilermaker, Straight And Boxed                 0:20
        17      Stakes On The Table                             2:57
                Split 7" With Forced Expression
        18      Alpha-Omega                                     0:31
        19      Warlads                                         0:31
        20      Tattler's Tale                                  0:21
        21      Living Life Through The Five Senses             3:19
                Split 7" With Laceration
        22      Plaid Faction                                   0:31
        23      Scenesters                                      0:57
        24      Existence                                       0:31
        25      Craves                                          2:43
625 P   020     SHORT HATE TEMPER/SOCIETY OF FRIENDS : Split            7"EP      .1998

        A1      Short Hate Temper       Rendered Useless
        A2      Short Hate Temper       Figure Head
        A3      Short Hate Temper       Minion
        B1      Society of Friends      Adult Humor
        B2      Society of Friends      Burn Manor Road
        B3      Society of Friends      Dines
        B4      Society of Friends      Kidney Failure
        B5      Society of Friends      Avenge the Harbor
625 P   021     DEVOLA                  The Resecutation                7"EP      .1999

        A1      Drop Out
        A2      Disdain For The 2am Broadcast
        A3      Second Class Citizen
        B1      Everything Fucked Up Anyway
        B2      Wheelchair Personify
        B3      Expendable
        B4      Collapsed
                (Note : 7" , black, yellow or red vinyl)
625 P   022     THEY LIVE               A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE        7"EP      .1999

        A1      Game Over
        A2      Visions Of Lineland
        A3      Snake-Like Qualities
        A4      Small Talk
        A5      Throne
        A6      Red Light, Green Light
        A7      Terms
        B1      Stains
        B2      Lifeline
        B3      A Common Tale
        B4      Sharp Objects
        B5      State Your Business
        B6      Misery (Bastard)
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 800 black/200 gold copies)
625 P   023     KUNGFU RICK             Kungfu Rick                     LP        .1999

        A1      So Much More...
        A2      And Violence Lost
        A3      On My Way To Seize The Day
        A4      A Competitive Face
        A5      Pasted Into Place
        A6      No Choices Give No Answers
        A7      1000 Knuckles Rubbing
        B1      Motivation To Abuse
        B2      The Crumbling...
        B3      Throw Your Complaints In A Box
        B4      Filtered Information
        B5      Fragments Of The Past Time
        B6      Right Time At The Wrong Place
        B7      The Dating Game
                (Note : LP , 1500 copies)

CD      625 Trash       625#44          2000    US
625 P   024     DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE    Deadbodieseverywhere            LP        .1999

        A1      Black Cloud                                     2:30
        A2      Full Body Cast                                  0:44
        A3      Punch The Clock                                 2:23
        A4      Action Packer                                   2:39
        A5      Sloth                                           1:26
        A6      Karmassacre                                     2:08
        A7      Waste Of Skin                                   2:25
        B1      Less A Man                                      2:00
        B2      Chop Shop                                       1:46
        B3      Pest Control                                    3:01
        B4      Neckbrace                                       1:17
        B5      Henry's Revenge                                 3:49
        B6      Earache                                         8:30
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
625 P   025     CORNERED                Cornered                        7"EP    12.1998

        A1      Stay Ahead
        A2      The Front
        A3      Back Turned to Me
        B1      See Right Through It
        B2      Positive Change
        B3      Down
625 P   026     WxHxN?                  WxHxN?                          7"EP      .1998

        A1      W.H.N.
        A2      Chamurda
        A3      Bobo
        A4      Make Every Minute Count
        A5      Infinite Cycle
        B1      Museifu Shugi Banzai
        B2      Rat Bastard
        B3      Le Cafard
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM)

        1st press       800     black           white sleeve, black+red labels
                        200     red
        2nd press       900     black           yellow sleeve
                        100     coloured
        3rd press       700     black           white sleeve, red+white labels
625 P   027     V / A                   Bandana Trash Flexi             flx     08.1999

        A1      Flash Gordon            Born to Thrash
        A2      Flash Gordon            Flash till Death
        A3      Lie                     Happytime
        A4      Lie                     A.B.O.S.
        B1      Crucial Section         Do as You Feel
        B2      Crucial Section         Crucial Section
        B3      What Happens Next?      Uma Me
        B4      What Happens Next?      Bombs
                (Note : 7" flexi disc/33.3 RPM)
625 P   028     MAJESTIC FOUR           Majestic Four                   7"EP      .1999

        A1      Run & Gun
        A2      Broken Is Dead
        A3      Yoshikawa-Kun
        B1      Yamamori
        B2      Your Mind
        B3      Ignorant
        B4      My Dance Will Never Stop
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 copies)
625 P   029     CHARLES BRONSON         Discography                     2CD     07.2000

CD 1            Good Luck Getting Through This Mess
        1       Why Do You Bother?                                      1:07
        2       Little Debbie                                           0:12
        3       I'm Sick of Feminists                                   0:33
        4       Your Average Run of the Mill Straight Edge Song         1:11
        5       Ricki Lake                                              1:18
        6       Just Like All the Rest                                  0:40
        7       The Shane Song                                          1:31
        8       No More                                                 0:42
        9       Can't Take This                                         1:31
        10      Theme Song                                              0:53
        11      I Can't Be in a Band With You Because You Like Epitaph
                (Beat Down Remix)                                       0:30
        12      Silenced                                                1:24
        13      Diet Root Beer                                          0:46
        14      Ebro's Bitter Onslaught on Jerry Springer's Unsuspecting
                Ass                                                     0:57
        15      Sick of O.J.                                            0:28
        16      Chicago                                                 0:18
        17      Bible Thumpers Go to Hell                               0:41
        18      Irrigation                                              0:41
        19      Security Blanket                                        0:41
        20      Why Do You Bother                                       0:37
        21      Eavesdrop                                               0:36
        22      I Can't Be Friends With You Becasue You Like Epitaph    0:56
        23      Eazy E's Fucking Dead and I Think It's Fucking Rad      0:45
        24      Second Hand Choke                                       0:58
        25      Theme Song                                              0:48
        26      Deaf and Dumd                                           0:49
        27      I.R.S. Beatdown                                         0:32
        28      They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up and
                Fucking Die                                             0:17
        29      Crooked Teeth                                           0:23
        30      Political Prisoners                                     0:09
        31      Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song                          0:51
        32      You Get What You Pay For                                0:20
        33      Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into a ____ Band          0:32
        34      Rich Crusties Shall Pay                                 0:33
        35      Fuckin Drunken Uncle                                    0:39
        36      Frat Guy on the Barbi                                   0:37
        37      I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine                    0:43
        38      Playing Lotto                                           1:01
        39      Ants in the Kool-Aid                                    0:42
        40      What the Fuck Are You Gonna Do When It's Cool to Be
                Yourself?                                               0:43
        41      Craig Ferris Sucks a Mean Cock                          0:22
        42      Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns in the Heart of My Little
                Brother                                                 0:52
        43      The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together                       1:20
        44      Tabloid Suck Ass                                        0:42
        45      Cheese With Your Whine                                  0:47
        46      4 Alarm Counter Fuck                                    0:38
        47      Annual Martyr to Your Social Life                       0:52
        48      History in the Making                                   1:02
        49      Tony Victory Knows How to Party                         0:27
        50      Down for the Count                                      0:34
        51      4 Hour Personality                                      0:26
        52      No Points For the Losers                                0:15
        53      Drunk Punks Is Hippies                                  0:09
        54      One Life Crew Goes on Slimfast                          0:21
        55      Debate Team Bake Sale                                   0:38
        56      I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You  0:50
        57      Individualized Floor Puncher / For Whom the Bell Tolls  1:02
        58      Batting a Thousand and Still Striking Out               0:16
        59      Let's Start a Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit       0:23
        60      The Great Pet Rock Comeback                             0:31
        61      What's Wrong With Me?                                   0:43
        62      Dream a Little Dream                                    0:36
        63      Punching a Gift Horse in the Mouth                      1:21
        64      The Story of My Life                                    0:47
        65      Grown Up Corpses                                        0:42
        66      Bike Pig on a Rope                                      0:22
        67      I'm So Smart Now                                        0:30
        68      As Fucked as Gator                                      0:34
        69      Skate for God                                           0:59
        70      You Will Go (Steve Caballero)                           1:06
        71      Better Never Than Late                                  0:44
        72      412 Wolf Pack                                           0:04
        73      Marriage Can Suck It                                    0:40
        74      Youth Attack!                                           0:36
        75      The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison      0:38
        76      xDumbfucksx                                             0:36
        77      Too Much of a Good Thing                                0:30
        78      Standing in Front of Bulldog Records                    0:52
        79      Stock Footage                                           0:30
        80      Pre(im)mature Retirement P.L.A.N.                       0:35
        81      The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder
                Why I Don't...                                          0:28
        82      Deaf and Dumb                                           0:33
        83      Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change             0:58
        84      Red and Green Make Yellow                               0:34
        85      Lets Start Another War So I Can Sing About Stopping It  0:19
        86      I Just Can't Avoid the "Void" in "Avoid"                0:31
        87      Wasteoid on the Celluloid                               0:37
        88      Shrinkage                                               0:30
        89      Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind                       0:47
        90      IQ 32                                                   0:19
        91      Punch Drunk                                             0:26
        92      The Tears of a Clone / Hey You, Asshole, Why the Fuck
                Are You Still Reading This?                             1:31
        93      Last Warning (Who Fucking Cares)                        0:38
        94      Why Be Something That You're Not? (Good Question...)    0:30
        95      Rich Crusties (Live at Otto's)                          1:08
        96      Seven More Shitty Ass Songs (Live in Fuckin' Belgium)   6:37
                a. Youth Attack!
                b. Marriage Can Suck It
                c. The Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
                d. Fuck Technology, This Song's Being Butchered
                e. Too Much of a Good Thing
                f. Punching a Gift Horse in the Mouth
                g. The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together

CD 2            Unreleased Shit
        1       Why Do You Bother Ebro?                         1:12
        2       Couldn't Fuckin' Care Less                      0:27
        3       Whatever Happened?                              1:00
        4       Mindless (Blah Blah Blah)                       0:42
        5       The Worm Song                                   0:33
        6       The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together               0:55
        7       Falling Off - Do It!                            0:23
        8       E.S.P. Girls Love Me                            0:52
        9       Wailing Guitar Solos, Vol. 1: A Chronology      0:53
        10      (Fuck Being) Positive                           0:31
        11      ???                                             0:53
        12      ???                                             0:41
        13      So What If I Puked Up McDonalds?                0:43
        14      Moodswinger                                     0:22
        15      Ralph on Ralph                                  0:51
        16      Twiggy on My Mind                               0:15
        17      Cous Cous on the Loose Loose                    0:06
        18      Telecom U$A                                     0:13
        19      I Go to School                                  0:09
        20      Cross Me (Project X)                            0:26
        21      Untitled (xDekald Hatedge Foreverx)             1:20
                Charles Bronson: The Movie [video]
625 P   030     FOUND MY DIRECTION      Found My Direction              LP.CD     .2000

        A1      Gone
        A2      Left Of Nothing
        A3      Burn White Flags
        A4      No Easy Way
        A5      Time To Confront
        A6      What Can We Do?
        B1      Thought Control
        B1      My Brothers, My Friends
        B3      In The Eye
        B4      Uncertain Days
        B5      What Wasn't Yours
        B6      Sold
625 P   031     SKEEZIKS                Discography                     CD        .2000

                There's A Charlie Brown In Everyone Of Us (7")
        1       Skeezicks               We Are Skeezicks        2:06
        2       Skeezicks               No Second Chance        2:37
        3       Skeezicks               Blast Away              0:40
        4       Skeezicks               Stupid Questions        1:14
        5       Skeezicks               Friendship              1:53
        6       Skeezicks               Livin' On The Country   1:19
        7       Skeezicks               Charlie Brown           1:17
                Trust Vinyl Compilation (7")
        8       Skeezicks               Trapped In Labels       1:09
                Live At Lübeck Germany 5.6.87
        9       Skeezicks               Nothing                 1:16
                Selling Out!
        10      Skeezicks               Fast/Loud               2:36
        11      Skeezicks               Growing Up              2:31
        12      Skeezicks               Selling Out             1:34
        13      Skeezicks               H.M. Sucks              1:19
        14      Skeezicks               Lee Got V.D.            0:16
        15      Skeezicks               Consequences            2:27
        16      Skeezicks               What You Are            1:52
        17      Skeezicks               Seasick                 2:17
        18      Skeezicks               Get Straight            2:33
        19      Skeezicks               Slam Brigade            1:59
        20      Skeezicks               Nazi-Youth              1:46
        21      Skeezicks               Stay Aware              1:35
        22      Skeezicks               Sauerkrauts             0:30
        23      Skeezicks               Trapped In Labels       1:13
        24      Skeezicks               Join Our Crew           3:53
        25      Skeezicks               Nothing Lasts Forever   1:55
                Split7" With Spermbirds
        26      Happy Ever After        Lexicon Devil           1:52
                Robespierre's Mirror In Giovannis Room (7")
        27      Happy Ever After        Robespierre's Mirror    4:24
        28      Happy Ever After        The Tokyo Story         5:12
                X-Press (Compilation)
        29      Happy Ever After        Big Youth Crashes       2:59
625 P   032     DxRxY                   SHOOT UP DEATH EP               7"EP      .1999

        A1      Nasty Bastard
        A2      Triangle Hood
        B1      Pig In Navel
        B2      Force
        B3      Good Explosion
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM)
625 P   033     W H N                   The First Year                  CD        .2000

        1       Invisible, Inpenetrable, Ignored
        2       Red Lights, Tin Roofs
        3       Hollow Victory
        4       Too Close To Home
        5       The Human Condition
        6       Salamat Kaibigan
        7       Words Ring Empty
        8       Smiling In The Face Of Certain Death
        9       Shadow Puppet Theatre Of War
        10      Apathy Our Destiny?
        11      Stand Still
        12      My Friends And The Pit
        13      W.H.N.?
        14      Charmuda
        15      Bobo
        16      Infinite Cycle
        17      Museifu Shugi Banzai
        18      Rat Bastard
        19      Le Cafard
        20      Aki Rami Naizo
        21      Uma Me
        22      Bombs
        23      Make Every Minute Count
        24      Live Show
625 P   034     LIE                     Legalize It                     7"EP      .2000

        A1      Legalize It
        A2      Cops
        A3      Fight!!
        A4      Happy Time
        B1      Hardcore
        B2      Nobody Need True
        B3      Enjoy Life
        B4      Best Friend Are Punks
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 1000 copies)
625 P   035     V / A                   Barbaric Trash Detonation       CD+7"EP   .2000

        1       Charm                   Cumpunkicon
        2       Real Reggae             Untitle
        3       Youth Enrage            Confuse
        4       Youth Enrage            Who Is Leading The World
        5       Strong Intention        Fightback
        6       Strong Intention        Unacceptable
        7       Strong Intention        Tomorrow's Lost
        8       Slight Slappers         Limit
        9       Melt Banana : His Name Is Mickey At Least She's Got Him
        10      ExTxA                   Same Shit, New Day
        11      ExTxA                   Raggarslakt
        12      Curtainrail             You Really Hate Me
        13      Dir Yassin              Koach-Crossway
        14      Dir Yassin              Satan's Verses
        15      Dir Yassin              Independence Day
        16      Ruido                   Sin Derechos
        17      Pignation               Untitled
        18      Countdown To Oblivion   I'll Do Anything
        19      Lick Golden Sky         Pinstriping
        20      Capitalist Casualties   Doubting Thomas
        21      FxOxB                   Never No Skin Fuck
        22      Godstomper              Mad Mick's Revenge
        23      Benumb                  Succumb
        24      Su19b                   Hateful Neglect (Live)
        25      324                     Cobalt
        26      Unholy Grave            No Racial Superiority
        27      Stars                   All Things Must Pass
        28      Vulgar Pigeons          Skullcap
        29      Final Exit : 60 Seconds Worth Of Songs (Live)
        30      Utter Bastard           The Rush Song
        31      Utter Bastard           Swollen Sphinctorial Disease
        32      Point Of Few            Separated
        33      Abuso Sonoro            Boicote Os Zoológicos
        34      Dudman                  Never End
        35      Bad Acid Trip           Kill Or Be Killed
        36      Cornered                Surrender To None
        37      Argue Damnation         Children Are Future
        38      Lie                     Untitled (Live)
        39      Insurrection            Take A Look Around
        40      NxOxYxFxBx              Untitled
        41      Wastinghouse            Cripple Stick
        42      Never Presence Forever : Apocalyptic Sect
        43      Never Presence Forever : Abortive

7"      A1      Seein Red               Thick As Thieves
        A2      Crucial Section         My Hope Your Hope
        A3      Rise Above              Pulse
        A4      Authority Abuse         Anorexia Bulimia
        B1      Senseless Apocalypse    Blasphemy
        B2      Senseless Apocalypse    Piss
        B3      Plutocracy              Crust (92 Version)
        B4      Plutocracy              Plutoloko (Extended Version)
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , complet 2200 copies)
625 P   036     FALL SILENT             Fall Silent                     7"EP      .2000

        A1      Never Before... Never Again
        A2      Hail Of Bullets
        B3      Playing House
        B4      No Values
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 black/500 green copies)
625 P   037     FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARKSIDE                        7"EP      .2000

        A1      Der Nächste Schub Kommt Bestimmt
        A2      Wohlstandsproblematik
        A3      Banal
        A4      Ungeduld
        B1      Soziale Kompetenz: Vier Minus
        B2      Unglaublich Glaubwürdig
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 400 copies)
625 P   038     KUNGFU RICK/CURTAINRAIL : Split                         7"EP      .2000

        A1      Kungfu Rick             Convenient Store Conversation
        A2      Kungfu Rick             Alarming The New Contamination
        A3      Kungfu Rick : Don`t Piss Down My Leg And Tell Me It`s Raining
        A4      Kungfu Rick             Hardcore Cliche
        B1      Curtainrail             What`s The Promise
        B2      Curtainrail             Hate
        B3      Curtainrail             Coming Home
        B4      Curtainrail             Taste Of You
        B5      Curtainrail             Rise
        B6      Curtainrail             Black Leather Curtain
                (Note : 7" , 1000 black/300 gold copies)
625 P   039     POINT OF FEW            Point Of Few                    7"EP      .2000

        A1      PC Society
        A2      America We Got Your Point
        A3      The Little Engine That Could
        A4      Double Standards
        A5      Scarred For Life
        B1      If We Quit They'll Win
        B2      Seduction
        B3      Casualties Of War
        B4      Problem Number 1
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , black or yellow vinyl)
625 P   040     GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS : Power BOmb Anthem 1        10"       .2000

        A1      Tears Of A Clone
        A2      Burning Trash Spirit
        A3      Open Letter To Cleveland Pigs
        A4      Bought And Sold
        A5      Parma -ber Alles
        A6      Going Nowhere Fast
        B1      Court Ordered Bullshit
        B2      Ghost Cry Of Betray
        B3      The Threat Is Real
        B4      Seratonin Casualty
        B5      The Unseen Hand
        B6      No One
625 P   041     CRUCIAL SECTION         Crucial Section                 LP        .2000

        A1      Opening Song
        A2      Let's Slam And Drink
        A3      Backstabber
        A4      Crew For Life
        A5      Break The Distance
        A6      Do As You Feel
        A7      Flannel Express
        A8      No Company Of The Surface
        B1      Slamdance Till You Fall
        B2      Out Of Control
        B3      Fight Back
        B4      Cold Beer
        B5      Take A Step Forward
        B6      My Hope Your Hope
        B7      Bandana Connected Us
625 P   042     DISCARGA                Discarga EP                     7"EP      .2000

        A1      Nelson Rubens
        A2      Trem
        A3      Matança
        A4      Traidor
        A5      Rolando No Chao Com
        A6      O Coraçao Partido
        B1      Verdadeiro Até A Morte!?!
        B2      Pela Ciencia?
        B3      Mas Tu!
        B4      Marcha
625 P   043     JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS     Intense And Mild                7"EP    12.2000

        A1      Ganja Boy (Smoke Out)                           0:46
        A2      Song For Speedcore Lovers                       0:30
        A3      Go! "No Reason"                                 0:34
        A4      Isolated                                        0:49
        A5      Shoot A Bomb Into The Dancefloor alfa           0:11
        A6      I Wanna Be High                                 0:31
        B1      High Pressure                                   0:17
        B2      Kenji Mind Is Green Mind                        0:41
        B3      Shoot A Bomb Into The Dancefloor beta           0:11
        B4      ****                                            0:54
        B5      Ride On Super Sound                             1:15
                (NOte : 7"/45 RPM , black or gold vinyl)
625 P   044     KUNGFU RICK             Discography                     CD        .2000

        1       So Much More...
        2       And Violence Lost
        3       On My Way To Seize The Day
        4       A Competitive Face
        5       Pasted Into Place
        6       No Choices Give No Answers
        7       1000 Knuckles Rubbing
        8       Motivation To Abuse
        9       The Crumbling...
        10      Throw Your Complaints In A Box
        11      Filtered Information
        12      Fragments Of The Past Time
        13      Right Time At The Wrong Place
        14      The Dating Game
        15      Death To Electronic Music
        16      Seniority
        17      Still Handcuffed To The Social Life
        18      The Threat Of Beeing Liked
        19      Tomorrow The Word Will End
        20      Abandon
        21      Folded By Jealousy
        22      A Shot To The Aim
        23      Three Years To The Day
        24      Inhuman Trust
        25      Recurrence
        26      Disregard To The Fakes
        27      Made In Majority
        28      Unwritten Lies
        29      If I Cared What You Thought

LP      625 Trash       #23             1999    us
625 P   045     CORNERED                This Time                       CD        .2000

        1       This Time
        2       Never Again
        3       No Regret
        4       The Front
        5       See Right Through It
        6       Take It Back
        7       Falling
        8       Nothing
        9       Surrender To None
625 P   046     BREAKFAST               Breakfast EP                    7"EP      .2000

        A1      Jason Adams
        A2      True Do Me?
        A3      Day Dreamer
        B1      One Week # 2
        B2      Spitfire
        B3      Child's Heart

        1st press       100     yellow          numnered
                        400     black           + poster
                        10      black           test pressing
        2nd press       400     black
                        150     coloured
625 P   047     YOUTH ENRAGE            Youth Enrage                    LP        .2000

        A1      Gore-Rights                                     0:44
        A2      Frontier Spirit Killed Native                   0:54
        A3      Confuse                                         0:33
        A4      Deprive                                         0:58
        A5      Take                                            0:32
        A6      Human Selfish, Consume Unproduct                0:35
        A7      Control                                         0:28
        A8      Today Is The Nice Day For Your Death!           0:17
        A9      Self                                            0:39
        A10     Fear Of Isolation                               0:42
        A11     Change                                          0:55
        A12     Exclusive Pt. II                                0:49
        A13     Suppression                                     0:47
        A14     Who Is Leading The World?                       0:49
        B1      Exclusive
        B2      Progress
        B3      Balance
        B4      You Have Natural Mind
        B5      Hesitation
        B6      Division
        B7      Mud
        B8      SxGxC
625 P   048     PROTEST BENGT           MANGLAR SOM AGG                 LP        .2001

                Bengt E Sängt Cassette (1986)
        A1      Bengt E Sängt
        A2      Ett Sex-Pack |gg
        A3      T-Sprit
        A4      Manglar Som |gg
        A5      Klämd Lem
        A6      Flänsost
        A7      Nisse
        A8      Sas I Haret
        A9      Pungklada
        A10     Slicka Mina |gg
        A11     Släptask
        A12     Smal Anal
        A13     Hopplös
        A14     Skateboard Punx
                In Bengt We Trust 7" (1985)
        B1      Paskstämning
        B2      Vattenkammad
        B3      Jojo-Punks
        B4      Trimmad |lg
        B5      |ggkopp
        B6      Skalad Gurka
        B7      Hopplös
        B8      Total-Slakt
        B9      B.S.B.
        B10     18 Meloner
        B11     Ovärt
        B12     Krossa Er
        B13     Urinsvägsinfektion
        B14     Mangel
        B15     |gg
        B16     Radioaktiv
        B17     U-Bat	
        B18     OB-Inlägg
        B19     En Kasse Bira
        B20     Rännskita
        B21     Snuken Bakom Knuten
        B22     Kul I Hjul
        B23     Bibeln E Min Lag
        B24     Konfirmationsläger
        B25     Tumstock
        B26     Satsa
        B27     Smörjd
        B28     Inte Banga Ur
        B29     Rösta Pa Dig Själv
        B30     Grymt Sa Bengt
        B31     Hjälp Snuten
        B32     Vingmutter
625 P   049     H H H                   Discography 1985-1993           2CD       .2000

CD1-1 	Intro (Flatus Vocis) 	
        CD1-2   Ministerio De Injusticia
        CD1-3   Vida
        CD1-4   Borracho
        CD1-5   Esperanza Viva
        CD1-6   Secuestro De La Verdad
        CD1-7   Entranas De La Patria
        CD1-8   Prisión Confortable
        CD1-9   Jodida Actitud Normal
        CD1-10  Caridad Prescindible
        CD1-11  Sólo Palabras
        CD1-12  Pesadilla
        CD1-13  Cami Ral
        CD1-14  El Heavy No Es Violencia (Y Jamás Lo Será)
        CD1-15  Mediocre
        CD1-16  Otro Belfast
        CD1-17  Blanco O Negro
        CD1-18  Coagulación De Tu Sangre
        CD1-19  Al Otro Lado De Las Ramblas
        CD1-20  El Camino Más Facil
        CD1-21  Muerte En Ignorancia
        CD1-22  Muero
        CD1-23  Fuera Del Rebano
        CD1-24  ?Qué Ha Pasado?
        CD1-25  Tiempo
        CD1-26  Despierta
        CD1-27  Porcs
        CD1-28  Estupido Pais
        CD1-29  90 Segundos
        CD1-30  Chico Del Movimiento
        CD1-31  Rabia Y Rencor
        CD1-32  HC Servicio Postal
        CD1-33  Gnothi Sauton
        CD1-34  Ansiedad
        CD1-35  Profanación
        CD1-36  Brindis
        CD1-37  Sin Dirección
        CD1-38  Odei
        CD1-39  Algo Huele A Podrido (Y No Es Precisamente Mi Culo)
        CD1-40  El Pais De Les Arrels
        CD1-41  Mi Rollo Es El Ronx (Bleurgg!)
        CD1-42  Barcelona 92
        CD1-43  Vota
        CD1-44  Tchernobyl
        CD1-45  Victimas Del Business
        CD1-46  Reglas
        CD1-47  Vision Condicionada
        CD1-48  Momentos De Guerra
        CD1-49  Mi Ciudad
        CD1-50  Intelectual Punks
        CD1-51  Borracho
        CD1-52  Muertos
        CD1-53  Viejo Pais
        CD1-54  Pesadilla
        CD1-55  Insectos
        CD1-56  Jim
        CD1-57  Trágico Final
        CD1-58  Mentiras

        CD2-1   Pedazo De Tierra/Pedazo De Mierda
        CD2-2   Disparos Del Poder
        CD2-3   Amenaza
        CD2-4   La Isla Del Dr. Moreau
        CD2-5   Hambre Y Dolor
        CD2-6   Apartheid
        CD2-7   Fascismo Proletario
        CD2-8   Consume
        CD2-9   Noche Y Niebla
        CD2-10  Paz 	
        CD2-11  Dia Feliz
        CD2-12  Naturaleza
        CD2-13  Surf & Destroy
        CD2-14  Disciplina Militar
        CD2-15  Cientificos
        CD2-16  Seguridad Social
        CD2-17  Descarga De 8000 Rads
        CD2-18  Piensa!
        CD2-19  Los Ninos Son Negocio
        CD2-20  El Salvador
        CD2-21  Declaracion De Inocencia
        CD2-22  Collective Depression
        CD2-23  Memoria D'Infamies
        CD2-24  Blanco O Negro
        CD2-25  Moulding Prototypes
        CD2-26  Closed Humanity
        CD2-27  Vota
        CD2-28  Borracho
        CD2-29  Esperanza Viva
        CD2-30  Golden Days
        CD2-31  Ministerio De Injusticia
        CD2-32  Vida
        CD2-33  Secuestro De La Verdad
        CD2-34  Entranas De La Patria
        CD2-35  We've Grown
        CD2-36  Al Otro Lado De Las Ramblas
        CD2-37  Estupido Pais
        CD2-38  Gnothi Sauton
        CD2-39  Brindis
        CD2-40  Winds Of Death
        CD2-41  State Controlled
        CD2-42  Heading For Ruin
        CD2-43  Silent Holocaust
        CD2-44  Vision Condicionada
        CD2-45  Vota
        CD2-46  Death Forces
        CD2-47  Outro
                (Note : double CD , two pressings-1500/1000 copies)
625 P   050     WHAT HAPPENS NEXT       Stand Fast Tour 2000 EP         7"EP    08.2000

        A1      War Elephant
        A2      When It Stops Getting Worse, It's Bound To Get Better
        B1      You're Not Dead Until You're Forgotten
        B2      Laugh Till You Die
625 P   051     SPAZZ : Sweatin' II - Deported Dwarf                    CD        .2000

Dwarf Jester Rising LP (1994)
        1       Loach                                           0:53
        2       Droppin Many Ravers                             0:41
        3       Doo Doo Dah                                     0:30
        4       Lethal                                          0:10
        5       Sweatin To The Oldies                           1:07
        6       Violated                                        0:57
        7       Hairfarmer                                      0:32
        8       Force Fed                                       0:47
        9       Slow Death                                      1:09
        10      Egg On The Hirax Cover                          1:13
        11      Deviant                                         0:57
        12      Indentured                                      2:17
        13      Doormat                                         1:18
        14      Burning Tongue                                  0:30
        15      The Box                                         0:27
        16      Hard Boiled                                     0:43
        17      M.P.S                                           0:47
        18      No Thought                                      0:27
        19      Pressure                                        0:26
        20      Sand In The Face                                1:30
        21      All Urban Outfield                              0:33
        22      Super Saucer Sacrifice                          1:02
        23      Might For Right                                 0:37
        24      Running Man                                     0:34
        25      Lil Dinkums                                     2:28
                Split CD With Subversion (1995)
        26      Intro                                           1:36
        27      Epic                                            2:36
        28      Shrimp On The Barbie                            1:03
        29      Torino                                          0:46
        30      Katon W. Depena Without The W Is Like Grilled
                Cheese Without The Grill (Parts 1 And 2)        1:13
        31      Spazzze                                         1:27
        32      Judgement Of Ito                                1:23
        33      Sasquatch II - Leech's Himalayan Adventure      1:11
        34      Total Meathead Fuck                             8:58
                Recorded Live On KZSU (1999)
        35      Countless Thrash Songs Of Mayhem                25:49
625 P   052     SOCIETY OF FRIENDS      Society Of Friends              LP        .2001

        A1      Damage 3
        A2      Wrestling War
        A3      Shame Spiral
        A4      Tennis Woman
        A5      Serpent Tamer
        A6      Adult Humor
        A7      Itchy Spot
        A8      Pallet Jack Pusher
        B1      All In The Family
        B2      Potluck Massacre
        B3      Creeping Through Cressview
        B4      Trapped In A Kamode
        B5      Pit Fight For Liquor
        B6      Travis Garage
        B7      Jhon Lund's Army
        B8      Carl's/Kodiak
        B9      Rock City Rejects
625 P   053     PLUTOCRACY              Dankstahz                       CD        .1998

        1       Intro                                           1:52
        2       Jailed                                          2:12
        3       Mizer                                           1:03
        4       Guilt                                           3:13
        5       Good Times                                      0:33
        6       Blurred                                         1:36
        7       Dankstahz                                       1:02
        8       Two Sided Tale                                  2:07
        9       Class Tension                                   3:19
        10      Rolling With Dank                               0:55
        11      Tutu, I Love You                                0:18
        12      Crust?...Not!                                   0:42
        13      DVS                                             2:00
        14      Snitch                                          0:57
        15      Erupt                                           1:49
        16      Outro                                           0:37
625 P   054     V / A                   Barbaric Trash Vol.2            7"EP      .2000

        A1      Discarga                Regras
        A2      Discarga                R.G.X.I.
        A3      Esperanza               Lesson From Rampart
        B1      Jellyroll Rockheads     Road To Ruin
        B2      Limpwrist               This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
        B3      Life's Halt             We Will Take It !!!
                (Note ; 7" , 2200 copies on black vinyl)
625 P   055     FACE OF CHANGE          Face Of Change                  2x7"      .2000

7"/1    A1      Force One's Way
        A2      Conform
        B1      Victim Of Society
        B2      Speak One's Mind
        B3      Face Of Change

7"/2    C1      Mental Work
        C2      Psychology
        C3      Live For Today
        D1      Don't Be Afraid
        D2      Free Will
625 P   056     DEAD END                Dead End                        7"EP      .2001

        A1      Kill The Messenger
        A2      Develope
        A3      Sentenced To Freedom
        A4      Non-Threat
        A5      What's At Stake
        B1      A Humble Suggestion
        B2      End Of A Line
        B3      By Their Poison
        B4      Outside My Door
        B5      Time
625 P   057     THE REAL ENEMY          Too Little , Too Late           7"EP      .2000

        A1      Winter In Minneapolis
        A2      Today
        A3      Try To Try
        B1      Missionary Position
        B2      God Bless This Land
625 P   058     DUMBSTRUCK              Dumbstruck                      LP        .2000

        A1      180 Degrees                                     0:49
        A2      The Victims' Pit                                1:18
        A3      Lineage Of Doom                                 1:17
        A4      Same Old Ground                                 2:11
        A5      Same Shit, Different Pile                       2:01
        A6      Pravda                                          3:03
        B1      Jehovahs' Bastards                              1:01
        B2      Outcasts                                        2:46
        B3      School For Non-Believers                        1:15
        B4      Ditto                                           1:04
        B5      Nothing Changes                                 1:30
        B6      Conflicting Agenda                              2:02
        B7      Intolerance                                     2:06
625 P   059     IMMORTAL FATE           Beautiful                       LP        .2000

        1       Healer                                          2:26
        2       Sliding Panels                                  3:35
        3       Greed                                           0:46
        4       Love Battery                                    5:28
        5       Outro                                           3:04
        6       Intro / Voodo                                   1:59
        7       Shadows                                         5:26
        8       Yesterday                                       3:18
        9       Aside                                           2:28
        10      Pompei                                          3:03
625 P   060     R.A.M.B.O.              Wall Of Death The System        LP.CD     .2001

        1       Wall of Death the System
        2       U-Lock Justice
        3       Job Stoppers
        4       Trued 'Til Death
        5       Circle That A Motherfucker
        6       No Circle Pits in Heaven
        7       Bike, Skate, Mosh
        8       Your Apathy Makes This an Instution
        9       I'll Wreck You Old Man
        10      Hero's Call
        11      Guinea Pig Pride
        12      Jesus' Middle Initial Does Not Stand for Hardcore
        13      Avenge the Anarchy Moose
        14      Lipless Bastard
        15      Ian Mackaye Is My Savior, Not Jesus
        16      Rockin With Kropotkin
        17      Honorable Discharge
        18      Smack the State
        19      Rock Out With Your Black Bloc Out
        20      Mariano vs. the Blue Demon
        21      What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Mosh Harder
625 P   061     L I E                   Lie                             LP.CD     .2001

        A1      Full Of Life
        A2      ***
        A3      A.B.O.S.
        A4      Sense Of Value
        A5      Figure Dog
        A6      Break Down A Form
        B1      Carry A One's Draw On Your Back
        B2      Challenge
        B3      Makes Desire
        B4      Run Against
        B5      Bomb!!
        B6      **
        B7      Time Limit
                (Note : LP , 1100 copies)
625 P   062     W H N/LIFES HALT!       START SOMETHING                 CD        .2001

1       What Happens Next?      What Happens Next II: Positive Youth
        (It's Not Just For Kids Anymore)
2       What Happens Next?      A Necklace Of Blackened Ears
3       What Happens Next?      Through A Child's Eyes
4       What Happens Next?      Weak Dogs Bark More
5       What Happens Next?      When Hijras Need Mock No More
6       What Happens Next?      Opening Shift
7       What Happens Next?      Stereotypical Male Fantasies: Marketed
        By Men, Enacted By Women
8       What Happens Next?      The Price We Pay For Vegan Convenience
9       What Happens Next?      A Path Without Pattern
10      What Happens Next?      When Cities Turn To Cemeteries
11      What Happens Next?      Bread For War: Fresh Sand For The Coliseum
12      What Happens Next?      Mano A Mono
13      Lifes Halt!             Lull-A-Buy
14      Lifes Halt!             Casa De Herrero, Cuchillo De Palo
15      Lifes Halt!             Skate Fer Fun/No Substance
16      Lifes Halt!             No Estoy Loco
17      Lifes Halt!             Now I Get It
18      Lifes Halt!             From The Pit To The Grave...
19      Lifes Halt!             Public Enemy Is Right...Burn Hollywood Burn!
20      Lifes Halt!             Two Words
625 P   063     REAL REGGAE             Maze Plus THC                   CD        .2001

        1       Maze
        2       Untitled
        3       Injustice
        4       Earth
        5       9 Percent
        6       World
        7       Open the Door
        8       Real Jamaique
        9       Complete Goverment System
        10      No!!
        11      Dead or Alive
        12      THC
        13      Bike
        14      Break Fast
        15      Slam Rastaman
        16      Wonderful World
        17      Real Reggae
        18      Real Jamaican
        19      Last of Revenge
        20      Complete Magi System
        21      Maharu K
        22      Introjection
        23      Break Fast
        24      9 Percent
        25      Open the Door
        26      Introjection
        27      Order State
        28      Untitled
        29      9 Percent
        30      Complete Magi System
        31      Intro
        32      Injustice
        33      Last of Revenge
        34      Complete Magi System
        35      Give It Back
        36      Roots
        37      I Love S.A.H
        38      Dead or Alive
        39      Dead Your Instinct
        40      Conscious Evolution
        41      Eye S the S(*********)
625 P   064     HIGHSCORE               HIGHSCORE 1997-2000             CD      05.2001

        1       More Than Image
        2       Off The Track
        3       New Fuel
        4       Tamed Tiger
        5       For The Kids II
        6       I Lost My Heart In Dropout City / I'm Not Afraid
        7       Four Letter Word
        8       Universal
        9       Sell Me A Dream
        10      What's The Score
        11      Silence = Death
        12      Raketensong
        13      U.C.I.
        14      Break The Ban
        15      Disproportionateness
        16      No Allegiance
        17      Seven Year Pride
        18      Sick Of You
        19      It's Time
        20      Principles
        21      We'Ve Got The Power
        22      For The Kids
        23      Keep It Together
        24      My Life
        25      Competition
        26      It's Time
        27      Fight Song
        28      Fuck Off
        29      Liar
        30      In My Heart
        31      Decisions
        32      Friendship
625 P   065     SCHOLASTIC DETH         Shackle Me Not                  7"EP      .2001

        A1      PMA 2000
        A2      Rock Together
        A3      Bookstore Core
        B1      Options
        B2      Xtreme Equals Mainstream
        B3      Shackle Me Not
                (Note : 7" , 2000 copies)
625 P   066     W H N/LIFES HALT        Split                           LP.CD     .2001

A1      Lifes Halt!             Lull-A-Buy
A2      Lifes Halt!             Casa De Herrero, Cuchillo De Palo
A3      Lifes Halt!             Skate Fer Fun/No Substance
A4      Lifes Halt!             No Estoy Loco
A5      Lifes Halt!             Now I Get It
A6      Lifes Halt!             From The Pit To The Grave...
A7      Lifes Halt!             Public Enemy Is Right... Burn Hollywood Burn!
A8      Lifes Halt!             Two Words
B1      What Happens Next?      What Happen's Next? 11: Positive Youth
        (It's Not Just For The Kids Anymore)
B2      What Happens Next?      A Necklace Of Blackened Ears
B3      What Happens Next?      Through A Child's Eyes
B4      What Happens Next?      Weak Dogs Bark More
B5      What Happens Next?      When Hijras Need Mock No More
B6      What Happens Next?      Opening Shift
B7      What Happens Next?      Stereotypical Male Fantasies: Marketed By Men,
        Enacted By Women
B8      What Happens Next?      The Price We Pay For Vegan Convenience
B9      What Happens Next?      A Path Without Pattern
B10     What Happens Next?      When Cities Turn To Cemeteries
B11     What Happens Next?      Bread For War: Fresh Sand For The Coliseum
B12     What Happens Next?      Mano A Mono

        1st press       1600    black
                        400     gold
        2nd press       2000    black
625 P   067     RAPED TEENAGERS         Discography                     CD        .2001
625 P   068     EDORA                   Tomorrow Is Ours                7"EP      .2001

        A1      Insane                                          0:52
        A2      Wasted                                          1:14
        A3      Save Them                                       1:44
        A4      Worthless                                       1:12
        B1      Not A Crime                                     0:58
        B2      Another Loser                                   1:09
        B3      Leading My Life                                 1:13
        B4      Crashdeath                                      1:27
625 P   069     V / A                   Murderous Grind                 CD        .2001

        1       Hewhocorrupts : Dominatrix Dance Design         0:25
        2       Hewhocorrupts : Pushups for Jesus               0:17
        3       Hewhocorrupts : Architecture of the Penis and
                Vagina                                          0:30
        4       Hewhocorrupts : Shot Through the Heart But It's
                Too Late                                        0:14
        5       Hewhocorrupts : The Key to Burning Down the
                System                                          0:37
        6       Hewhocorrupts : A Nice Warmp Up Cup of Shut the
                Hell Up                                         0:42
        7       Brob                    S.G.R.                  0:51
        8       Brob                    Gore                    1:22
        9       Brob                    Death Power             1:16
        10      Brob                    Hate You!!!             1:05
        11      Brob                    Higher                  0:54
        12      Brob                    Suffocation             0:59
        13      Catheter                No More                 1:20
        14      Catheter                Corn Biscuit            1:40
        15      Unholy Grave            Contrary Views          1:04
        16      Unholy Grave            Anti-Terrorism          0:29
        17      Unholy Grave            Broken Into Pieces      1:23
        18      More Noise for Life     Don't Stop Can't Stop   0:41
        19      More Noise for Life     Why...?                 0:46
        20      More Noise for Life     Livin this World        0:35
        21      More Noise for Life     Racism                  0:58
        22      Kalibas                 Genome                  1:48
        23      Kalibas                 Return for the Worse    2:15
        24      The Index               Diminishing Returns     2:59
        25      Renegade                Rejection               1:10
        26      Renegade                Scene                   0:36
        27      Renegade                Madness                 0:21
        28      Renegade                Persecution Maniac      1:29
        29      Renegade                Limit                   0:48
        30      Renegade                Wxgxixpx                0:29
        31      Vulgar Pigeons          Process of Elimination  1:21
        32      Vulgar Pigeons          Aggro-culture           1:20
        33      Vulgar Pigeons : Pharmaceutical Knock Out       0:40
        34      Vulgar Pigeons : Permanent Speechlessness       1:18
        35      Insane 'n the Brain     The War Monger          2:06
        36      Insane 'n the Brain     Liar                    1:55
        37      Insane 'n the Brain     Uniform Junkie          1:32
        38      P.L.F.                  Elitist Debate          1:09
        39      P.L.F.                  Threat to Masculinity   2:08
        40      Bathtub Shitter         Watch Your Step         0:40
        41      Bathtub Shitter         Simple Bowels           0:38
        42      Bathtub Shitter : Different Sides of the Same
                Coin (Sore Throat Cover)                        6:53
        43      Reform Control          Failure                 0:51
        44      Reform Control          Realize You'll Fall     1:24
        45      Parade of the Lifeless : Fire                   7:46
        46      Rise Above              Intro/Collect           1:41
        47      Rise Above              Dead State              1:00
        48      Rise Above              Relax                   0:32
        49      Rise Above              Walk Through            0:46
        50      Phobia                  Spine                   0:38
        51      Phobia                  Self-Worth              1:34
        52      Godstomper              Thanks for the Memories 0:34
        53      Godstomper              Fed Up                  0:16
625 P   070     JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS/EXCLAIM : Split                     7"EP      .2001

        A1      Exclaim                 Critic Asshole
        A2      Exclaim                 ************
        A3      Exclaim                 Predging My Time Blues No. 10
        A4      Exclaim                 Jelly Roller
        B1      Jellyroll Rockheads     Good Times Rollin'
        B2      Jellyroll Rockheads     Try To Join...
        B3      Jellyroll Rockheads     No Skate No Thrash
        B4      Jellyroll Rockheads     Dull Face, Bright Eyes
                (Note : 7" , black or red vinyl)
625 P   071     DISCARGA                Discarga                        LP.CD     .2002

        A1      No Limite
        A2      Apologia
        A3      Quanto Mais Ignora...
        A4      Império XXI
        A5      Mad Max
        A6      Fora De Controle
        A7      Talvez
        A8      - Isso Ai
        A9      Instinto
        A10     Norman Song
        A11     Fora De Sintonia
        A12     Parasita
        A13     Contra Cultura
        A14     Fraco
        A15     Disorder
        B1      Ainda Quero Acreditar
        B2      Ele Ou Eu?
        B3      Olho Gordo
        B4      Sister
        B5      O Perigo Mora Ao Lado
        B6      América
        B7      Jogo Da Vida
        B8      Olho Gordo
        B9      Violencia Doméstica
        B10     Police Bastard
        B11     Regras
        B12     Rgxi
        B13     Corpo
        B14     Nosso Ódio
        B15     Açao Direta
625 P   072     IRON LUNG               Iron Lung EP                    7"EP      .2001

        1       Regenerate                                      1:12
        2       Modified for Arm Abduction                      1:20
        3       Abduction Boots                                 0:39
        4       Body Enclosing                                  0:47
        5       Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment          1:08
        6       Placement Six                                   1:21
        7       Storage Unit                                    1:31
        8       Arc Lamp                                        0:32
        9       Spirophore                                      1:45
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1200 copies)
625 P   073     BREAKFAST               Second EP                       7"EP      .2001

        A1      Happens In Easy TV
        A2      Raining Rage
        A3      One Grown Up's Mind
        B1      Speed Freaks
        B2      Kagami
        B3      Breakfast? Eat Rice
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 1000 black/200 green copies)
625 P   074     L I E                   Why ? Tour EP                   7"EP      .2001

        A1      You May Laugh
        A2      Abura
        A3      Saru
        B1      Why!?
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 1900 copies)
625 P   075     SPITFIRE                Discography                     CD        .2002

        1       Thrash
        2       Minor Threat
        3       Spit Fire
        4       Pop
        5       Fire
        6       Intro
        7       Fire
        8       Thrash
        9       Sports
        10      Spit Fire
        11      ??
        12      Minor Threat
        13      Pop
        14      Warning
625 P   076     QUATTRO STAGIONE        Quattro Stagione                7"EP      .2001

        A1      Kaputt-alism
        A2      The Brains's Other Supplier
        A3      Anpassungs Maschinerie
        A4      How Will I Live Tomorrow?
        B1      Possible Damage
        B2      Sputnik
        B3      Quattro Stagioni
        B4      Blame It On The Money
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 copies)
625 P   077     ExTxA                   We're Not The Problem           CD        .2002

                We+re Not The Problem - LP - 2000
        1       I+m Not Like You                                1:02
        2       I+m Not The Problem                             0:41
        3       TimeMachine                                     1:47
        4       Heroindöd (Igen)                                1:20
        5       Rippin+The Concrete                             0:38
        6       C.K.                                            1:20
        7       No Way                                          0:46
        8       Pax Americana                                   0:38
        9       Two Strikes - You Suck                          1:47
        10      Trash & Skate                                   1:37
        11      I+m Not Deadserious                             0:50
        12      Fight The Fight                                 0:54
        13      Fed With Lies                                   0:40
        14      Du |r Inte Lycklig                              0:50
        15      E.T.A. Part II                                  4:12
        16      Fortsätt Att Skrika                             0:43
                The Racket - 7" - EP - 2000
        17      -berklasspack                                   1:04
        18      A Million Dead                                  1:45
        19      Snut Sa Fel                                     0:43
        20      P.K.K                                           0:46
        21      M.N.F.L                                         1:14
        22      Överkörd Av Systemet                            0:49
        23      Born To Die                                     2:19
                Barbaric Thrash Detonation - Comp. 7" EP - 2000
        24      Same Shit - New Day                             1:01
        25      Raggarslakt                                     0:34
                Destroy zine #5
        26      Bomb Aid                                        1:53
                Previously Unreleased
        27      Kvasipunks - Fuck Off!                          1:44
        28      E.T.A.                                          1:31
                (Note : plus 7"EP "The Racket" + 8 p booklet)
625 P   078     RISE ABOVE              Rise Above                      3"CD      .2001

        1       Collect
        2       A.U.I.
        3       Aqua
        4       Relax
        5       Standpoint
        6       Pulse
        7       Nowhere
        8       Human Squeeze
        9       Walk Through
        10      Bury
        11      Forward
        12      MPA
        13      P.S.D.
        14      Dead State
        15      Raining
        16a     Blood
        16b     Birth Of Ignorance
625 P   079     V / A                   Four Corners                    LP        .2002

        A1      Lifes Halt              Fantasia
        A2      Lifes Halt              Venas Abiertas
        A3      Lifes Halt              Who Are The Ones
        A4      Dead End                Make Me A Cog
        A5      Dead End                Winner By Design
        A6      Dead End                Unlearn
        A7      Highscore               Raketensong
        A8      Highscore               Uci
        A9      Highscore               Break The Ban
        A10     Highscore               Silence Equals Death
        B1      Point Of Few            Chupa Chups Fukker
        B2      Point Of Few            Piece Of Mind
        B3      Point Of Few            Tmf
        B4      Point Of Few            Do It Your Own Way
        B5      Point Of Few            Haardvuur
        B6      Point Of Few            500 Years
        B7      Point Of Few            Face The Truth
        B8      Point Of Few            Ik Ben Lekker Anders
        B9      Razlog Za               Old School Song
        B10     Razlog Za               You Live Only Once
        B11     Razlog Za               They Don+t Give A Fuck About Us
625 P   080     V / A                   Barbaric Th Vol.3               2CD+7"    .2002

        CD1-1   Edöra                   The Enemy
        CD1-2   Edöra                   FxTxWx
        CD1-3   Edöra                   I'm A Junkie, I Wanna Die
        CD1-4   Edöra                   Addiction
        CD1-5   Reduction               Wall Of Despair
        CD1-6   Reduction               Direction
        CD1-7   Reduction               Drop Dead
        CD1-8   Death Is Your Language : 42 Seconds
        CD1-9   Death Is Your Language : Facade Of Progressiveness
        CD1-10  Death Is Your Language : Untitled
        CD1-11  Short Fuse              Oppressed For Answer
        CD1-12  Short Fuse              Going Nowhere
        CD1-13  Short Fuse              Depression
        CD1-14  Melee                   Demons In My Head
        CD1-15  Melee                   Sorry Kids
        CD1-16  Melee                   Melee Thrash Attack
        CD1-17  Sound Like Shit         Murder
        CD1-18  Sound Like Shit         Mind Control
        CD1-19  Sound Like Shit : Power Violence Seminar For Teenagers (Live)
        CD1-20  Oxbaker                 Abuse Of Humanity
        CD1-21  Oxbaker                 Lozenge Volley
        CD1-22  Oxbaker : Pummeling Chairshot To The Yankee Kisser Of Tony Erba
        CD1-23  Face Up To It!          Six Months
        CD1-24  Face Up To It!          Advertise Yourself
        CD1-25  Face Up To It!          Goulag Américain
        CD1-26  Face Up To It!          No Al Sistema
        CD1-27  Tri-State Killing Spree : Mumbledypeg
        CD1-28  Tri-State Killing Spree : The Eternal Flame Of The
                Wastewater Treatment Facility
        CD1-29  Tri-State Killing Spree : Outside View (The Stranglehold
                Part 2)
        CD1-30  Advocate                Sell By
        CD1-31  Atret                   Our Scene
        CD1-32  Atret                   Meaninglessness Of Existence
        CD1-33  Atret                   Jati Diri
        CD1-34  U-Yakenooka             Koto-Kyoto
        CD1-35  U-Yakenooka             Grand Mother Said...
        CD1-36  Killed In Action        Another Day Spent In Hell
        CD1-37  Killed In Action        Eat Shit
        CD1-38  Killed In Action        (Still) Not Just Boys Fun
        CD1-39  Kent Brockman           A Fact You Can't Ignore
        CD1-40  Kent Brockman           Still Not Punk Enough
        CD1-41  Kent Brockman           Not Even Better
        CD1-42  Fuerza X                Hablando Sin Conocer
        CD1-43  Fuerza X                Juntos En El Pit
        CD1-44  Powerbutt               Sucky Crusty
        CD1-45  Powerbutt               I Can't Believe This Is Yogurt
        CD1-46  EDM                     Terreno De Las Ratas
        CD1-47  EDM                     Dios
        CD1-48  EDM                     Carbura
        CD1-49  EDM                     Eskape Del Matadero

        CD2-1   Totsugeki Sensya        Stop
        CD2-2   Totsugeki Sensya        It's Free For Itself
        CD2-3   Totsugeki Sensya        The Peace That It Doesn't Get
                Out Of The Way
        CD2-4   Bruce Banner            Arselräns
        CD2-5   Bruce Banner            Change
        CD2-6   Bruce Banner            Simon Says
        CD2-7   Hangman                 Last Words
        CD2-8   Hangman                 Eviction
        CD2-9   Hangman                 Scene Report
        CD2-10  Hangman                 40 Hour Death Sentence
        CD2-11  Hangman                 Untitled
        CD2-12  Scott Baio Army         Asses And Elephants
        CD2-13  Scott Baio Army         Magnets
        CD2-14  Scott Baio Army         Konami Code
        CD2-15  Scott Baio Army         Modern Day Election
        CD2-16  Scott Baio Army         Checkmate
        CD2-17  Bullshit Excuse         Shanko's Revenge
        CD2-18  Bullshit Excuse : Hey Bro, Lay Off The Foil Tacos
        CD2-19  Bullshit Excuse         M.T.V.D.
        CD2-20  Bullshit Excuse         Pigsaw Puzzle
        CD2-21  Velocityut              C1proof
        CD2-22  Recension : Ein Und Zwanzigste Lied (The Curse)
        CD2-23  Recension : Reverse Psychology And The High-Stakes World
                Of Vacuum Cleaner Sales
        CD2-24  Recension : ...And Watch Out For Christians!
        CD2-25  Recension : Kill! Fucking! Advertising! Go!
        CD2-26  Recension : I'll Take Weapons Of Self-Oppression For
                $200, Alex
        CD2-27  Recension               This Song Is About You
        CD2-28  El Nudo                 Live Alone, And Hate It
        CD2-29  El Nudo                 Brutal Forever
        CD2-30  El Nudo                 Watchdog
        CD2-31  El Nudo                 Fuck The Kids
        CD2-32  El Nudo                 Not Pay Back
        CD2-33  Haymaker                Could You Be So Stupid?
        CD2-34  Haymaker                Trainwreck
        CD2-35  Haymaker                Skate Like Shit
        CD2-36  Test Ban Treaty         About Pleasure, Work And Shit
        CD2-37  Test Ban Treaty         Taxi Driver
        CD2-38  See You In Hell         The Nation Of Corpse-Burners
        CD2-39  See You In Hell         Vocal Cords
        CD2-40  See You In Hell         Invitation To The Gas Chamber
        CD2-41  Uphill Battle           Faded Red
        CD2-42  Shank : Roadkill On The Information Superhighway
        CD2-43  Shank                   Future Wife-Beater
        CD2-44  Shank                   Dealing In Abstracts
        CD2-45  Shank                   Based On Two Sharing
        CD2-46  Violent Party           Fun & Games
        CD2-47  Violent Party           W.M.D.
        CD2-48  Out Of Step             In-Som
        CD2-49  Out Of Step             Another Second Guess
        CD2-50  Out Of Step : Bruised Knuckles And Broken Hearts
        CD2-51  Downer                  ****
        CD2-52  Downer                  **
        CD2-53  Downer                  Fuck The Education
        CD2-54  Downer                  Teenage Riot
        CD2-55  Reproach                No Escape
        CD2-56  Reproach                No!
        CD2-57  Reproach (              Bring Me Down

7"              Asocial - "How Could Hardcore Be Any Worse" 1982 Demo 7"
        A1      Asocial                 Asocial Attack
        A2      Asocial                 Hardcore Song
        A3      Asocial                 Krossa Nazismen
        A4      Asocial                 Revolution
        A5      Asocial                 När Kriget |r Här
        A6      Asocial                 Samhällets Offer
        B1      Asocial                 En Död Snut
        B2      Asocial                 Bränn Din Höstsedel
        B3      Asocial                 Alternativ
        B4      Asocial                 Jag Ska Aldrig Bli Militär
        B5      Asocial                 Lat Dom Inte Lura Dig
        B6      Asocial                 Militär Diktatur
        B7      Asocial                 Religiös Moral
625 P   080.5   ASOCIAL : HOW COULD HARDCORE BE ANY WORSE               7"        .2002

        A1      Asocial Attack
        A2      Hardcore Song
        A3      Krossa nazismen
        A4      Revolution
        A5      När kriget är här
        A6      Samhällets offer
        B1      En död snut
        B2      Bränn din röstsedel
        B3      Alternativ
        B4      Jag ska aldrig bli militär
        B5      Lat dom inte lura Dig
        B6      Militär diktatur
        B7      Religiös moral
625 P   081     YOUTH ENRAGE            Heyoca                          CD        .2001

        1       Silence                                         0:50
        2       Engrave Here                                    0:39
        3       Fear Of Isolation                               0:44
        4       Darkness                                        0:40
        5       Burn Out                                        0:53
        6       Ideal                                           0:53
        7       Possibility                                     0:28
        8       Vote Down                                       0:52
        9       Selfrighteousness                               0:40
        10      Youth Enrage                                    1:39
625 P   082     CRUCIAL ATTACK          Crucial Attack                  7"EP      .2002

        A1      Take It Back                                    1:05
        A2      Dare Grads                                      0:49
        A3      I Don't Eat Ghee                                1:29
        B1      Cherry Bomb                                     0:56
        B2      RVD (Righteous Vegan Dudes)                     0:42
        B3      Crucial Attack                                  0:57
        B4      Greed                                           1:13
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1200 copies)
625 P   083     B G                     The Celebration EP              7"EP      .2002

        A1      Just A Phase
        A2      Big City USA
        A3      Alone
        B1      Chucke's Ass Explosion
        B2      Out Of Dream
        B3      I Hope You Get Drafted
625 P   084     MAD RATS                Speed Kills EP                  7"EP      .2002

        A1      Deep Inside
        A2      Anyone But You
        A3      I Hate You
        A4      Dead Meat
        A5      Jesus Was A Good Boy
        B1      I Still Love This Fucking Shit
        B2      Sneakers
        B3      Youth Of Today
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM)
625 P   085     DOWN IN FLAMES          Down In Flames                  12"       .2002
625 P   085     DOWN IN FLAMES          Down In Flames                  CD        .2002

        A1      What The Fuck
        A2      A Day In The Life Of
        A3      Our World
        A4      It's Not Funny
        A5      Better Days
        A6      Things Would Be Different
        A6      People Like You
        A8      Waging A War
        A9      The Zero Hour
        B1      It's Done
        B2      Pain I Feel
        B3      Taking Revenge
        B4      My Head Is Fucking Pounding
        B5      Thanks And Fuck You
        B6      Not One Positive Aspect
        B7      The Joke
        B8      Nothing To Offer
        B9      Watch It Die
625 P   086     SCHOLASTIC DETH         Revenge Of The Nerds            7"EP      .2002

        A1      Drop the Bomb
        A2      Book Attack
        A3      One Day at a Time
        A4      Kill 'em With Politics
        B1      Sham(e)
        B2      Old People Are Dumb
        B3      Revenge of the Nerds
                (Note : 7" , 2000 copies)
625 P   087     FUDGE/TOTSUGEKI SENSYA  Split                           7"EP      .2002

        A1      Fudge                   No Racism, No War
        A2      Fudge                   Selfish Rock
        A3      Fudge                   Seizon
        B1      Totsugeki Sensya        Reality
        B2      Totsugeki Sensya        Search for the Sun
                (NOte : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 copies)
625 P   088     SHANK                   Shank                           LP.CD     .2002

        1       Glasgow and Fuck Yourself
        2       Roadkill on the Information Superhighway
        3       Occam's Razor
        4       Equation of an Idiot
        5       My Love Letter to the World
        6       Future Wifebeater
        7       Kill Whitey
        8       Heavy Metal Bullshit
        9       Pro-Militia
        10      Genocide
        11      Power Without Resonsibility
        12      Based on two Sharing
        13      Let's Do It Dogma Style
        14      Theonomist
        15      Buy two Lies, Get one Free
        16      Jesus Christ Save the Animals
        17      Caged
        18      Dealing With Abstracts
        19      Isthmus of Darien
        20      The Stupidity That You Embody
        21      Disclaimer
625 P   089     REAGAN SS               Reagan SS EP                    7"EP      .2002

        A1      If It's War You Want...
        A2      Urban Renewal
        A3      Golden Age
        A4      Karma
        B1      Can't Sit Still
        B2      Moving Service
        B3      Net Pay
        B4      Stand Apart
625 P   090     COMPLAIN                Debut                           7"EP      .2002

        A       Intro
        A       Last Line
        A       Enemy
        A       Dance Floor Justice (2001)
        B       Don't Stop
        B       Hold Together
        B       Make A Mistake
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   091     FREAKS                  77 POINTS OF HATE               7"EP      .2002

        A1      Guard Line
        A2      Rub A Dub
        B1      Circle Storm
        B2      Kill The AxSxS
625 P   092     SCHOLASTIC DETH         Killed By School                12"EP     .2003

A.      1       Revolution…
        2       Killed by School
        3       W.W.H.D.?
        4       Unhindered Capitalism
        5       Spring Fever
        6       Said Said
B.      7       Literally Illiterate
        8       Kill the Message Board
        9       Bookstore Bore
        10      Cheetos
        11      Mentally Fumigated
        12      Coffee Cures Everything
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM , 2000 copies)
625 P   093     I QUIT !                I Quit !                        7"EP      .2002

        A1      That's It, I Quit!
        A2      Pity Ain't Compassion
        A3      Tin Cup
        A4      Why Do You Think You Make A Difference?
        B1      Five Dead Civilians
        B2      Hört Nog
        B3      Ta Dig Samman
        B4      Keep It Real
625 P   094     V / A                   Possessed To Skate Vol.2        10".CD  12.2002

        A1      ExTxAx                  Lets Go, Lets Skate
        A2      ExTxAx                  Trouble Ahead
        A3      ExTxAx                  World Is Burning
        A4      ExTxAx                  L.D.S.B.
        A5      Life Set Struggle       The Fever
        A6      Life Set Struggle       Image
        A7      Life Set Struggle       Rippin Shit Up
        A8      Life Set Struggle       Quarantined
        B1      Breakfast               Dont Step! Hands Off!
        B2      Breakfast               Sequoia
        B3      Breakfast               Alameda
        B4      Breakfast               Window
        B5      Scholastic Deth         Nows The Time
        B6      Scholastic Deth         On The Road Of Life...
        B7      Scholastic Deth         Bring It Back...
        B8      Scholastic Deth         Fuck It, I Quit
        B9      Scholastic Deth         Scene Of The Spectacle
625 P   095     EU'S ARSE               Eu's Arse 1981-1985             LP        .2002

        A1      Eu's Arse
        A2      Oi For Punk, Oi For Skin
        A3      E Noi?
        A4      Attacca Le Menti
        A5      Eu's Arse
        A6      Ribelle
        A7      Lui Decide
        A8      Attacco
        A9      Io Non Saro Colpevole
        A10     Schiavi E Padroni
        A11     Combattili
        B1      Attacco
        B2      L'Omosessualita Non E' Un Reato
        B3      Cibernauti
        B4      E Noi?
        B5      Fino A Quando?
        B6      Servitu Militari
        B7      Corruzione Statale
        B8      Quando La Musica Morira
        B9      Pioggia Di Sangue
        B10     Carne Sull' Asfalto
625 P   096     L'AMICO DI MARTUCCI     EP                              7"EP      .2002

        A1      Non Val Saper A Chi Fortuna Ha Contra
        A2      Invierno Y Verano
        A3      Ezechiele
        B1      Non E' Tempo
        B2      Sulla Tavola
        B3      Nuestra Riqueza
        B4      My Fate To Hate
625 P   097     SECRET 7                Secret 7 EP                     7"EP      .2002

        A1      An Engineered Variety Show
        A2      What If There Were Two Secret 7's?
        A3      Kita Sengaja Dicacatkan
        A4      To Hell With Hanson
        A5      Rip Off Someone Else's Record And You Call It DIY
        A6      Nationalist Until The Taxes Go Up
        A7      It's Great Having Fun Without Booze
        A8      Secret 7 Swing
        A9      Sack The Boss
        A10     You're Part Of It
        A11     Irreversible Mistake
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided)

        A1      Anthem
        A2      Work Sucks
        A3      The Clan
        A4      We Don+t Like You
        A5      Reminder
        A6      End Of The Day
        A7      Vorwärts Rückwärts
        A8      Like Father Like Son
        A9      It Takes Five
        B1      Fucking With Friendly Facism
        B2      Water Pistol Riot
        B3      Still Don+t Want Your Fucking War
        B4      Putting Hardcore Back On The Map
        B5      Born Rejected
        B6      Surrounded By Zombies
        B7      Smile You Are Being Filmed
        B8      Nein Nein Nein (The Buttocks)
625 P   099     THE FUTURES             The Futures                     LP        .2002

        A1      Evil
        A2      Stab Me, Hang Me
        A3      Eclipse
        A4      Future
        A5      Cold Bug
        A6      Italia
        A7      Flash Back
        A8      Mole People
        B1      Chemical Wave 67'
        B2      Puppet For Puppet
        B3      Cow Boy
        B4      Bizarre Tune
        B5      Radical Booster
        B6      Brain Amp
        B7      Spider Walk
        B8      Trance Again
#       100     HOT LIXX HULAHAN        HOT LIXX HULAHAN                7"        .2007

        A       Airway to Heaven
        B       Sound of Silence
625 P   101     THEY LIVE               They Live                       LP.CD     .2003

        A1      Poverty Or Poison
        A2      Basic Needs
        A3      Hacksaw
        A4      Fred Penner's Place Is In A Bodybag
        A5      Connections
        A6      H.C.F.L.
        A7      S.O.S. / 37 Pieces
        A8      Where Are The Dead?
        B1      Party Like It's 1929
        B2      Carving My Career
        B3      Red, White, Black & Blue
        B4      Embrace & Accomodate
        B5      Softline Ethics
        B6      Scattered Thoughts
        B7      Truth Vs. Reality
        B8      Death Sentence
        B9      Zero To Zero In 134 Seconds
625 P   102     DOMESTIK DOKTRIN        Domestik Doktrin                7"EP      .2004

        A1      Intro (Duksionarisme Kanan-Kiri-Atas-Bawah)
        A2      Sepakat Untuk Tidak Sepakat (Agree To Disagree)
        A3      The Prank That Went Horribly Wrong
        A4      Profound Effect
        A5      Lower Class Blues (350 Years Reminiscent)
        B1      Lupus Untuk Pemula-Buku Petunjuk Manual Yang Sangat
                Direkomendasikan Bagi Para Pembunuh (Saturday Night Fever)
        B2      Ready For The Geek Attack?
        B3      Ulama Sirkus
        B4      Mess With The Best, End Up Like The Rest?
625 P   103     V / A                   Mosh Circle,Jerk Punks          LP        .2002

        A1      Razors Edge  : I Feel Alright, I Feel All Light
        A2      BBQ Chickens            Jackass, Jackass
        A3      Idol Punch              Psychopathic Faction
        A4      Tomorrow                Bomba !!
        A5      BBQ Chickens            Muscle, Muscle
        A6      Tomorrow                Davide
        A7      Razors Edge             New Rising
        B1      BBQ Chickens            New York, New York
        B2      Tomorrow                Inconcludente
        B3      Razors Edge             Just Up
        B4      Tomorrow                Comunicazione. D
        B5      Razors Edge             Flashpoint
        B6      BBQ Chickens            Love, Love, Love
        B7      Tomorrow                Estinzione
        B8      BBQ Chickens            One More Time
        B9      Idol Punch              I Don't Mind
625 P   104     BREAKFAST               Breakfast                       LP        .2002

        A1      Gold Fish
        A2      Violent Grind
        A3      Kf
        A4      Jason Adams
        A5      Skatevoid
        A6      Lee Ralph
        A7      BF Strut
        A8      American Wino
        A9      Milk
        A10     Years
        A11     Fireworks
        B1      Kagami
        B2      Vertigo
        B3      We Came From Far Away, And We're Going Even Further
                Time Remains But We Keep Going
625 P   105     LET'S GROW              Let's Grow                      7"EP      .2002

        A1      Useless Prayer
        A2      Disappointment
        A3      Life
        B1      Eyes Wide Open
        B2      What Is Your Advantage?
625 P   106     GNATS SUCKER            Gnats Sucker                    7"EP    04.2003

        A1      Call Out To Voice
        A2      All Thing I'll Never Say
        A3      It Me Nothing
        B1      Fellow In Crime
        B2      Go Down
        B3      With Say
                (Note : 7" , 750 copies)
625#    107     HIT ME BACK/OUT OF VOGUE : THE TRASHY SLUMBER PARTY     7"        .2003
                POLLOW FIGHT SPLIT EP

        A1      Out Of Vogue            Control
        A2      Out Of Vogue            Broken Records
        A3      Out Of Vogue            Tiptoeing Through A Minefield
        A4      Out Of Vogue            War In My Living Room
        B1      Hit Me Back             We Shook Our Bon-Bons And Got Socked
        B2      Hit Me Back             Skate-Core
        B3      Hit Me Back             This Is South L.A., Not East L.A.
        B4      Hit Me Back             I Walked Outside And It Smelled Funny
625 P   108     NEVER CONFORM           Never Conform                   7"EP      .2003

        A1      Intro
        A2      Never Conform
        A3      Justice
        B1      Fuck Your Religion
        B2      Not For Me
        B3      Look Who's Talking
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   109     IRON LUNG               IRON LUNG                       12".CD    .2004

12"     A1      Diagnosis
        A2      Condemned
        A3      Shingles
        A4      One Cure For Two Diseases
        A5      Cauterization
        A6      Paralyzed Words
        A7      Manufactured
        A8      Care For The Machine
        A9      A Grim Possibility For Owen Moses
        A10     Life. Iron Lung. Death.
        A11     Primal Therapy Pt. 3
        B1      Rate Of Respiration
        B2      Life's Worth
        B3      Cleansing Breath
        B4      Stricken
        B5      Complications
        B6      Jarvik 7
        B7      Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
        B8      Thankful
        B9      ...As Technology Advances
        B10     Sound Of Cold
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)

CD      1       Diagnosis
        2       Condemned
        3       Shingles
        4       One Cure For Two Diseases
        5       Cauterization
        6       Paralyzed Words
        7       Manufactured
        8       Care For The Machine
        9       A Grim Possibility For Owen Moses
        10      Life. Iron Lung. Death.
        11      Primal Therapy Pt. 3
        12      Rate Of Respiration
        13      Life's Worth
        14      Cleansing Breath
        15      Stricken
        16      Complications
        17      Jarvik 7
        18      Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
        19      Thankful
        20      ...As Technology Advances
        21      Sound Of Cold
        22      Brain-Scan Exorcism
        23      Iron Lung
        24      Pushing Life
        25      Abduction Boots
        26      Concentric Circulator
        27      Arc Lamp
        28      Regenerate
        29      Mechanical Assistance
        30      Placement Six
        31      Modified For Arm Abduction
        32      Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment
        33      If Polio Strikes
        34      Storage Unit
        35      Body Enclosing
        36      Pathoclast
        37      Esocargophagus
        38      Spirophore
625 P   110     V / A                   Bay Area Trash Detonation       7"EP      .2003

        A1      Sharp Knife             The Unbearable Lightness
        A2      Dystrophy               Burlingame Punx Is An Oxymoron
        A3      Voetsek                 DxTxAx
        A4      Scholastic Deth         Time To Rock
        B1      Lab Rats                Now That You've Seen It
        B2      Elephant Man            Hi Fool
        B3      Delta Force             Carnal Knowledge
                (Note : 7" , 45 RPM)
625 P   111     V / A                   SoCal Trash Detonation          7"EP    02.2004

        A1      Low Threat Profile      Ripe
        A2      Out Of Vogue            Get Lost
        A3      Find Him And Kill Him   Resurgence Of Stupidity
        A4      Find Him And Kill Him   Fucked By Thieves
        A5      Youth Riot              Fuck It
        B1      Burn Your Bridges       Rebellion Of One
        B2      Hit Me Back : Being SXE Is Kinda Like Being Anti-SXE Cause
                When You Draw The X's On Your Hand You Get High On The
                Marker Smell...
        B3      Harry Balzagna & The Teenie Weenies : Don't Need It
        B4      Apathetic Youth         All Stand And Worship 	
        B5      Apathetic Youth         Die In Your Filth 	
        B6      Apathetic Youth         If We Could Switch
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   112     V / A                   SE Asia Trash Detonation        7"EP      .2003
625 P   113     KUNGFU RICK             2nd LP                          LP        .2003

        K1      Smoke Stacks
        K2      Panic Attacks
        K3      Culture Shock Diagnostics
        K4      Read Write Head
        K5      Red Shirt White Shirt Blue Shirt Torn
        K6      Zero Exit
        R1      Online Journals And Bathroom Urinals
        R2      Coming To An End
        R3      Labor Levitation Break
        R4      Small Outlooks For Small Worlds
        R5      Pill People
        R6      And Nothingness
625 P   114     NO TIME LEFT            No Time Left                    10"       .2003

        A1      Indentured Servant
        A2      Another Sob Story
        A3      Minority To Majority
        A4      Youth Culture Industry
        A5      Rise Of The Reactionary
        B1      Live This Moment
        B2      Simple Questions
        B3      Whatever Happened To?
        B4      Rapid Transit To Nowhere
        B5      Write Your Own Ending
                (nOTE : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   115     SCHOLASTIC DETH         FINAL EXAMINER                  CD        .2004

                Killed By School EP
        1       The Revolution Will Not Be Posted On EBay
        2       Killed By School
        3       WWHD?
        4       UC = Unhindered Capitalism
        5       Spring Fever
        6       Said Said
        7       Literaly Illiterate
        8       Kill The Message Board
        9       Bookstore Bore
        10      Cheetos
        11      Mentally Fumigated
        12      Coffee Cures Everything
                Bay Area Trash I Comp EP
        13      Time To Rock
                Hysteria II Comp LP
        14      We Think Metal Music Is Awesome But...
        15      Pugnatious Bibliorific Erudism
                Revenge Of The Nerds EP
        16      Drop The Bomb
        17      Book Attack
        18      One Day At A Time
        19      Kill 'Em With Politics
        20      Sham(e)
        21      Old People Are Dumb
        22      Revenge Of The Nerds
                Possessed To Skate II Comp 10"
        23      Nows The Time
        24      On The Road Of Life...
        25      Bring It Back...
        26      Fuck It, I Quit
        27      Scene Of The Spectacle
                Shackle Me Not! EP
        28      PMA
        29      Rock Together
        30      Bookstore Core
        31      Options
        32      Xtreme Equals Mainstream
        33      Shackle Me Not!
                Decide On Change Comp LP
        34      Warcore I: Politics Of Total War
        35      Warcore II: War By Timetable
                Shut Up And Skate! Comp EP
        36      Tomorrow
        37      Simplified But Amplified
                Recommended Reading (Unreleased)
        38      Shit Peddlers Aka Wiltpolitik
        39      Trust Fund Aka No Bike Messengers In Russia
                Live On Kzsu
        40      School's Out
        41      PMA
        42      Literaly Illiterate
        43      Drop The Bomb
        44      Revenge Of The Nerds
        45      Options
        46      Bookstore Core
        47      Killed By School
        48      Nows The Time
        49      WWHD?
        50      Xtreme Equals Mainstream
        Video1  SD_Live
                BARBARIC TRASH #6
625 P   116     V / A : BAY AREA TRASH DEVASTATION                      2X7"      .2004

7"/1    A1      Look Back And Laugh     Cancerous Faith
        A2      Desolation              Hiding Like Cowards
        B1      This Is My Fist         Jesus Plus Nothing
        B2      Funeral Shock           Ban This
        B3      Case Of Emergency       Stand Up

7"/2    C1      Deadfall                Crowd Pleaser
        C2      Lights Out              Here We Go Again
        C3      Our Turn                Unconditional
        D1      Uzi Suicide             Train Crash Junkie
        D2      Uzi Suicide             Brutal To The Max
        D3      Voetsek                 Shithouse Poet
        D4      Brutal Death            Intro To...
        D5      Brutal Death            Wastoid
        D6      Brutal Death            Trashoid
                (Note : double 7" , 45 RPM)
625 P   117     LIFE SET STRUGGLE       Life Set Struggle               7"EP      .2004

        A1      Trapped
        A2      Get Over It
        A3      A2K
        A4      Stuck Inside
        B1      Tight Through
        B2      No Time
        B3      Still Fucked
        B4      Pick A Side
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   118     FAR LEFT LIMIT          Far Left Limit                  EP        .2003

        A1      Red, White, Blue And Dripping Blood
        A2      Sometimes I Wonder
        A3      Tidy For Inspection
        A4      Writings On The Wall
        B1      Sorry Day
        B2      Operation Annihilation
        B3      More Than A Patch
        B4      Paint It Black
625 P   119     HE WHO CORRUPTS         He Who Corrupts                 LP.CD     .2003

        A1      Checking Mic Marker
        A2      Mrs. Andretti's Hustlers
        A3      Mic Marker Checked
        A4      16.7 Overture
        A5      She's A Fire Engine
        B1      Linguistic Violations
        B2      Saigon's Still Kickin
        B3      Unload The White Load
        B4      This Is Beatbox
        B5      Canada, Shakespeare, Canada
                (Note : LP , 1100 copies on black vinyl)
625 P   120     NINE CURVE : CROSSOVER TRASH INSANITY                   7"EP      .2003

        A1      Kids Are Divided
        A2      Thrash Again
        A3      Keigai
        B1      Shoot Sign
        B2      Not Syncronicity You & 1
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   121     SOCIETY OF FRIENDS      Society Of Friends              CD        .2010

                Growing Up And Moving Away LP
        1       Damage III
        2       Wrestling War
        3       Shame Spiral
        4       Tennis Woman
        5       Serpent Tamer
        6       Adult Humor
        7       Itchy Spot
        8       Pallet Jack Pusher
        9       All In The Family
        10      Potluck Massacre
        11      Creeping Through Crestview
        12      Trapped In A Kamode
        13      Pit Fight For Liquor
        14      Travis Garage
        15      John Lund's Army
        16      Carl's
        17      Kodiak
        18      Rock City Rejects
                Communicating Through Loud Music
        19      Kevin Costner
        20      Heart Attack
        21      Kodiak
        22      Debo
        23      No Concern
        24      Burn Manor Road
        25      Dines
        26      Kidney Failure
        27      Avenge The Harbor
        28      Skinhead War
        29      Rage Against The Grindcore
        30      Maintain Radio Contact
        31      Bob Vila
        32      C.O.V.
        33      Slow
        34      Dumb Problem
        35      True Liberty
        36      Half Windsor
        37      Bastard Noise Rip Off
                Society Of Friends 1st 7"
        38      Kevin Costner
        39      Heart Attack
        40      Kodiak
        41      Short Fight
        42      Debo
        43      No Concern
                Society Of Friends Split 7" With Short Hate Temper
        44      Adult Humor
        45      Burn Manor Road
        46      Dines
        47      Kidney Failure
        48      Avenge The Harbor
                Society Of Friends 3rd 7"
        49      Carl's
        50      Skinhead War/Rage Against The Grindcore
        51      Maintain Radio Contact
        52      Bob Vila
        53      C.O.V.
        54      Slow
        55      Dumb Problem
625 P   122     DISCARGA                Discarga                        10".CD    .2003

        A1      Intro
        A2      Num Queremo
        A3      Até Quando ?
        A4      Nao Force A Barra
        A5      Conteúdo Mastigado
        A6      Esforço Em Vao
        A7      Fim Do Mundo
        A8      Se Bem Que...
        A9      Pesadelo
        A10     Descontrole Remoto
        B1      Sempre Ganância
        B2      Vitória
        B3      Original (Parte 2)
        B4      Armadilha
        B5      Preparados
        B6      Papel
        B7      No Buraco
        B8      Sobrevivencia (Dub)
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   123     I SHOT CYRUS            I Shot Cyrus                    LP      06.2003

        A1      Herói De Porra Nenhuma
        A2      FHC & ACM Mandaram Fabricar Napalm Para Destruir O MST
        A3      Tiranus
        A4      Cyrus Shot The Pope
        A5      Depressivo
        A6      A Doutrina
        A7      Pisam Na Sua Cabeça
        B1      L'Impacto Della Negazione
        B2      Aniquilam
        B3      Cristo Anônimo
        B4      Nos Dao O Inferno
        B5      Vingança
        B6      Condenados Ao American Dream
        B7      Sit There
        B8      Use Su Rabia
625 P   124     CHAINSAW CONGA FURY/VOETSEK : Split                     10"       .2003

        A1      Conga Fury              Idol Worship
        A2      Conga Fury              Against War Pt. 1
        A3      Conga Fury              Against War Pt. 2
        A4      Conga Fury              Gimme Heaven
        A5      Conga Fury              Humane
        A6      Conga Fury              Hell
        A7      Conga Fury              Wordly Desires
        A8      Conga Fury              Family Blood
        B1      Chainsaw                Life Will Fade Away
        B2      Chainsaw                City Of Pain
        B3      Vöetsek                 Set In Stone
        B4      Vöetsek                 Out Of The Loop
        B5      Vöetsek                 Chaos Days Revisited
        B6      Vöetsek : Just Because I Like Yr Band Doesnt Mean I Want
                To Fuck You
        B7      Vöetsek                 Bandana Sass
                (Note : 10" , 45 RPM)
625 P   125     THE KILL                Demo EP                         7"EP      .2003

        A1      This One Hurts
        A2      We Want Blood
        A3      The Clash Have Alot To Answer For
        A4      Junkie's Records
        A5      Fashion Victim
        A6      Let's Be Fast
        B1      Techno Head
        B2      Media Loves Misery
        B3      Stupid Pants
        B4      Extreme Wankers
        B5      Oh My God!
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   126     DESTROYER               2nd EP                          7"EP      .2003

        A1      Grindcore 3
        A2      Ein-Ton Geknueppel
        A3      Grindcore 1
        A4      Last Warning Maessiger
        A5      Kurzer
        A6      Deep Wound Ende
        A7      Matso Anfang
        A8      Matze Rockpart
        B1      Boy Fucks Girl
        B2      Tapping
        B3      Stuevk Kotze
        B4      Rock!
        B5      Die Fuckin Arseholes
        B6      Kunibart
        B7      Puh It
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   127     TREATENER               The Hammering EP                7"EP      .2003

        A1      Isolation King
        A2      Latrine Animal
        A3      Societal Runoff
        A4      Warpath To Recovery
        B1      Human Junk
        B2      Punishment Line
        B3      See You In The Hospital
        B4      It's Okay (Koro)
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , black or red vinyl)
625 P   128     INFECT                  Infect EP                       7"EP      .2003

        A1      Cansadas De Ódio
        A2      Oque Há De Se Fazer ?
        A3      Puta
        A4      Sendo Fogo
        A5      Um Buraco De Realidade
        A6      Família Nuclear
        A7      Vá Para O Asilo
        A8      A Força
        A9      Longe De Voce
        B1      Assassino
        B2      Reforma
        B3      Classe Dominante
        B4      Indeléveis
        B5      Nesse Jogo Voce Deve Roubar
        B6      Condicionado
        B7      Processo De Eliminaçao
        B8      Himenóptera
625 P   129     MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS                                   7"EP      .2003

        A1      Cookies
        A2      Fight The White Ninja
        A3      Death And Other Problems
        A4      Hey Thanks For Pointing Out My Flaws
        A5      What Are Friends For Huh?
        B1      Chainsaw For A Hand
        B2      Headlock
        B3      Peppermint (Kill Me)
        B4      Keep Keep Cutting Me
        B5      Second Thoughts
625 P   130     WE MUST BURN            Demo EP                         7"EP      .2003

        A1      We Must Burn
        A2      !Never!
        A3      Consume
        B1      Control
        B2      Not Parts
        B3      Back To Basic
                (nOTE : 7"/33.3 rpm , 600 COPIES)
625 P   131     XFEUDX                  Xfeudx                          CD        .2003

        1       Unschooling The World                           1:28
        2       System Check                                    1:17
        3       Kumita Sa Kahirapan Ng Iba                      0:57
        4       The Circled A                                   1:04
        5       More Than What We Need                          1:14
        6       Disguise For Another                            0:48
        7       Addicted To Approval                            1:36
        8       Ritualized Revolution                           1:51
        9       Dedication                                      3:01
        10      Rebolusyong Nagsisimula Sa Sarili               1:52
        11      Battling Bastards Of Freedom                    0:25
        12      The Only Good Rapist Is The Dead One            0:58
        13      We Can't Get Along                              0:18
        14      In A Land Of Pit And Precipice                  1:04
        15      Money, Work, And God's Plan                     1:12
        16      My Personal Tribute Song                        9:50
625 P   132     LOVE SONGS              Love Songs                      CD        .2004

        1       Chico Y Chica
        2       Luv Song
        3       Cool As Corpes
        4       IPSN Day
        5       Sweet-ish
        6       Dick Parade
        7       Cookies And Love
        8       Salty Dwarf
        9       All Branches, No Trunk
        10      There's No L In Fool, Foo
        11      To All The Girls I've Ever Thought About Loving Before
        12      Misfortune Cookie
        13      Mr. Ruptured Sharp
625 P   133     BRUCE BANNER            Bruce Bammer                    LP        .2004

        A1      (We Are) Bruce Banner
        A2      Fuck Me
        A3      Shut The Fuck Up
        A4      Nostalgia
        A5      What Do You Want From Me ?
        A6      Final Command
        A7      I Love You
        A8      Olho De Gato
        A9      Interzöne
        B1      The Hardest Monkey To Kill
        B2      I've Had It With Humanity
        B3      Nation Of Violence
        B4      Fit For Fight
        B5      Bullshit
        B6      Mütera
        B7      Race Mixing
        B8      God Life
        B9      My Own Kind
        B10     Support Our Troops Or Else
625 P   134     DEADFALL                Comrades EP                     7"EP      .2004

        A1      Comrades
        A2      Feign Sympathy
        A3      Media Agenda
        B1      The Worst Four Years
        B2      From Beyond
        B3      Only Waste
        B4      Dr. Boo Strikes Again
625 P   135     STOCKHOLM SYNDROME      EP                              7"EP      .2004

        A1      One Way Out (Down)
        A2      Cogs and Wheels
        A3      Closed From The Inside
        A4      Back & to the Left
        B1      Q: And Punks? A: And Punks
        B2      Last Stop Turk St.
        B3      Monuments of Life
625 P   136     UZI SUICIDE             Uzi Suicide EP                  7"EP      .2004

        A1      Weapons Of Mass Destruction
        A2      Watch Your Mouth
        A3      My Very Own Spazz Song
        A4      RMC 390
        A5      Ciggy Smokin Girl
        A6      Positively Productive
        B1      Keep Your Mouth Shut
        B2      I Tried
        B3      Sick Visions (Of Myself Cut)
        B4      Mosh It Up Pt. II
        B5      Spock
        B6      Train Crush Junkie
                (Note : 7" , black or blue vinyl)
625 P   136.5   UZI SUICIDE             Comin' At Cha                   7"        .2005

        A1      Humanity Stripped Away Like Nathan Jones After A Six Pack
        A2      I Don't See Fit
        A3      Birdseed (I Steal)
        A4      Oh, Oh, Yeah, Yeah, We're A Jam Band
        A5      Lampshade Head
        A6      Nathan Jones Strips While Drinking A Six Pack And Listening
                To Asshole Parade
        A7      Krokop's High Kick
        B1      Rumble, Young Man, Rumble
        B2      Jeffrey Dahmer Vs. Clamtron's Black Shit Storm
        B3      Your Fancy Gear = Fake Rappers Bling
        B4      The Jackhammer On Bone Pt. 1
        B5      Peter Young
        B6      I Won't Mosh In Your Dojo If You Don't Start Fights At
                Our Show
625 P   137     CHARM                   SHIKAMI                         7"EP      .2004
                (Note : 7" , A-side 33.3 RPM/B-side 45 RPM)
625 P   138     BLOODY PHOENIX          Bloody Phoenix                  7"EP    01.2005

        A1      Wesley Snipes
        A2      The Rose
        A3      Artillery Fire
        A4      Isolated
        A5      Prayed On
        B1      Ugly Inside
        B2      Harsh Introduction
        B3      Spoiled Lungs
                BARBARIC TRASH #7
625 P   139     V / A : CALIFORNIA TRASH DEMOLITION                     CD        .2005

                SoCal Comp EP
        1       Low Threat Profile      Ripe
        2       Out Of Vogue            Get Lost
        3       Find Him And Kill Him   Resurgence Of Stupidity
        4       Find Him And Kill Him   Fucked By Thieves
        5       Youth Riot              We Broke Up / Fuck It!
        6       Burn Your Bridges       Rebellion Of One
        7       Hit Me Back : Being SXE Is Kinda Like Being Anti-SXE Cause
                When You Draw The X's On Your Hands, You Get High Off The
                Marker Smell
        8       Harry Balzagna And The Teenie Weenies : Don't Need It
        9       Apathetic Youth         All Stand And Worship 	
        10      Apathetic Youth         Die In Your Filth 	
        11      Apathetic Youth         If We Could Switch
                Extra SoCal Bands
        12      Bloody Phoenix          Strong Armed Robbery 	
        13      Bloody Phoenix          Blasting Media
        14      Thievery                I Don't Know Why, But I Do
        15      Thievery                Passion For Sales
        16      Destruction's End       Demon Possest
        17      Destruction's End       Bloodfest
        18      You're Next             School System 101
        19      Broken Needle           Waste Away
        20      Broken Needle           Sometimes
        21      Walking Wreck           Eric's Infected
        22      Walking Wreck           Fun In Liberia
        23      Harry Balzagna And The Teenie Weenies : Frontside Grind
        25      Harry Balzagna And The Teenie Weenies : Up To Us
                Bay Area Vol. 1 EP
        26      Sharp Knife             The Unbearable Lightness
        27      Dystrophy               Burlingame Punk Is An Oxymoron
        28      Voetsek                 Shithouse Poet
        29      Scholastic Deth         Time To Rock
        30      Lab Rats                Now That You've Seen It
        31      Elephant Man            Hi, Fool!
        32      Delta Force             Carnal Knowledge
        33      Delta Force             No One Here
        34      Delta Force             2102
        35      Delta Force             Go Bears!
        36      Delta Force             Final Exam
                Bay Area Vol. 2 EP
        37      Look Back And Laugh     Cancerous Faith
        38      Desolation              Hiding Like Cowards
        39      This Is My Fist         Jesus Plus Nothing
        40      Funeral Shock           Ban This
        41      Case Of Emergency       Stand Up
        42      Deadfall                Crowd Pleaser
        43      Lights Out              Here We Go Again
        44      Our Turn                Unconditional
        45      Uzi Suicide             Train Crush Junkie
        46      Uzi Suicide             (Rocky Is) Brutal To The Max
        47      Voetsek                 D.T.A.
        48      Brutal Death            Intro To...
        49      Brutal Death            Wastoid
        50      Brutal Death            Trashoid
                Extra NorCal Shit
        51      Hostile Takeover        My Limpwrist Hoodie Got Me Beat Up
        52      Hostile Takeover        Cookie Cutter Community
        53      Second Opinion          Second Opinion
        54      Second Opinion          Thrash Up Your Ass!
        55      Our Turn                Keep My Cool
        56      Scurvy Dogs             Fear
        57      Giant Haystacks         The Noose
        58      Hue And Cry             Just So You Know
        59      Hue And Cry             The Woman Destroyed
        60      Love Songs              F.A. ? F.U.
                Live Tracks
        61      Funeral Shock           Punk Ass Nitpick
        62      Funeral Shock           Fugitive By Design
        63      Find Him And Kill Him   Live At The Che Cafe
                (Note : CD , 1000 copies)
625 P   140     THREATENER              2nd EP                          7"EP      .2004

        A1      Voice Of Cotton
        A2      Honey Wounds
        A3      Hatchet Midair
        A4      Rat Hunter
        A5      Wasp Tea
        B1      Howler
        B2      Bull Cult
        B3      Servicing Targets
        B4      Meth Crawl
        B5      Nothing Stranger
                (Note : 7" , 45 RPM)
625 P   141     HE WHO CORRUPTS         He Who Corrupts                 CD        .2005

        1       Master Of Profits (Live)                        1:24
        2       Sell 'Em All (Live)                             1:46
        3       Young Boy Gets Cancer (After Smokin' Your Ass)  1:07
        4       Dominatric Dance Design (Live)                  0:23
        5       Too Much Cock At The Cocktail (Live)            1:20
        6       Who's Buying Lunch? (Live)                      1:28
        7       Scream In Sonar (Live)                          0:39
        8       Young Boy Attacked By Bees (Boy Is Allergic
                To Bees)                                        1:06
        9       One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass (Live)   0:39
        10      Control The White Load (Live)                   1:29
        11      Welcome To The Jungle                           4:16
        12      A Nice Warm Cup Of Shut The Hell Up (Remix)     0:44
        13      One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass (Remix)  0:40
        14      Young Boy Attacked By Bees (Boy Is Allergic To
                Bees) (Remix)                                   1:15
        15      Young Boy Yelling At Mom (Mom Hid Boy's
                Metallica T-Shirt)                              1:15
        16      Master Of Profits                               1:28
        17      Sell 'Em All                                    1:36
        18      One Million Dollars                             1:34
        19      Wall Street:Revisited                           1:29
        20      Ride The Limo                                   1:41
        21      My Unbearable Battle With Keyboard Semen        1:09
        22      Say One More Thing And I'll Drop A Bus On Your
                Head                                            1:14
        23      Baby, You're So Worth The Investment            2:16
        24      Too Much Cock At The Cocktail Party             1:44
        25      Who's Buying Lunch?                             1:23
        26      Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!             1:56
        27      No Personal Emails                              1:39
        28      I've Got Two Words For You And They Aren't
                Happy Birthday                                  0:41
        29      Control The White Load                          1:12
        30      One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass          0:38
        31      This Is Six Cymbal Hits                         0:07
        32      Screams In Sonar                                0:50
        33      9 To 5 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye                    1:24
        34      Young Boy Throws Jesus In Water (Jesus Gets
                Upset)                                          1:23
        35      Young Boy Gets Cancer (After Smoking Your Ass)  1:05
        36      Young Boy Yelling At Mom (Mom Hid Boy's
                Metallica T-Shirt)                              1:17
        37      Young Boy Attached By Bees (Boy Is Allergic
                To Bees)                                        1:08
        38      Two Buckets Of Fuck You Plaster                 0:27
        39      A Small Electrical Fire In My Pants             1:24
        40      Seizure Experiment Postponed For Friday         2:24
        41      Firecracker Cocaine Bars                        1:06
        42      Peace Be With You (Tommy Camaro Version)        1:02
        43      Q: Can I Sample This? A: No                     0:06
        44      I'll Give You A Candy Bar If You Get The Fuck
                Out Of My Face                                  0:46
        45      Just Testing My New Interface                   0:25
        46      Dominatric Dance Design                         0:26
        47      Pushups For Jesus                               0:17
        48      Architecture Of The Penis And Vagina            0:30
        49      Shot Through The Heart But It's Too Late        0:15
        50      The Key To Burning Down The System              0:38
        51      A Nice Cup Of Shut The Hell Up                  0:42
        52      First Blood                                     0:34
        53      Autobot Matrix                                  1:09
        54      Crotch Grabber                                  0:39
        55      Fuck 294 (The Tri State)                        0:20
        56      Struggle Within                                 0:46
        57      Jaffray The Destroyer                           1:01
        58      Consciencious Objector                          1:03
        59      Solution                                        0:06
        60      Stigmata Of The Working Class                   0:26
        61      Straight Outta Da Ghetto                        0:21
                (Note : CD , 1000 copies)
625 P   142     DOMESTIK DOKTRIN                                        3"CD
625 P   143     HIT ME BACK             Hit Me Back                     7"EP
625 P   144     RUNNING FOR COVER       Running For Cover               7"EP      .2004

        A1      Bitter/You'll Forget Me
        A2      Extinct
        A3      Throw Me Away
        A4      Exit
        A5      Parasite
        A6      No Place To Hide
        B1      Enormous Appeal
        B2      Bricriu
        B3      Yoke
        B4      Newsgroup
        B5      Waste
        B6      Chain
                BARBARIC THRASH VOL. VII
625 P   145     V / A : ERUO THRASH RETRIBUTION                         CD        .2006

        1       Bizarre X               Summer Of Love
        2       Burn All Flags          Spirit Breaker
        3       Burn All Flags          Look In The Mirror
        4       Cinder                  By My Own
        5       Cinder                  No En Mi Nombre
        6       Choice Of My Own        Skate For Fun Or Shut Up & Die 	
        7       Choice Of My Own        Your Choice 	
        8       Destroyer               Song About Fucking
        9       Destroyer               Whodiniwhodiniwhodini
        10      Destroyer               '88 Let's Go!
        11      Disyouth Army           My Suburb Sucks
        12      Disyouth Army:I'm True 'Til Death Cuz I Will Always Change
        13      Dissoap                 Schuld Und Sühne
        14      Dissoap : Make Up Your Mind, Not Your Face
        15      Earth Today             U.S.A.
        16      Flame Still Burns, The : No Borders
        17      FxPxOx                  Are We Gonna Change The World?
        18      Infanticide             Endocrine System Septicemia
        19      Infanticide             Terminal Eclipse
        20      John Deere              666 Two Five
        21      Knifed : Yeah, Martin From Limpwrist Is Too Skinny For Me
        22      Knifed                  Knifed
        23      Lahar                   Animal Liberation
        24      Lahar                   Money
        25      Lahar                   St. Valentines Day Fuck Off!
        26      Lahar                   Lost
        27      Lets Grow               Sodom & Gomorrah
        28      Mihoen                  Eent Je Voor De Paus
        29      Mihoen                  Sukkel
        30      Mihoen                  Not My Kind Of Humor
        31      Mihoen                  Tradities Me Reet!
        32      Mustang Project, The    Road On Fire
        33      Mustang Project, The    Matrax Attacxxx
        34      Nervi                   E'Solo Una Questione Di Nervi
        35      Nervi                   C.I.C.N.F.F.
        36      Panaceja                Mr. Boro Knows It All
        37      Panaceja                You Make Me Sick
        38      Pointing Finger         The Fate
        39      Second Thought          Going Down
        40      See You In Hell         Minuta Ticha
        41      S.I.K.A.                Hearts
        42      S.I.K.A.                Record
        43      Step On It              Without Deeds
        44      Step On It              Hopeless Future
        45      Tekken                  No Think
        46      Tekken                  Don't Want To Be Like You
        47      Violent Pacification    Nothing Change
        48      Violent Pacification    Arbeit Macht Frei
                (Note : CD , 1000 copies)
625 P   146     MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS   EVERYTHING SO FAR               CD        .2004

        1       Cookies
        2       Fight The White Ninja
        3       Death...And Other Problems
        4       Hey...Thanks For Pointing Out My Flaws
        5       What Are Friends For Huh?
        6       Chainsaw For A Hand
        7       Headlock
        8       Peppermint (Kill Me)
        9       Keep Keep Cutting Me
        10      Wxtxfx?
        11      Second Thoughts
                Tour 2004 CDr
        12      Where's The Breakdowns
        13      Pastey White Lies
        14      The Running Man Runs For Office
        15      Nick Lomard Vs. The Wasp
        16      WWDubya
        17      Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First
        18      88%
                Demo '03
        19      Pastey White Lies
        20      Asstown
        21      WWDubya
        22      Oh? For The Love Of Thrash!
        23      A History Lesson
                Live@Dan's Silver Leaf, Denton, TX Feb 6th 2003
        24      Peppermint (Kill Me)
        25      Asstown
        26      Fight The White Ninja
        27      WWDubya
        28      Cookies
        29      Where's The Breakdowns?
        30      Headlock
        31      Death...And Other Problems
        32      Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First
        33      Second Thoughts
        34      Wxtxfx?
        35      Feeling Mean
625 P   147     MUKEKO DI RATO/HERODISHONEST : Split                    7"EP    09.2004

        A1      Mukeka Di Rato          Burzun Marley                   1:38
        A2      Mukeka Di Rato : Eu Como Merda (I Eat Shit)             0:41
        A3      Mukeka Di Rato : Mundo Venérico (Veneric World)         0:52
        A4      Mukeka Di Rato          Diferente (Different)           0:45
        A5      Mukeka Di Rato : Vida Filha Da Puta (Motherfucking Life)1:33
        B1      Hero Dishonest          Cut The Crap                    0:54
        B2      Hero Dishonest          Impossible Everything           1:01
        B3      Hero Dishonest : Crapitalism In Hearts And Tongues      1:01
        B4      Hero Dishonest          Warsaw                          2:08
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , pressed by GX Digital Media, CZ)
625 P   148     QUILL/I DON'T CARE      Split                           CD        .2004

        A1      Quill                  Fashion Ecology
        A2      Quill                   More Green
        A3      Quill                   Open Garden
        A4      Quill                   Mighty Frog
        A5      Quill                   Planet Blue Grass
        A6      Quill                   Sugar Minott
        A7      Quill                   **
        A8      Quill                   DxMxBxQuill
        A9      Quill                   Roll Call
        A10     Quill                   Malaria Curry
        A11     Quill                   U.S.A.
        A12     Quill                   Sweet Surprise
        B1      I Don't Care            Me vs. Me
        B2      I Don't Care            **
        B3      I Don't Care            ******
        B4      I Don't Care            Broken Tradition
        B5      I Don't Care            *******
        B6      I Don't Care            ****
        B7      I Don't Care            Milk Attack
        B8      I Don't Care            What Are You Doing?
625 P   149     LORDS OF LIGHT          EP                              7"EP      .2004

        A1      Devastator
        A2      In The Pitts
        A3      One Less Food For Ivan
        A4      Sitar Core
        B1      Slayer
        B2      Super Brutalizer
        B3      UFC
        B4      World Of Destruction
625 P   150     IRON LUNG/SHANK         Split                           7"      07.2005

        A1 Iron Lung                    Riot in the Infirmary
        A2 Iron Lung                    Prison Epidemic
        A3 Iron Lung                    Prison Medical Officer
        A4 Iron Lung                    Search and Expulsion
        A5 Iron Lung                    Stabwound
        A6 Iron Lung                    Chest Assessment
        A7 Iron Lung                    Bound in Voltage
        A8 Iron Lung                    Sour Tests
        A9 Iron Lung                    Wrists Still Raw
        A10 Iron Lung                   Deathbeds
        B1 Shank                        No Logo? No Shit!
        B2 Shank : "I'm More of a Feminist Than You Are, Dear"
        B3 Shank                        Panoramas of Hell
        B4 Shank                        Witch Hunts Work
        B5 Shank : I Spent $50 on Ebay and all I Got Was This Lousy 7"
        B6 Shank                        Remember the Lyric Sheet
        B7 Shank                        Knowing When to Scream
625 P   150.5   HIGH ON CRIME           Pour Some Sewage On Me          7"      04.2005
625 P   151     DOPPELGANGER            DOPPELGANGER                    7"        .2004

        A1      Gauze T-Shirts Won't Save You Now
        A2      Jaded Fucks Go Home
        A3      As Long As It Sounds Good
        A4      The Three R's Of Hardcore
        A5      Small Business Is Still Business
        A6      Up The Punx (In Moderation)
        A7      Mince-Core Whore
        B1      Keeping The Pigeons In Check
        B2      Chris Get's Angry When Kid's Aren't Nice
        B3      Amps Turned Up To Eleven
        B4      925 Gillman Street Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze
        B5      Steve Danger's Ultimate Dream
        B6      Four Chord Comparison
        B7      Doppelganger
        B8      Life's Too Short For Longer Songs
                BARBARIC THRASH #8
625 P   152     V / A : JAPAN THRASH REVOLUTION                         CD      07.2005

        1       Mind Of Asian           Peace Of Mind
        2       Mind Of Asian           I Luv XXX
        3       Crow Dragon Tree        Fuck The Rainbow
        4       Breed                   Drastic Urban State
        5       Breed                   Answer Is Itself
        6       Packs 8                 Inpression
        7       Packs 8                 Continental
        8       Godfree Ho              Identity War
        9       I Don't Care            Milk Attack
        10      Low Vision              Personal Idea!
        11      Set Off                 Hold Out
        12      Cynic 19                Way To Lose
        13      Cynic 19                Are You All Know?
        14      Cheap Skate             Nerd Core
        15      Cheap Skate             Talking About Motty Brothers
        16      Lift Up Your Hands      5 Bloody Songs
        17 Lift Up Your Hands           5 Bloody Songs
        18           Lift Up Your Hands : 5 Bloody Songs
        19      Lift Up Your Hands      5 Bloody Songs
        20      Lift Up Your Hands      5 Bloody Songs
        21      Conga Fury              Sink About Death
        22      Gamy                    I Don't Know
        23      Till Ewing              Pink Dance
        24      Till Ewing              Just Evil Fiction
        25      Chaotix                 Voice, Ear
        26      Chaotix                 Drive To Hell
        27      Microfilm               Break The Fun
        28      Circle X : Bunny Hop Terrorist Strikes Back
        29      Stan Hansen             Truth & Generalization
        30      Stan Hansen             Empty Air
        31      Stan Hansen             Affluenza
        32      Spend 4                 Who Shot John (Moone Shine)
        33      Spend 4                 Necrophilia, Unnecrophilia
        34      Slam Chop               Zero
        35      Slam Chop               Up
        36      Slam Chop               Sweep Aside
        37      Slam Chop               Bloody Roots
        38      Brutal Terrorism        Say No!
        39      Brutal Terrorism : Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change
        40      World Downfall          Brutality
        41      World Downfall          Life In Fear
625 P   153     L'AMICO DI MARTUCCI/OHUZARU : Discography               CD      05.2005

        1       L'Amico Di Martucci     Non Val Saper A Chi
                Fortuna Contra                                  1:03
        2       L'Amico Di Martucci     Invierno Y Verano       1:37
        3       L'Amico Di Martucci     Ezechiele               2:04
        4       L'Amico Di Martucci     Non E' Tempo            1:31
        5       L'Amico Di Martucci     Sulla Tavola            1:22
        6       L'Amico Di Martucci     Nuestra Riqueza         0:56
        7       L'Amico Di Martucci     My Fate To Hate         0:27
        8       L'Amico Di Martucci     Il Piscio Ed Il Vento   2:04
        9       L'Amico Di Martucci     Bocca Grande            1:18
        10      L'Amico Di Martucci     SE                      1:18
        11      L'Amico Di Martucci     XMestreX                1:07
        12      L'Amico Di Martucci     Not Guilty              1:50
        13      Ohuzaru                 Anyone Can Trick You    0:27
        14      Ohuzaru                 A.T.T.S.                1:09
        15      Ohuzaru                 Lonely But Not Loser    0:59
        16      Ohuzaru                 Floorpunch              0:18
        17      Ohuzaru                 Glued To The Ground     1:15
        18      Ohuzaru                 2/3                     0:38
        19      Ohuzaru                 Steril Reasons          0:58
        20      Ohuzaru                 Flow #1                 0:11
        21      Ohuzaru                 Victims Of Illusion     1:58
        22      Ohuzaru                 About Your Life         1:19
        23      Ohuzaru                 Fall To Your Knees      0:53
        24      Ohuzaru                 Dig Your Grave          0:57
        25      Ohuzaru                 Chlorophyll             0:32
        26      Ohuzaru                 The Awful Market        1:04
        27      Ohuzaru                 Like A Constictor Snake 1:39
        28      Ohuzaru                 The 13th Day Of June    0:57
        29      Ohuzaru                 Prey Or Predator?       0:53
        30      Ohuzaru                 Only With Capital Letter0:27
        31      Ohuzaru                 Milk                    7:17
625 P   154     HIGH ON THE CRIME       HIGH ON CRIME                   7"        .2005

        A1      No Time For Poetry
        A2      Only Son
        B1      Pour Some Sewage On Me
625 P   155     B.U.S.H.                Buy Us Some Heroin              7"      07.2005

        A1      Bush Klan Pt.1
        A2      Bush
        A3      Afiado Como Faca
        A4      Hijos De Puta
        B1      Odeio
        B2      Bad Influence
        B3      Bush's War
625 P   156     CRUCIAL SECTION         Catch The Future                LP      05.2005

        A1      Start Feelingly
        A2      Vicious Crimes
        A3      Catch The Future
        A4      Smash The Obstarcle
        A5      Lots Of Bridges
        B1      Let's Raise Your Hands
        B2      Dark Floor Of Hell
        B3      Dirty Way
        B4      First Determinations
        B5      Cry Of Pain
        B6      Commondays
        B7      Warning!!
625 P   157     HATRED SURGE            Hatred Surge                    7"      07.2005

A.      1       Horrible Mess                                   0:25
        2       Trapped in Lies                                 0:24
        3       Stubborn                                        0:19
        4       Numb                                            2:06
B.      5       Wolf in Idiot's Clothing                        0:32
        6       Creation for Destruction                        0:19
        7       Invisible Noose                                 0:41
        8       Waste                                           0:24
        9       Hand Me Down Existencia                         0:50
625 P   158     KNUCKLE SCRAPER         Max Isn't The Bastard           7"      04.2006

        A1      Gulf Coast Power Violence
        A2      Swollen Finger
        A3      Dona Thrash
        A4      C.T.L.D
        A5      Alex Hughes Sings the Blues
        A6      Pizza Suicide
        B1      Wakari masu ka
        B2      Terminal
        B3      Max Isn't the Bastard
        B4      Dissin' the Fuzz Never Gets Old
        B5      Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
        B6      Big Man
625 P   159     OHUZARU                 Ohuzaru                         LP      08.2005

        A1      Icon Part 1
        A2      Blackdrop Overall
        A3      These Needles Hurt
        A4      Who Let the Snake Bite?
        A5      Icon Part 2
        B1      Dunes
        B2      Fall to Your Knees
        B3      Ghost of Deconstruction
        B4      Flames of the Weeds
        B5      Mirror
625 P   160     HOSTILE TAKEOVER        Fucking Up And Fallin' Hard     7"      07.2005

                Side H
        A1      When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong
        A2      My Limp Wrist Hoodie Got Me Beat Up
        A3      Easy To Swallow
        A4      Wolf Quack
                Side T
        B1      Stupid Things That People Have To Say
        B2      Embrace The Tiger
        B3      Half Of An Ass
        B4      More Squallor For Your Dollar
                (Note ; 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   161     RUNNING FOR COVER       DARK WELL                       LP      05.2008

        A1      Schrödinger's Cat
        A2      Winter
        A3      Consent
        A4      Collapse
        A5      On Nature
        A6      Worldview
        A7      The Long Dance
        A8      Confinement
        A9      Hive
        A10     Tunnels
        A11     Master
        B1      Harm
        B2      Organism
        B3      Love
        B4      Room
        B5      Moderation
        B6      Producer Of Grain
        B7      Ceaseless Noise Of Machines
        B8      Beyond The Spectacle
        B9      Torture
625 P   161.5   PUNCH                   Eyeless                         7"      05.2008
625     162
625     163
625 P   164     HIT ME BACK             LIFE                            LP        .2005
625 P   164     HIT ME BACK             LIFE                            CD        .2005

        A1      The Brudes
        A2      Life
        A3      7th Heaven Aint Got Shit On Friends
        A4      Hey Blood
        A5      You Made Me Feel
        B1      In The Eyes Of Those Dont See
        B2      Never Regret
        B3      We Are The Children, We Are The Future
        B4      Revenge Of The Records Nerds
        B5      The Priest
        B6      Chalalala
        B7      Palabras De Decepcion
        B8      Ill Never Turn In My Raffle Tickets For Your Prize
                (Note : LP , 900 black/200 clear copies)

CD +            "Only The Magic Schoolbus Goes Back In Time" EP:
        14      If You Feel Free You Are Free
        15      Skateboarding With Baggy Socks
        16      Arm For Peace?
        17      Make The Connection (Heresy Cover)
        18      Not For Us But For Them
        19      Skate To The Max
        20      Only The Magic Schoolbus Goes Back In Time
#       165     APARTMENT 213           93-97                           CD        .2005

                Vacancy EP (94)
        1       Mutilation
        2       Kill For Christ
        3       Dissection
        4       Don't Tell The Children
        5       John Wayne Gacy
                Split EP With Gehenna (94)
        6       I Like Killing People
        7       Zodiac - The Most Bizarre Mass Murderer
        8       Chalk Outline
                Split EP With Thug (95)
        9       It All Began In Bath, Ohio
        10      Dahmer-Murders
        11      Endless Killing
                Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things EP (96)
        12      Two By Four Crucifixion
        13      Endless Killing - Arm The Insane
        14      Dahmer - Milwaukee Murder Story
        15      I'm The Reason Why - Hail To The Unabomber
        16      Power Of Tools
        17      It All Began In Bath, Ohio - Jeffrey Is Coming Home
                Split 7" With Benumb (96)
        18      Decay
        19      Plotting A Murder
        20      Toolshed Terrors
                Split 7" With Dahmer (97)
        21      Decay (Live)
        22      Dahmer (Live)
        23      Mangler (Live
        24      John Wayne Gacy (Live)
                Split 7" With Forced Expression (97)
        25      Follow The Flock
        26      Deserve To Die
        27      Demise
        28      Subject To Slaughter
        29      Celio Drive
        30      Right Now
        31      The Mourning
        32      Body Bag
        33      I Saw The Body And Laughed
        34      Blue Collar Guy - Til The Cows Come Home
                The Power Of Tools Demo (93-94)
        35      Decay
        36      Don't Tell The Children
        37      Kill For Christ
        38      Dissection
        39      Severed
        40      Adam Rogers
625#    166     ATHRENODY               CRAZED DEVELOPMENT              CD      07.2007

        1       Throne Of Civilization                          1:50
        2       At War With Shadows                             2:08
        3       Wired                                           1:58
        4       Cracked                                         1:55
        5       Imprisoned                                      2:00
        6       Crazed Development                              2:08
        7       Grind Monkey                                    0:47
        8       Nonsense                                        3:05
        9       Frustration                                     0:44
                (Note : CD , 1000 copies)
625     167     INSECT WARFARE          AT WAR WITH GRINDCORE           7"        .2005

        A1      After War Obliteration
        A2      Freebase Diarrhea
        A3      Amphetamine Phychosis
        A4      Destroyed By Tanks
        B1      Human Slaughterhouse
        B2      Death To False Grind
        B3      Brain Infestation
        B4      At War With Grindcore
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625#    168     ROSENBOMBS              ROSENBOMBS                      7"        .2005

        A1      Deficient
        A2      Carriers
        A3      Moral Condition
        A4      More Than Noise
        A5      Regression To Destruction
        B1      Keepin' It Real
        B2      Step Forward
        B3      Explotacion
        B4      Once Again
        B5      Stay Home, Kill Yourself, And Make Everyone Else Happier
        B6      Trustkill Records Can Suck It
625 P   169     NO DICE                 SUFFER                          7"        .2005

        1       Asshole                                         0:53
        2       No Trust                                        0:47
        3       Suffer                                          2:05
        4       Guilt                                           0:47
625 P   170     BREAKFAST               3rd And Army                    LP      06.2006

        A1      Impulses
        A2      Wall Song
        A3      Ollie
        A4      Rage Is Falling
        A5      Scar
        A6      Eat Rice
        A7      Asphalt
        A8      Hiroaki
        A9      Stalefish
        B1      Way Home
        B2      Don't Step And Don't Touch Me
        B3      Nonficition
        B4      Pizza Man
        B5      El Burriot's Song
625 P   171     BREAKFAST/STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE " Split                    CD      05.2006

        1       Struggle For Pride      Wake Up To The Nightmare
        2       BREAKfAST               El Burrito's #1
        3       BREAKfAST               El Burrito's #2
        4       BREAKfAST               El Burrito's #3
        5       BREAKfAST               El Burrito's #4
        6       BREAKfAST               El Burrito's #5
        7       Struggle For Pride      Last Call
                (Note ; CD + 24 p. booklet)
625 P   172     SECOND OPINION          Youth Revolt                    7"      01.2006

        A1      Stupid Kids
        A2      Get Over Yourself
        A3      Ignorant
        A4      USB
        B1      Fight Back
        B2      Your Time Is Up
        B3      No Mi Gusta
625 P   172.5   SECOND OPINION          Youth Revolt                    CD      05.2006

        1       Stupid Kids                                     0:56
        2       Get Over Yourself                               0:38
        3       Ignorant                                        1:25
        4       USB                                             1:28
        5       Fight Back                                      1:55
        6       Your Time Is Up                                 1:13
        7       No mi gusta                                     0:40
        8       650                                             1:17
        9       No mi gusta                                     0:47
        10      Two Faced                                       1:41
        11      Jesus Freaks                                    1:21
        12      Trash                                           0:59
        13      American Way                                    1:59
        14      USB (Live)                                      1:34
        15      Your Time Is Up (Live)                          1:17
        16      Revolt (Live)                                   1:12
        17      650 (Live)                                      1:09
        18      Ready to Fight (Live)                           0:48
625 P   173     V / A                   BAY AREA THRASH III             2X7"    07.2008
625 P   173     V / A                   BAY AREA THRASH III             CD      07.2008

CD      1       In Disgust              Ghost
        2       In Disgust              In My Head
        3       In Disgust              Industrial Ghetto
        4       In Disgust              Ojos triste
        5       In Disgust              Used to Be
        6       In Disgust              Llora despues
        7       Beforeafter             Street Cleaner
        8       Beforeafter             Obsolete Existance
        9       Beforeafter             What Don't You Get
        10      Beforeafter             For My People
        11      Rosenbombs              Confined
        12      Rosenbombs              Keepin' It Real
        13      Rosenbombs              American Dream
        14      Rosenbombs              Truth of the Assumed
        15      Rosenbombs              Judge Me
        16      Suburban Death Camp     Clocked In
        17      Suburban Death Camp     Zodiac
        18      Suburban Death Camp     Bomb Everything
        19      Suburban Death Camp     Madman
        20      Suburban Death Camp     Suicide Attacks
        21      Second Opinion          Revolt
        22      Second Opinion          Second Opinion
        23      Second Opinion          Lockdown
        24      Second Opinion          My Rules
        25      Brutal Death            Survival Denied
        26      Brutal Death            False Hope
        27      Brutal Death            Ignorance Incasing
        28      Brutal Death            Malaise of Existence
        29      Brutal Death            Uncertain Future
        30      No Dice                 Asshole (bonus track)
        31      No Dice                 No Trust (bonus track)
        32      No Dice                 Suffer (bonus track)
        33      No Dice                 Guilt (bonus track)
625 P   174     DUDMAN                  KAIHOU 2005 EP                  7"      11.2005

        A1                                                      1:11
        A2                                                      0:59
        A3                                                      0:47
        A4      Double Standard                                 0:53
        B1      Fight Or Flight                                 0:52
        B2      Fascist Friday                                  1:07
        B3                                                      0:47
        B4      War Monger                                      1:00
625 P   175     TIMF/GIANT HAYSTACKS    Split                           7"        .2007

        A1      This Is My Fist         Gun Crazy Explosion Noises
        A2      This Is My Fist         Love
        B1      Giant Haystacks         All This Could Be Yours
        B2      Giant Haystacks         Take A Letter
625 P   175.5   CALIFORNIA LOVE         Can't Waste Death               CD      11.2006

        1       Bottled Up
        2       March of the Useless
        3       Cesspool
        4       Can't Waste Death
        5       Born to Give Up
        6       Blank
        7       Black Out
        8       Self-Imposed
        9       Total Bummer Forever
        10      Pressure Cracks
        11      Overblown
        12      Filthy Steeds
625 P   176     ATAQUE PERIFERICO       Ataque Periferico               CD      11.2006

        1       Por Enquanto Omisso
        2       Se Vira
        3       Voce Sabe Como -
        4       Nova Ordem Marginal
        5       Baile Funk De Favela
        6       Cristao Do Pó
        7       Break Vuador
        8       Acordo De Malandro
        9       Na Contençao
        10      Fuzil Na Mao
        11      Sem Futuro
        12      Senador Bagdá
        13      Diversao Arriscada
        14      Cú Na Mao
        15      Caverao
        16      Os Tiras
        17      Esperto Que - Esperto Morre De Velho
        18      Zé Povinho
        19      Mete O Pé
        20      Bater No Peito
#       177     AxRxMx./Final Draft     Split                           7"        .2006

        A1      AxRxMx                  Macho Dickhead
        A2      AxRxMx                  Cowboys Can Skate Too
        A3      AxRxMx                  Fuck That Give Me Wafflz
        A4      AxRxMx                  That Tie Makes A Good Noose
        A5      AxRxMx                  Jacking Off Satan
        A6      AxRxMx                  Stay Away From The Boof Cloud
        A7      AxRxMx                  Omar Where's My Weed?
        B1      Final Draft             Lacirated Logically
        B2      Final Draft             Dehuminization
        B3      Final Draft             Hi-Tech Death II
        B4      Final Draft             Three One Zero
                (Note : 7" , 750 copies)
625 P   178     GET DESTROYED           Get Destroyed                   7"      07.2006

        A1      Brain Diseased
        A2      Dirge
        A3      Fine
        A4      What A Mess
        B1      Persist
        B2      100 Men/Forcefed
        B3      Spite
        B4      Ankle Breaker
        B5      Man
        B6      Shallow
625 P   179     NK 6/DUDMAN             Split                           7"      01.2006
625 P   180     XBRAINIAX               Disgrace To The Corpse Of       7"      01.2006

                Light Side
        A1      Jaded, Twisted & Evil
        A2      The End
        A3      Intelligent Design Is Fucking Stupid
        A4      I Hate Myself, Blah Blah Blah
        A5      Shitting Where You Eat
        A6      A Song About Crusties (Not A Hellnation Cover)
        A7      Bananarama Bloodbath
        A8      Trekkie Killer
        A9      This Time It's Impersonal
        A10     All Killer
        A11     Nothing Punk
        A12     Book Burners (Beware)
        A13     Too Late
        A14     Shanking The American Dream
        A15     Actually, Freedom Is Free
        A16     Mos Eisley
                Dark Side
        B17     MSMP/Young Republicans Fuck Off
        B18     Admitting Defeat
        B19     Capitalist Have Nagasaki Wet Dream
        B20     Idiot Box
        B21     Bullet Hell
        B22     Sinking Your Flagship
        B23     My Way
        B24     Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        B25     Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
        B26     Kiss The Whip
        B27     B-Beat
        B28     Pick Up Real Change
        B29     Revenge!
        B30     Believe It
        B31     Hacked To Chunks (No Comment)
625 P   181     KUNGFU RICK : Fragments Of The Past Time:Discography    2CD     04.2006

CD 1            Coming To An End LP
        1.01    Smoke Stacks...                                         0:56
        1.02    ... Panic Attacks                                       0:40
        1.03    Culture Shock Diagnostics                               1:11
        1.04    Read Write Head                                         0:44
        1.05    Red Shirt White Shirt Bleu Shirt Torn                   1:57
        1.06    Zero Exit Personalities                                 1:44
        1.07    Online Journals And Bathroom Urinals                    1:13
        1.08    Coming To An End                                        1:46
        1.09    Labor Levitation Break                                  0:44
        1.10    Small Outlooks For Small Worlds                         0:51
        1.11    Pill People                                             2:04
        1.12    ... And Nothingness                                     4:30
                Ultimate Warriors 7"
        1.13    Sweet Social Setbacks                                   5:39
                Statues To Stones 7"
        1.14    Paper Apartments And Paper People                       1:23
        1.15    Statues To Stones, Soldiers To Bones                    0:42
        1.16    Meditative Man Thinking                                 1:17
        1.17    The Caucasian Persuasion                                1:07
        1.18    Tuning In On The Tuning Peg                             1:12
        1.19    A Solid Dent In Public Pavement                         1:00
        1.20    Plain Popular Pollution                                 1:02
        1.21    Blackout: Blackin                                       1:18
                Curtainrail Split 7"
        1.22    Convenient Store Conversation                           1:20
        1.23    Alarming New Contamination                              0:49
        1.24    Don't Piss Down My Leg And Tell Me It Is Raining        0:50
        1.25    A Hardcore Cliche                                       2:07
        1.26    Houston We Have Made Eye Contact                        0:54
                Bad Acid Trip Split 7"
        1.27    We'll Treat You How We Weren't Treated                  0:46
        1.28    Freedom Youth Check                                     0:45
        1.29    Life Is Cheap When You Think About It                   1:21
        1.30    What Has Happened                                       0:45
        1.31    Kfr (All Funked Up)                                     0:55
                Grinding To A Halt LP
        1.32    No Choices Give No Answers / Meditative Man Thinking
                / Smoke Stacks... / ... Panic Attacks (Live)            4:21
        1.33    Motivation To Abuse / Culture Shock Diagnostics /
                A Hardcore Cliche / 1000 Knuckles Rubbing / Throw
                Your Complaints In A Box (Live)                         7:24
        1.34    So Much More / The Crumbling / Right Time At The
                Wrong Place / Death To Electronic Music (Live)          5:37
        1.35    ... And Nothingness / Show Me The Ways Almighty
                One / The Dating Game / Public Smoking Banishment
                (Live)                                                  10:11

CD 2            Motivation To Abuse LP
        2.01    So Much More                                            1:10
        2.02    And Violence Lost                                       1:17
        2.03    On My Way To Seize The Day                              0:55
        2.04    A Competitive Face                                      1:13
        2.05    Pasted Into Place                                       1:44
        2.06    No Choices Give No Answers                              1:14
        2.07    1000 Knuckles Rubbing                                   2:27
        2.08    Motivation To Abuse                                     1:03
        2.09    The Crumbling...                                        1:07
        2.10    Throw Your Complaints In A Box                          1:08
        2.11    Filtered Information                                    1:26
        2.12    Fragments Of The Past Time                              1:11
        2.13    Right Time At The Wrong Place                           1:00
        2.14    The Dating Game                                         3:30
                Acceptance 7"
        2.15    Show Me The Ways Almighty One                           1:49
        2.16    Double Standard                                         1:01
        2.17    The Importance Of Advocating Key Social Issues          1:22
        2.18    Public Smoking Banishment                               0:47
        2.19    Class Inclusion                                         1:29
        2.20    Taking For Granted What's Allready Gone                 1:41
        2.21    Death To Electronic Music (Techno Still Sucks)          0:41
        2.22    Blank Stare                                             0:53
        2.23    Incineration Of Every Clock On This Earth               0:42
        2.24    Better Than You                                         1:08
        2.25    Footprints On The Sidewalk                              1:26
                Last In Line 7"
        2.26    Death To Electronic Music (Techno Sucks)                0:50
        2.27    Seniority                                               0:49
        2.28    Still Handcuffed To The Social Life                     0:55
        2.29    The Threat Of Being Liked                               0:59
                Luke Skywalker Split 7"
        2.30    Tomorrow The World Will End                             0:48
        2.31    Abandon                                                 0:38
        2.32    Folded By Jealousy                                      1:14
        2.33    A Shot To The Aim                                       1:58
                Landmine Split 7"
        2.34    Three Years To The Day                                  1:02
        2.35    Inhuman Trust                                           0:44
        2.36    Recurrence                                              1:09
        2.37    Disregard The Fakes                                     1:08
        2.38    Made In Majority                                        1:00
        2.39    Unwritten Lies                                          1:27
625 P   182     JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS     Wake Up , Music                 LP      06.2006
                : COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY

                Intense And Mild" 1st 7"EP 2000
        A1      Ganja Boy                                       0:47
        A2      Song For Speedcore Lovers                       0:30
        A3      Go ! "No Reason"                                0:34
        A4      Isolated                                        0:50
        A5      Shoot A Bomb Into Dance Floor alfa              0:11
        A6      I Wanna Be High                                 0:34
        A7      High Pressure                                   0:17
        A8      Kenji Mind Is Green Mind                        0:41
        A9      Shoot A Bomb Into Dance Floor beta              0:12
        A10     Kome-Nist                                       0:54
        A11     Ride On Super Sound                             1:18
                From VA."Barbaric Thrash Demolition 2" 7"EP 2001
        A12     Road To Ruin                                    0:55
                "Flowers For Nothing" 2nd 7"EP 2001
        A13     Only Silence                                    1:00
        A14     Intense Inside                                  1:07
        A15     I'm At My Wit's End                             1:18
        A16     Worshit Of Youth                                0:38
        A17     Wake Up, Music                                  0:37
        A18     Fade Out                                        1:25
        A19     Flowers For Nothing                             1:15
                Split 7"EP 2001 With Exclaim
        A20     Good Time's Rollin'                             0:42
        A21     Try To Join...                                  0:49
        A22     No Skate No Thrash                              1:01
        A23     Dull Face, Bright Eyes                          2:01
                "Kill Trend Thrash" Debut Demo Tape August 1999
        B1      High Pressure                                   0:17
        B2      Isolated                                        0:49
        B3      Go ! "No Reason"                                0:36
        B4      He Told Like This                               1:12
        B5      Who Loves The Sun                               0:35
        B6      Road To Ruin                                    0:46
        B7      I'm At My Wit's End                             1:20
        B8      Fade Out                                        1:33
                Live October 20th, 2001 At Burnt Ramen, Richmond, CA.
        B9      Ganja Boy                                       1:03
        B10     Song For Speedcore Lovers                       0:35
        B11     Wake Up, Music                                  0:42
        B12     No Skate No Thrash                              1:17
        B13     Snob                                            0:23
        B14     Intense Inside                                  1:12
                Unreleased Demo Track - LM Studio, March 2001
        B15     Dust Youth Only Need It                         7:12
625 P   184     MINDLESS MUTANT         MINDLESS MUTANT                 CD        .2006

        1       Overture
        2       Hot List
        3       Doodie Movies And Mick Mucus
        4       High Speed Internet Tango
        5       Sweet-Talked
        6       You Have No Idea
        7       Backstory
        8       Underture
        9       That's Why They Change The Lockes When You're Fired
        10      Unsent Letters
        11      Behind Enemy Lines
625 P   185     MINDLESS MUTANT         MINDLESS MUTANT                 7"      09.2006

        A1      Without
        A2      Cut Throat
        A3      Speed
        B1      Words
        B2      Fear
        B3      Manipulate
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 copies
7"      Dangerously Small Rec. DSR 005)
625 P   186     INSECT WARFARE          Endless Execution Throught      7".CDS  06.2006
                Violent Restitution

7"      A1      Repulsed By Radiation
        A2      Law Of The Saw
        A3      Bestial Destruction
        B1      Chainsaw Justice
        B2      Execution Mania
        B3      Command Of The Guillotine
        B4      Behind Bars

CD              Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution
        1       Repulsed By Radiaton                            2:41
        2       Law Of The Saw                                  0:51
        3       Bestial Destruction                             1:35
        4       Chainsaw Justice                                1:07
        5       Execution Mania                                 0:54
        6       Command The Guillotine                          0:26
        7       Behind Bars (Razor)                             2:09
                At War With Grindcore
        8       After War Obliteration                          1:52
        9       Freebase Diarrhea                               0:46
        10      Amphetamine Psychosis                           0:52
        11      Destroyed By Tanks                              0:48
        12      Human Slaughterhouse                            0:51
        13      Death To False Grind                            1:02
        14      Brain Infestation                               0:30
        15      At War With Grindcore                           1:12
                Split EP With Hatred Surge
        16      Negative Appeal                                 0:39
        17      Obscene Creed                                   0:31
        18      Reanimated Horde                                0:44
        19      But Now You Die                                 0:42
        20      Hurricane Death                                 1:01
                Gulf Coast Massacre Compilation
        21      Punk Off And Die                                1:02
                Unreleased Track From The First EP
        22      Untitled                                        0:34
                Gulf Coast Infestation Demo CD-R
        23      But Now You Die                                 0:43
        24      Hurricane Death                                 1:00
        25      Amphetamine Psychosis                           0:52
        26      Negative Appeal                                 0:38
        27      Death To False Grind                            1:05
        28      At War With Grindcore                           1:13
                Bonus Track
        29      Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)           2:54
625 P   187     SLIGHT SLAPPERS : Ashita Hi Wa Mata Nobori Masuka?      12"     06.2006

        A1      Fade Away
        A2      The Origin
        A3      Rasen
        A4      My Life Is Stumbling
        A5      A Rent
        A6      My Reality and My Ideas
        B1      Sweet Box
        B2      Flystar
        B3      The Ocean, August and Blue Memories
        B4      Ashita Hi Wa Mata Nobori Masuka?
625 P   188     THE PROCESS             THE KENNEDY SESSIONS            CD      10.2007

        1       GG-300
        2       Multiplication
        3       83 Ways
        4       Urine
        5       Saint Jackie
        6       King Kill 33
        7       Picking Up The Pieces
        8       Just A Man
        9       Climbing The Mountain To Enlightenment
        10      Weighing Of The Worthy
        11      The World Shall Awake
625 P   189     THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE/WARZONE WOMYN : Split              LP      08.2006

        A1      Warzone Womyn           G-9
        A2      Warzone Womyn           Chucking Meat
        A3      Warzone Womyn           Welcome Home
        A4      Warzone Womyn           This Bike Is a Car
        A5      Warzone Womyn           Magma Digestor
        A6      Warzone Womyn           Shit Where You Sleep
        A7      Warzone Womyn           Hippy Camp
        A8      Warzone Womyn           Cobblestone Park
        A9      Warzone Womyn           Warzone Womyn
        A10     Warzone Womyn           Nails on a Chalkboard
        A11     Warzone Womyn           Mercury Treatment
        A12     Warzone Womyn           Swarming Science
        A13     Warzone Womyn           Drug Mule
        B1      The Endless Blockade    Island
        B2      The Endless Blockade    The Endless Blockade
625 P   190     UG MAN/CHARM            Split                           LP      09.2006

        A1      Charm                   Flux
        A2      Charm                   New Age New Day
        A3      Charm                   Imaginary Wall
        A4      Charm                   Proletariaaa, Choked To Death
        A5      Charm                   Apathy
        A6      Charm                   Sympa Konagona
        A7      Charm                   Pshycho Talk
        B1      U.G. Man                ECD
        B2      U.G. Man                Run A Gate
        B3      U.G. Man                Chase
        B4      U.G. Man                Undercurrent
        B5      U.G. Man                Casting The Cause
        B6      U.G. Man                 (ECD)
        B7      U.G. Man                Speechless
                (Note : LP 1000 copies)
625 P   191     CRUCIAL SECTION/HIT ME BACK : Split                     7"      08.2006

        A1      Crucial Section         Fight The Good Fight
        A2      Crucial Section         First Determinations
        A3      Crucial Section         Leaving To Others
        B1      Hit Me Back : Reading The Black And White Rainbow
        B2      Hit Me Back             Luci's Eye's
        B3      Hit Me Back             Dance Party Revolution
625 P   192     SEEIN' RED/F.P.O.       Split                           7"      03.2007

        A1      Crucial Section         Fight the Good Fight
        A2      Crucial Section         First Determinations
        A3      Crucial Section         Leaving to Others
        B1      Hit Me Back             Reading the Black and White Rainbow
        B2      Hit Me Back             Luci's Eye's
        B3      Hit Me Back             Dance Party Revolution
625 P   193     XBRAINIAX/NO CPMPLY     Split                           7"      12.2006

        A1      No Comply               Who We Are...?
        A2      No Comply               Ogar Part II
        A3      No Comply               Still Pole Bashin'
        A4      No Comply               Song #32
        A5      No Comply               Judy's Back In Court
        A6      No Comply               I'd Rather Wear Speedos
        B1      xBrainiax               KOB 2006
        B2      xBrainiax               Snake Culture
        B3      xBrainiax               Pwn3d Community
        B4      xBrainiax               Fedaykin
        B5      xBrainiax               International Gang Of Bastards
        B6      xBrainiax               Not In My Circle Pit
        B7      xBrainiax               No Surprise
        B8      xBrainiax               Reprezent
        B9      xBrainiax               Sunken Tomb
        B10     xBrainiax               Red Out
        B11     xBrainiax               My Life
                (NOte : 7" , 1500 copies)
625 P   194     B.U.S.H.                New American Century            LP.CD   04.2007

        A1      Na Mira Yankee
        A2      Sem Controle
        A3      Under Bushs Eyes
        A4      Desajustado
        A5      Bush Klan Pt Two
        A6      Pesadelo
        A7      Alucinado
        B1      Violencia Sem Um Porque
        B2      Nao Sou Skate Punk
        B3      The Pig Want Us Dead
        B4      Some People Dont Learn
        B5      Sujeira Na Cidade
        B6      Fora Do Caminho
        B7      Crash Queira Destruir
625 P   195     DESTRUCTIONS END/BANDANOS : Split                       CD      05.2007

        1       Bandanos                Querido Deus Obrigado
        2       Bandanos                Nori Me Fodi
        3       Bandanos                Azul Vermelho E Branco
        4       Bandanos                Oscar De Melhor Ator
        5       Bandanos                Justica Das Ruas
        6       Destruction's End       First Blood
        7       Destruction's End       Behemoth
        8       Destruction's End       The Satanic Rites Of The Wizard Red
        9       Destruction's End       Sell Your Soul
        10      Destruction's End       Beyond The Grave
        11      Destruction's End       Demon Possest (Extended Version)
625 P   196     BANDANOS                We Crush Your Mind              CD      08.2007

        1       Indiferença
        2       Te Amo, Porra!
        3       Sistema De Controle
        4       Por Trás Da Mascáras Do Medo
        5       Justiça Das Ruas
        6       Enfia No Cu A Sua Teoria
        7       Knock Out
        8       Only For Good Thrashers
        9       Com As Próprias Maos
        10      A Song For George Romero
        11      Disputa Sem Premio
625 P   197     50/50                   50/50                           7"      12.2006

        A1      Blood Soaked Security Guard
        A2      Skate Gore
        A3      Bong Water Vomitus
        A4      Wall Ride Waste
        A5      Curb Slaughter
        A6      Frontside Face Grind
        B1      Gator Mutilation
        B2      Skitchin
        B3      Heat Exhaustion
        B4      Lets Joust
        B5      Sticky Blunt Stall
        B6      Testicular Trauma
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , black or red vinyl)
625 P   198     SEVERE                  Snitch Slaughter                7"      12.2006

        A1      Intro - Company Man
        A2      Christian Beater
        A3      Head Paunch
        A4      Shit Eater
        A5      Skull Thump AKA Obey The Dopeman
        B1      528-Cash
        B2      Decay
        B3      Baby I'm An Anarchist
        B4      Snitch Slaughter
625 P   199     V / A                   TRAPPED IN A SCENE              LP.CD   09.2007

        1       Hatred Surge            Pressures
        2       Hatred Surge            Domestic
        3       XBrainiaX               32 Percent
        4       XBrainiaX               No Refuge
        5       XBrainiaX               Do Me a Favor
        6       XBrainiaX               Tsunami
        7       The Endless Blockade    Shot Bound and Drowned
        8       The Endless Blockade    Death to Spies
        9       The Endless Blockade    Tomorrow's Ghettos
        10      The Endless Blockade    The Endless Blockade
        11      Insect Warfare          Law of the Shaw (live)
        12      Insect Warfare          After War Obliteration (live)
        13      Severe                  2006
        14      Severe                  Security Deposit
        15      Severe                  Organ Harvester
        16      Severe                  Moloch
        17      Severe                  Lifer
        18      Threatener              WCBN Radio Promo
        19      Threatener              Isolation King (live on WCBN)
        20      Threatener              Voice of Cotton (live on WCBN)
        21      In Disgust              Missing
        22      In Disgust              Ruined
        23      In Disgust              Empty Head
        24      Iron Lung               White Flag
        25      Iron Lung               Mob
        26      Tumor Feast             Gutted
        27      Tumor Feast             Troubled Sleep
        28      Tumor Feast             Entrenched in Futility
        29      Tumor Feast             Rotting Spine
        30      Tumor Feast             Amannequinism
        31      Knuckle Scraper         Road Rage
        32      Knuckle Scraper         Crutch
        33      Call the Cops           Easy to Break
        34      Call the Cops           Yourspace
        35      Call the Cops           You've Gotta Be Shitting Me
        36      Corpse                  Carriers to the Guardhouse
        37      Warzone Womyn           First Moments
        38      Warzone Womyn           Sexual Tyrannosaur
        39      Warzone Womyn           Waste of Bullets
        40      Warzone Womyn           Cashin' Em In Wholesale
        41      Warzone Womyn           Therapy Notes
        42      Running for Cover       Left Behind (live)
        43      Running for Cover       Organism (live)
        44      Running for Cover       Consent (live)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
625#    200     LORDS OF LIGHT          ENERGY                          LP        .2008

        A1      Return Of The Lords Of Light
        A2      Prog For Camellia
        A3      Motormag II
        A4      My Bloody 4 DC
        A5      Big Car
        A6      Magi's Hardcore
        A7      August's Hardcore
        B1      Lords Of Love
        B2      Anger Punk
        B3      Jethro Zeppelin
        B4      Just A Taste
        B5      Desert
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)
625 P   200.5   HOT LIXX HULIHAN        Air Guitar                      7"      05.2007
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
625 P   201     QOATTRO STAGIONE        QUATTRO STAGIONI                LP      03.2010

        1       45 RPM
        2       Always Ask - Never Question
        3       Burnout Syndrome
        4       Hey What's Up You Fucker?!
        5       Escape
        6       Hoffi Plus 3
        7       Harmlosigkeit Einer Abstrakten Kategorie
        8       Level 6
        9       Bildungsluckensystem
        10      Klugscheisserelite
        11      Who I Am!? / The Brains Other Supplier
625 P   202     AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE    EARTH.WATER.SUN                 CDEP      .2007

        1       Intro                                           0:26
        2       Salt and Earth                                  1:29
        3       Sentimentality and Nostalgia                    0:50
        4       Viewing                                         0:35
        5       Shock Treatment                                 0:55
        6       Floodgate                                       0:33
        7       Love Song                                       1:27
        8       Outlines Remain                                 0:45
        9       Sick Disguise                                   0:42
        10      Puppet Fuck                                     0:57
        11      The Audacity of You                             0:06
        12      Under Earth                                     0:27
        13      Once a Bind                                     0:36
                (Note : co-release with Life Is Abuse Rec.)
625 P   203     INSECT WARFARE          WORLD EXTERMINATION             LP.CD   10.2007

        A1      Oxygen Corrosion                                0:53
        A2      Self Termination                                1:25
        A3      Enslaved by Machinery                           1:09
        A4      Manipulator                                     1:49
        A5      Zone Killer                                     0:21
        A6      Decontamination                                 1:10
        A7      Street Sweeper                                  0:14
        A8      Dead Inside                                     1:02
        A9      Human Trafficking                               1:19
        A10     Hydraphobia                                     1:36
        B1      Mind Ripper                                     1:21
        B2      Armored Virus                                   1:21
        B3      Mass Communication Mindfuck                     1:19
        B4      Nuclear Deterrance                              1:20
        B5      Paranoia                                        1:19
        B6      Necessary Death                                 0:52
        B7      Protection Maze                                 0:54
        B8      Lobotomized                                     1:19
        B9      Internet Era Alienation                         0:42
        B10     Evolved Into Obliteration                       1:13
625 P   204     HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH    DIAGNOSIS: DELICIOUS            7"      08.2007

        A1      Where's The Fun?
        A2      It's All You
        A3      Bully Moshpit
        A4      Nothing's Hardcore About You
        A5      Pass The Effing Popcorn
        A6      Cut Through The Crap
        A7      Get Your Shit Done
        B1      Hope You Like Infest
        B2      Absolute
        B3      Works Both Ways
        B4      Here, You Throw This Away
        B5      Fuck Christmas
        B6      Stop Fighting
        B7      Flaccid
        B8      Stupid Bills
        B9      Black Is The New White
        B10     No Labels Here
        B11     Marriage Is For Suckers
                (NOte : 7" , 500 copies)
625 P   205     THREATENER              And The Bending Of Throats      7"      11.2007

        A1      Weekend Mishap
        A2      Gates Of Tooth And Horn
        A3      Six Robes
        A4      Chaos Apes
        A5      Infant Reprimand
        B1      Antlers In The Throat
        B2      Powertools As A Means For Liberation From A Restrictive
        B3      Amniotic Trauma
        B4      Pills From A Phone Booth Change Tray
        B5      Home Remedies
625 P   206     THREATENER : THE HAMMERING, THE FASTENING, AND THE      CD      05.2008
                BENDING OF THROATS

        1       Isolation King
        2       Latrine Animal
        3       Societal Runoff
        4       Warpath To Recovery
        5       Human Junk
        6       Punishment Line
        7       See You In The Hospital
        8       It's Okay
        9       Voice Of Cotton
        10      Honey Wounds
        11      Hatchet Midair
        12      Rat Hunter
        13      Wasp Tea
        14      Howler
        15      Bull Cult
        16      Servicing Targets
        17      Meth Crawl
        18      Nothing Stranger
        19      Weekend Mishap
        20      Gates Of Tooth And Horn
        21      Six Robes
        22      Chaos Apes
        23      Infant Reprimand
        24      Antlers In The Throat
        25      Power Tools As A Means For Liberation From A Restrictive Species
        26      Amniotic Trauma
        27      Pills From A Phonebooth Change Tray
        28      Home Remedies
        29      Buried With A Chainsaw
        30      Pliers And Courage
        31      Clouds Of Teeth
        32      Dogs Breathing
        33      Hatchling Vulture
        34      Farm Burner
        35      Human Junk
        36      See You In The Hospital
        37      Warpath To Recovery
        38      Something Very Wrong
        39      Isolation King
        40      Radio Promo One
        41      Isolation King
        42      Hatchet Midair
        43      Societal Runoff
        44      Latrine Animal
        45      Voice Of Cotton
        46      Meth Crawl
        47      Its Okay
        48      Citizens Arrest
        49      Radio Promo Two
        50      Radio Promo Three
        51      Radio Promo Four
625 P   207     BREAKFAST               Six Packs Classic               CD      08.2007

        1       Jason Adams                                     0:32
        2       SK 8 Void                                       0:10
        3       Breakfast Eat Rice                              0:34
        4       Speed Freaks                                    0:40
        5       American Wino                                   0:37
        6       Rock, Rock                                      0:55
        7       Jason Adams                                     0:48
        8       True Do Me?                                     0:46
        9       Day Dreamer                                     1:37
        10      Oneweek #2                                      0:43
        11      Spit Fire                                       0:22
        12      Child's Heart                                   2:22
        13      Happens In Easy TV                              1:28
        14      Raining Rage                                    0:52
        15      One Grown Up's Mind                             0:50
        16      Speed Freaks                                    0:39
        17      Kagami                                          1:55
        18      Breakfast? Eat Rice                             0:38
625 P   208     BLOODY PHOENIX          War , Hate & Misery             LP.CD   07.2007

        A1      War, Hate, And Misery
        A2      A Brother's Bertrayal
        A3      Lost Sense Of Reality
        A4      40 Hours Of Waste
        A5      Dead Weight
        A6      Panic Attacks
        A7      No Remains Left
        A8      With My Rifle
        A9      Here At The End Of Everything
        A10     Opiates
        A11     Blasting Media
        A12     Violent Earth
        A13     Showered With Hypocrisy
        B1      Nine Months
        B2      Harsh Introductory
        B3      Destroy Ourselves
        B4      Haly Way Dead
        B5      Malaise
        B6      I Understand
        B7      Snipers
        B8      Defiance
        B9      Funeral For An Enemy
        B10     No Great Accomplishment
        B11     Step Down
        B12     Your Words Mean Nothing
        B13     Spoiled Lungs
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
625     208.5   V / A                   PHOENIX THRASH DETONATION       7"        .2008

        A1      Get Destroyed!          Vile Meal
        A2      Get Destroyed!          Hypocracy Fluently
        A3      Get Destroyed!          Trail Of Fears
        A4      George Moshington       Seventeenseventyfuckyou
        A5      Landmine Marathon       The Zulu
        B1      Snaggletooth            Terminated
        B2      Snaggletooth            A Look At Failure
        B3      Think Fast              In The Name Of Fun
        B4      Call The Cops           I'm Not Your Brah, Brah
        B5      Virgins                 Bless These Days
625 P   209     INFECT : COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY 1998-2003                 CD      02.2008

        1       Assalariado
        2       Jackson Antunes (Demo)
        3       Jackson Antunes
        4       Sociedade Masculina
        5       Assassino (A)
        6       Assassino (B)
        7       Clareza
        8       Homofobia (A)
        9       Homofobia (B)
        10      Se Aceite (A)
        11      Se Aceite (B)
        12      Vocé Nao - OSeu Passado
        13      Respeite A Escolha
        14      Sendo Fogo (A)
        15      Sendo Fogo (B)
        16      Condicionado (A)
        17      Condicionado (B)
        18      Em Nossas Maos
        19      America Latina
        20      Derrube Os Muros
        21      Estrépito
        22      Todas Temos
        23      Lágrimas De Desgosto
        24      Pintocore
        25      Menor
        26      Acreditando
        27      Irmas
        28      Divisao De Tarefas
        29      Cansadas De Odio
        30      O Que Há De Se Fazer
        31      Puta
        32      Um Buraco De Realidade
        33      Familia Nuclear
        34      Vá Logo Para O Asilo
        35      A Força
        36      Longe De Voce
        37      Indeléveis
        38      Himenoptera
        39      Reforma
        40      Processo De Elieminçao
        41      Nesse Jogo Voce Deve Roubar
        42      Nova 1 ("Smashed")
        43      Nova 2 ("Crashed")
        44      Nova 3 ("Thrashed")
        45      Classe Dominate
        46      Time To Change
625 P   209.5   V / A                   PHOENIX TRASH DENOTATION        7"      02.2008
625 P   210     FINAL DRAFT             FINAL DRAFT                     7"EP    04.2008

        A1      Gun Slaughter
        A2      Broken
        A3      Life On A Respirator
        A4      Crucifying The Earth
        A5      My Westside Horizon
        B1      Socially Deceased
        B2      Road Kill
        B3      Drenched In Blood
        B4      Mark Your Words
625 P   211     SNF                     LIMITED DEMO                    7"EP    03.2008

        A1      Fouled Nest
        A2      Beat Body
        A3      Nervous Laughter
        A4      Pig Institutions
        A5      Terrible Vision
        A6      Karoshi
        B1      Exhaust
        B2      Tremors
        B3      Mean Joe
        B4      Roofie Dealer
                (Note : 7" , black or transp.green vinyl)
625 P   212     PUNCH                   DEBUT                           7"EP      .2008

        A1      Thank You, Come Again
        A2      Nothing Left
        A3      Waste Land
        A4      Convenience Store
        B1      Semantically Challenged
        B2      No Such Thing As A Stupid Question
        B3      Words
625 P   213     50 50/ENDLESS DEMISE    Split                           7"EP      .2008

        A1      Endless Demise          Darkside                1:29
        A2      Endless Demise          On One                  0:54
        A3      Endless Demise          Why Wait Till Tomorrow  1:28
        B1      50/50                   Skate Through Blood     0:48
        B2      50/50                   Earthquake Bowl         0:54
        B3      50/50                   Downhill Massacre       0:25
        B4      50/50                   Obnoxious Vomit         0:26
        B5      50/50                   Flat Spots              0:08
        B6      50/50                   Perish On The Concrete  0:41
        B7      50/50                   Blunts And Blasts       0:06
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
625 p   214     DISCARGA                MUSICA PRA GUERRA               CD        .2009

        1       Repressao Sublimar                              1:13
        2       Símbolos                                        1:04
        3       O Agora                                         1:16
        4       Teor Alcoólico                                  1:01
        5       Ilegal                                          0:41
        6       Medo Nas Ruas                                   1:20
        7       Somente Mais Um Número                          1:30
        8       Processo Sem Retorno                            0:31
        9       Pront Pa Julgal                                 0:40
        10      O Porque Da Violencia...                        1:44
        11      Intro/Hate                                      0:57
        12      Boicotar                                        1:00
        13      Explorar Para Esgotar                           0:50
        14      Batendo A Cabeça                                0:26
        15      No Brain No Gain                                0:38
        16      ...Livre Entao                                  1:45
        17      Sob Influencia                                  4:10
                Split Com H-Zero                                3:08
        18-1    Desacelerar
        18-2    Atirar Na Cabeça
        18-3    Qual - A Sua Cor?
        18-4    Mar De Lama
        18-5    Sem Causa
        18-6    Minha Sina
625 P   215     LOW VISION              Touch The Truth                 7"      08.2008

        A1      Just Believe
        A2      World Is Pain
        B1      Touch The Truth
        B2      Wanna Be
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   216     INFANTICIDE             EP                              7"      09.2008

        A1      Clones
        A2      Last Day of Consumption
        A3      Blame Yourself
        A4      Disbelief
        A5      Defaced
        B1      Code Red
        B2      Legalize Crime
        B3      Oblivion Descends
        B4      Shatter
        B5      Toxic Happiness
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   217     FLIPOUT                 AxAx                            CD      08.2008

        1       Revenge
        2       Noise Music
        3       Blaze A Path
        4       I Feel So Good!!
        5       One Life
        6       Fight
        7       Judge By Yourself
        8       War
        10      Flipout Song

        A1      Introduksjonell Mistillit
        A2      Stygg, Urban Uvirkelighet
        A3      Jevn Oslo Med Jorda
        A4      Transatlantisk Forjaevligsering
        A5      Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat
        A6      Statsbudsjettsblues
        A7      Befol En Ordforer
        A8      Du Vet Ikke Om Atomvapen
        B1      Hoyesterettsjustitarius, Vennligst Detroniser En Minister 	
        B2      Mistanke Om Valgfusk Under Opptellingen Etter Stortingsvalget
                I 2005 Krever Omvalg, Og Dette Omvalget Kan Av Praktiske, 
                Okonomiske Og Psykologiske Grunner Gjerne Avholdes Samtidig
                Som Det ForestAende Stortingsvalget I 2009
        B3      Kleabukronikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler)
        B4      Utroduksjonelt Raevkjor
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
625 P   219     GIANT HAYSTACKS/YOUNG OFFENDERS : Split                 LP        .2009

        A1      Young Offenders         Hard Life
        A2      Young Offenders         Big Cities
        A3      Young Offenders         Pilled Up
        A4      Young Offenders         Battleships
        B1      Giant Haystacks         Wrong Shoes
        B2      Giant Haystacks         Slack Nail
        B3      Giant Haystacks         Jackie
        B4      Giant Haystacks         Tension
        B5      Giant Haystacks         We're All In This Together
625 P   220     INSECT WARFARE          ONE SIDED                       12"       .2009

        A1      [untitled]                                      8:49
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided , 1000 copies)
625 P   221     PARLIAMENTARISK SODOMI  Rengskog                        7"EP    08.2009

        A1      Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat (Falafelversjon)   1:58
        A2      Terrormal: FRP                                  1:56
        A3      Sakkosekk, Kaos Og Anarki                       0:58
        B1      Knus Junaiten (USA Do)                          1:26
        B2      Dode Folk I Sokk Og Kav                         2:23
        B3      Boikott Hälsans Kök                             1:01
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
625 P   222     PUNCH                   PUNCH                           LP      07.2009

        A1      Don't Start
        A2      Fuming
        A3      Get Back
        A4      Ol' Factory
        A5      Right Of Way
        A6      If Not Me
        A7      Been Here Before
        A8      We're Not In This Together
        A9      The Bad Times
        B1      Make The Good Times That Much Better
        B2      If You Can't Now, You Never Could
        B3      Break A Leg
        B4      Rewrite
        B5      Mending Is Better Than Ending
        B6      Not So Posi After All
        B7      Feminists, Don't Have A Cow
625 P   223     XBRAINIAX               99 SONG COLLECTION              CD      07.2009

        1       Dead Things
        2       Disdain
        3       Sex Offender
        4       Sing The Blues
        5       Nice Leather Jacket
        6       Witch Trial
        7       Aka Charred Bridges
        8       Nails
        9       Masheihk
        10      Nihilist
        11      Cult
        12      Bocki Blank Mit
        13      5 Minute Speed
        14      No More Blood
        15      Schadenfreude
        16      Fuck Your Punk Rock
        17      Fucked Up Forever
        18      Skull Theif
        19      HG
        20      Cull The Herd
        21      Mindhack
        22      This Is Supposed To Hurt
        23      Kob
        24      Snake Culture
        25      Cloned Community
        26      Fedaykin
        27      Not In My Circle Pit
        28      International Gang Of Bastards
        29      No Surprise
        30      Reprezent
        31      Sunken Tomb
        32      Mos Eisley II
        33      Red Out
        34      My Life
        35      32%
        36      No Refuge
        37      Do Me A Favor
        38      Tsunami
        39      Yamakazi
        40      Jaded, Twisted And Evil
        41      The End
        42      Inelligent Design Is Fucking Stupid
        43      I Hate Myself Blah, Blah, Blah
        44      Shitting Where You Eat
        45      A Song About Crusties (Not A Hellnation Cover)
        46      Bananarama Bloodbath
        47      Trekkie Killer
        48      This Time It's Impersonal
        49      All Killer
        50      Nothing Punk
        51      Book Burners (Beware)
        52      Too Late
        53      Shanking The American Dream
        54      Actually, Freedom Is Free
        55      Mos Eisley
        56      M.S.M.P./Young Republicans Fuck Off
        57      Admitting Defeat
        58      Capitalist Have Nagasaki Wet Dream
        59      Idiot Box
        60      Bullet Hell
        61      Sinking Your Battleship
        62      My Way
        63      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        64      Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
        65      Kiss The Whip
        66      B-Beat
        67      Pick Up Real Change
        68      Revenge!
        69      Believe It
        70      Hacked To Chunks
        71      Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
        72      Sink Your Flagship
        73      Pick Up Real Change
        74      Idiot Box
        75      Capitalist Have Nagasaki Wet Dream
        76      B-Beat
        77      My Way
        78      Revenge!
        79      Young Republicans Fuck Off
        80      Hacked To Chunks
        81      Admitting Defeat
        82      Bullet Hell
        83      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        84      Profstitutes
        85      You Suffer
        86      Finishing Last In The Human Race
        87      Believe It
        88      Profstitutes
        89      Bullet Hell
        90      Spitting Shit
        91      Admitting Defeat
        92      Kiss The White
        93      All Terrorists Want iPods
        94      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        95      Mindless
        96      Believe It
        97      Idiot
        98      First Show, March 2005
        99      Another Live Show
625 P   224     FLATOUT                 WESTBAY FASTERCORE              7"EP      .2009

        A1      Feel Me?                                        0:55
        A2      Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are? Charles
                Bronson???                                      0:28
        A3      Collision                                       0:57
        A4      Chill The Fuck Out                              0:30
        A5      Life Alert                                      1:23
        A6      Amongst The Flock                               1:51
        B1      Operation Bongwater                             2:21
        B2      A Goddamn Infection                             1:04
        B3      Smooth Move                                     0:57
        B4      Battle Royale                                   0:57
        B5      P.B.T.R.                                        1:01
        B6      Sincere                                         1:14
        B7      Little Dick Power Trip                          5:10
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625 P   225     GET DESTROYED !         FINAL EP                        7"EP    11.2009

        A1      Subtle Hate
        A2      What Is Best
        A3      Purge
        A4      Clearing Reason
        A5      Burnt Offerings
        B1      Second Guess
        B2      Trial
        B3      Act Exact
                (Note : 7" , 1030 copies)
625 P   226     SUFFERING MIND          SUFFERING MIND                  LP      10.2010

        A1      Prawa Sto-u                                     0:40
        A2      Cierpi-cy Umys-                                 0:47
        A3      Wehiku- G-upoty                                 0:28
        A4      Kaªdy Powód Wystarczaj-cy                       1:25
        A5      Go¶æ Niedzielny W Odbycie Kap-ana               0:42
        A6      Pal Krzyª                                       0:44
        A7      Ogniste Catharsis                               1:29
        A8      Do Znudzenia...                                 0:42
        A9      Mainstreamowe Kurwy II                          0:24
        A10     Katolicka Krucjata                              1:35
        B1      Przyjazne Pañstwo?                              1:03
        B2      Hydra Systemu                                   0:24
        B3      Metoda?                                         0:28
        B4      D.S.K.                                          0:10
        B5      Destynacja                                      0:56
        B6      Fundamenty Zysku                                0:31
        B7      A.C.T.B.                                        1:04
        B8      Teatr Degradacji                                0:36
        B9      Means Of Existence                              4:50
                (NOte : LP , 500 black/500 white copies)
625 P   227     SxFxN                   ITCHING ON                      7"      03.2010

        A1      Collectors
        A2      Trough
        A3      Pangs
        A4      Itching
        B1      Boy
        B2      Purge
        B3      Pigeon Hole
        B4      Inadequate
                (Note : 7" , 1000 copies)
625 P   228     SPAZZ                   LA REVANCHA REPRESS             LP        .2010

        A1      WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace (Ahita Continua)
        A2      4 Times A Day
        A3      Desperate Throat Lock
        A4      Bobby's Jackpot Jamboree
        A5      Dewey Decimal Stitchcore
        A6      Swampfoot
        A7      C.I.A.
        A8      Camp Chestnut
        A9      No Shadow Kick
        A10     The One With The Goat's Got An Orgy Up The Sleeve
        A11     Bitter (The Execution Of A Chump)
        A12     Let's Kill Fuckin' Everybody
        A13     Sweet Home Alabama
        B1      Rasins Hate, Fear And Flower Power Violence
        B2      Climate Best
        B3      Urinal Cake
        B4      Drunkard Genaii
        B5      Sesos
        B6      Daljeet's Detonation
        B7      Turnbuckle Treachery
        B8      Backpack Bonfire
        B9      Don't Quit Your Day Job
        B10     Musica De La Roca
        B11     Coil Of The Serpent Unwinds
        B12     Golden Ess Stance
        B13     M.A.D.
                (Note : LP , 4500 copies total)
625 P   229     SPAZZ                   CRUSH KILL DESTROY REPRESS      LP      11.2010

        A1      Zodiak
        A2      Snowcone Ribplate
        A3      Cool Guy
        A4      Dwarf Goober Militia
        A5      Let's Fucking Go!!!
        A6      Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop Punk
                (Extended Version)
        A7      Sword Of The Lord
        A8      A Legend In Your Own Mind
        A9      Street Jam To The Second Power
        A10     Hort
        A11     Black N Dekker Crusty Wrecker
        A12     Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos
        A13     Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt
        B1      Not Even Phased
        B2      Campaign For Emo Destruction
        B3      Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen
        B4      Sluta
        B5      Shovetheinternetupyourgapinganalcavity@dork.com
        B6      Hoarder
        B7      Now 50% More Pants Shitting
        B8      Let The Beating Commence
        B9      Chris Pooped At The Skatepark
        B10     Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World
        B11     Staayyyle
        B12     Crush Kill Destroy
625 P   230     SPAZZ                   DWARF JESTER RISING             LP        .2010

        A1      Loach
        A2      Droppin' Many Ravers
        A3      Doo Doo Dah
        A4      Lethal
        A5      Sweatin' To The Oldies
        A6      Violated
        A7      Hairfarmer
        A8      Force Fed
        A9      Slow Death
        A10     Egg On The Hirax Cover
        A11     Deviant
        A12     Indentured
        B1      Doormat
        B2      Burning Tongue
        B3      Hard Boiled
        B4      M.P.S.
        B5      No Thought
        B6      Pressure
        B7      Sand In The Face
        B8      All Urban Outfield
        B9      Super Saucer Sacrifice
        B10     Might For Right
        B11     Running Man
        B12     Little Dinkums
                (Note : LP , 500 clear/500 blue/500 green copies)

LP.CD   Clewarview      CRVW 36 1.2     1994    US
625 P   231     BLOODY PHOENIX          DEATH TO EVERYWHERE             LP.CD     .2010

        A1      Marching Into A Bottomless Well
        A2      Abandoned
        A3      Intolerable Conditions
        A4      No Conscience
        A5      Enemy Of The People
        A6      Curse Of The Dragon
        A7      No Past No Future
        A8      Dead To The World
        A9      Concrete Grave
        A10     System Corrupts
        B1      Pyramid Of Manipulation
        B2      Visions Of Death
        B3      Environmental Treason
        B4      Blue Gold
        B5      Child Soldiers
        B6      Killing For Sport
        B7      Mask Of Deception
        B8      Burning Tree
        B9      Total Control
        B10     Death To Everyone
625 P   232     PUNCH                   PUSH PULL                       LP        .2010

        A1      Stay Afloat
        A2      Second Chance
        A3      No Remorse
        A4      Give It A Name
        A5      White Noise
        A6      Fixation
        B1      Realist
        B2      Sour Grapes
        B3      Two Feet On The Ground
        B4      Microcausm
        B5      Let Me Forget
        B6      Don't Need You
        B7      Positively God Free

Press info :    400     cokebottle clear
                50      black
                250     grey
                100     record release covers
625     233     INTERNAL RIOT : SEVERE BLAST CRAMP PROMO                CD+DVD  12.2010

                From Internal Rot 7"
        CD-1    Eyelids                                         1:21
        CD-2    Broadcasting                                    1:11
        CD-3    Pig Teeth                                       1:17
        CD-4    Teeth Taker                                     0:58
        CD-5    Nose In Neck                                    1:27
        CD-6    Purple Rain                                     1:44
                From Upcoming Split 7"
        CD-7    Head Collector                                  1:43
        CD-8    Stunted                                         2:05
        CD-9    Stilltiendehetens Bordell(Parlamentarisk Sodomi)1:18
                Live August 9 2010
        DVD-1   Eyelids
        DVD-2   Pig Teeth
        DVD-3   Broadcasting
        DVD-4   Head Collector
        DVD-5   Nose In Neck
        DVD-6   Stunted
        DVD-7   Slaghand
        DVD-8   Stilltiendehetens Bordell (Parlamentarisk Sodomi)
        DVD-9   Teeth Taker
        DVD-10  Purple Rain
                (Note : CD + DVD , promo only)

625 P   233     INTERNAL RIOT           INTERNAL RIOT EP                7"EP    06.2011

        A1      Eyelids
        A2      Broadcasting
        A3      Pig Teeth
        B1      Teeth Taker
        B2      Nose in Neck
        B3      Purple Rain
625 P   234     PSUDOKU                 SPACE GRIND                     LP      06.2011

        A1      BOOOooom
        A2      DISastro-3000
        A3      PossiBLeUniveRSZ
        A4      VoyaGER1+2CONtribution
        A5      WorMHOLz
        A6      KatAKosmiK
        A7      DIMensionALWarp
        A8      QUantilibriUM
        A9      ProkPSYch
        B1      BAaang
        B2      HYPERsphere
        B3      ZOne-1
        B4      GALaXYofblobs
        B5      BlaCKHOLe3
        B6      WaVE21
        B7      SUBSpace-1
        B8      BiGCruNCH
        B9      MuLTisPATIAL
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
625 P   235     GAZ-66 INTRUSION : POWER WITHOUT VIOLENCE/DEATH         7"EP    06.2011

                Side A: Power Without Violence
        A1      Power Without Violence
        A2      Logorrhoea
        A3      She Suffers
        A4      Intellectual Apathy
        A5      Bony And Lustful
                Side B: Death Tomorrow
        B1      Why The Fuck Are You Still Existing?
        B2      We Won't Die, We'll Croak
        B3      Keep On Forgetting
        B4      Humiliation Is Your Fate
        B5      Death Tomorrow
        B6      Zero Sincerity
        B7      Hope Is For Naive
625 P   236     PUNCH                   NOTHING LASTS EP                7"EP    09.2011

        A1      Do It Yourself                                  1:26
        A2      Done                                            1:12
        A3      Time Apart                                      2:19
        B1      Planning Is Easy                                1:31
        B2      Four Letters                                    0:33
        B3      The Chase                                       1:02
        B4      How Nothing Lasts                               1:48

Press info :    700     white
                2000    blue
                300     blue-black
                100     clear
625 P   237     GET DESTROYED!          3RD EP                          EP      08.2011

        A1      Shut In
        A2      Horizon
        A3      Tinnitus
        A4      Pyramid Climbers
        B1      Gather Grange
        B2      Sort Out
        B3      If You Please
        B4      An Extension
                (Note : 7" , ??? black/300 white copies)
625 P   238     SHEEVA YOGA             SVET TEN CERT VEM               LP      07.2011

        A1      Jako Skinnerovi Holubi
        A2      Oportunismus Parazita
        A3      Rùst Pro Rùst A Kariéra K Záchranì Planety
        A4      Pro Firmu I Dýchat
        A5      Vytloukání Klínu Klínem
        A6      A Pak Vìø Pornohvìzdì
        A7      Nejlep|í Frky Z Mein Kampfu?
        A8      Zeptej Se Taªky
        A9      Asfaltoví Snobi
        A10     Tlupa Androgenních Roobinsonù
        B1      Obchodníci Se Smrtí
        B2      Achillova Pata Post-instantní Spoleènosti
        B3      Sna¾ím Se Hrát Toho, Kým Doopravdy Jsem
        B4      Nesnesitelná Pravdivost Capricha 76
        B5      Nemocvnitøních Vesmírù
        B6      Rozmary Senilního Marabu
        B7      Stonerhila
        B8      Nutná Souèástka
        B9      ©tatl Haiku
        B10     Pro Samé Stromy Nevidìl Les
625 P   239     PRUGELKNABE/VOCATIO INTERNA : SPLIT                     7"EP    07.2011

        A1      Prügelknabe             A Jste Kurva Tak Jisti?
        A2      Prügelknabe             Buy Or Bye
        A3      Prügelknabe : Koèka, Dead Radical A XBrainiaX
        A4      Prügelknabe             Lehce Na Cvièi|ti, Tì¾ce Na Boji|ti
        A5      Prügelknabe             Otloukánci
        A6      Prügelknabe             Právo Na Názor
        A7      Prügelknabe             Jen Trochu Ohnout Høbet
        A8      Prügelknabe             Senior HC/SeniorPunk
        A9      Prügelknabe             Hák
        B1      Vocatio Interna         Amen V Mrazivom Tichu
        B2      Vocatio Interna         Crepy Tecu Dole Krkom
        B3      Vocatio Interna         Kill! Kill! Kill!
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 525 copies)
625 P   240     GRAND INVICIBLE : Winter 365 // Dead The Situation      7"EP    11.2011
625 P   241     SUFFERING MIND          GATES OF SUFFERING EP           5"EP    10.2012

        A1      Bramy Cierpienia
        A2      Obywatel RC
        A3      Obywatel GC
        B1      Nagrobkowe Kurwy
        B2      Gilotina Stereotypu
                (Note : 5" , 500 copies on green-clear vinyl)
625 P   242     MELLOW HARSHER          MELLOW HARSHER                  7"      11.2012
625 P   242     MELLOW HARSHER          MELLOW HARSHER                  7"+CS   11.2012

        A1      Stinge
        A2      Ski-Mask
        A3      Wizard Burn
        A4      Lifepain
        A5      Altered
        B1      Meth Capital
        B2      Free Edge
        B3      Harsh Portal
        B4      MHXMH
625 P   243     AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE    RELIEF                          12"     07.2013

        A1      Thousand Year Seesaw
        A2      Everything Fails
        A3      Relax
        A4      Self Contempt
        A5      Expression Of What?
        A6      100% Negative
        A7      Piranha
        A8      Rotten In The Blocks
        B9      Come To Grips
        B10     Absorption Method
        B11     Under The Weight Of Its Own Face
        B12     Bad News
        B13     Ward Of Broken Neck
        B14     Without Another Chance To Get It Right
        B15     The Mistake Again Made, The Proof Again Put
        B16     An End To Its Abuse
        B17     It Doesn't Exist
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 500 copies on gold transl. vinyl)
625 P   244     COMPLETED EXPOSITION : STRUCTURE, SPACE, MANKIND        12"     09.2013

        A1      Sense Of Belonging
        A2      Two Sidees Of The Same Coin
        A3      How To Pass A Pleasant Holiday
        A4      Limitation
        A5      Object To Problem-solving
        A6      Newclear Power For Your Claim
        A7      Collusion
        A8      It+s Not A Can+t, Just Don+t Do
        A9      Beautiful Firefly
        A10     No Conversation
        A11     Neo Powerviolence
        A12     50 Years Hence
        A13     Unstable Sense
        A14     Back-And-Forth
        A15     Expectation Excess
        A16     Accept All
        A17     Visible And Invisible
        A18     Stabat Mater
        A19     Structure Space Mankind
        A20     The Hamster Became The Star
                (Note : LP , 1-sided , 500 copies on black vinyl)
625 P   245     BLOODY PHOENIX          ODE TO DEATH                    LP+DLc    .2013

        A1      Ode To Death                                    2:40
        A2      Extinction                                      1:18
        A3      Gates Of Humanity                               1:43
        A4      I Quit                                          1:17
        A5      Unhealthy Attachment                            1:03
        A6      Answers                                         1:30
        A7      Regulate Yourself                               0:56
        A8      Searching For Intelligence                      1:21
        A9      Bailed Out                                      0:38
        A10     Satan                                           1:17
        A11     My Choice                                       0:45
        B1      Engage                                          2:07
        B2      Mind Control                                    1:00
        B3      Desperation & Greed                             1:25
        B4      This Is Man                                     1:11
        B5      Nothing Is Clean                                1:07
        B6      Nature                                          1:20
        B7      Chipped                                         0:59
        B8      Human Cattle                                    1:08
        B9      No Borders                                      1:38
        B10     Vivisection                                     2:25
                (NOte : LP , 800 black/200 grey copies)
625 P   246     FLIP OUT A.A.           FLIPOUT SONGS EP                7"      10.2013
625 P   217     FLIP OUT A.A.           FLIPOUT SONGS EP                CD      10.2013

        A1      Revenge
        A2      Noise Music
        A3      Blaze A Path
        A4      I Feel So Good!!
        A5      One Life
        B1      Fight
        B2      Judge By Yourself
        B3      War
        B4      Raritta Atama De Bunmei Kaika
        B5      Flipout Song
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , lim. press of 300 for US tour)
625 P   247     FLIP OUT A.A.           NON-FICTION EP                  7"      10.2013

        A1      R.A.F.A.N
        A2      C H
        A3      Heroine Of Tragedy
        B1      Chance
        B2      Non Fiction
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
625 P   248     INTERNAL ROT/MANHUNT    SPLIT                           7"+DLc  04.2014

        A1      Internal Rot            Placed In Excrement
        A2      Internal Rot            Teeth Eating
        A3      Internal Rot            Seconds Before It Ends
        A4      Internal Rot            Tumour Tired
        B1      Manhunt                 Entitled
        B2      Manhunt                 Useless
        B3      Manhunt                 Prescribe
        B4      Manhunt                 Backbreaker
625#    249     INTERNAL ROT            MENTAL HYGIENE                  LP      05.2014

        A1      Muciferous
        A2      Blessed With Light
        A3      Bamboo Spine
        A4      Long Pig
        A5      Sex Everywhere
        A6      Mental Hygiene
        A7      True Remorse
        A8      Opened From Inside
        A9      Nose In Neck
        A10     Beamer
        B1      Chalk Tooth
        B2      Eyelids
        B3      Lash With Viscera
        B4      Teet Eating
        B5      Lingchin
        B6      Head On A Stick
        B7      Morons, Infidels And Fools
        B8      Hodgkinson St
        B9      Hit And Run
        B10     Riddled With Rage
                (NOte : LP , 500 black/200 blue copies)


625#    252     MANHUNT                 MANHUNT                         12"       .2014

        A1      Web Pest
        A2      Impotent
        A3      Weak Solution
        A4      No Tolerance
        A5      Liar
        A6      Twitching
        A7      Buried Alone
        B1      Concealed
        B2      Rot
        B3      Fear of Death
        B4      Sick
        B5      No More
        B6      Who Dares Wins
        B7      Blind/Outro
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)

625#    254     FLIPOUT A.A./CONQUEST FOR DEATH : SPLIT                 7"      04.2015

        A1      Flipout A.A.            Peace
        A2      Flipout A.A.            Raritta Atamade Bunmeikaika
        A3      Flipout A.A.            7 Days
        A4      Flipout A.A.            S.Y.S Subtilize Your Sense
        A5      Flipout A.A.            Stupid Outro
        B1      Conquest For Death : Having Delivered The Bomb
        B2      Conquest For Death : Same Headlines, Different Centuries
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
625     255     MELLOW HARSHER/INTERNAL RIOT : SPLIT                    7"      12.2015

        A1      Mellow Harsher          Rich Albertoni
        A2      Mellow Harsher          Whiskey Stepdad
        A3      Mellow Harsher          Fucked Over
        A4      Mellow Harsher          Heroin Arm
        A5      Mellow Harsher          Drug Dog
        A6      Mellow Harsher          Dusted
        A7      Mellow Harsher          Ski-Mask
        A8      Mellow Harsher          Stinge
        B1      Internal Rot            Crushed Knuckles
        B2      Internal Rot            Bile Flower
        B3      Internal Rot            Ineptability
        B4      Internal Rot            Por Que No Conosco El Miedo
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 550 copies on black vinyl)




[Many records pressed by GZ Media/Pirate Press based in Czech Republic]