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Style   : electronic /

                SERIES 2

It's difficult to overstate the unique brilliance of the (almost unknown) early
electronic music composers featured on this compilation of seminal, previously
unreleased electronic music from the 1980s. Collecting towering analog modular synth
shapes and tones with hypnotic acoustic refrains, Nová Generácia is unlike any other
kosmische or early electronic record out there. "In 2015 the 50th anniversary of the
Experimental Studio Bratislava (Exs) in Slovakia was crowned with the first-ever
release of their music production: the LP Iná Hudba, which sold out almost immediately
after the release. Now the following Series 2: Nová Generácia presents the second
generation of experimental and musique concrete composers from Slovakia and
concentrates mostly on works from the '80s. These milestone recordings with an
unmeasurable historical value have never been released in any format ever and this is
only the second time that avant-garde and experimental electronic Slovak composers
have been exposed, united on one medium, to the world. While on Series 1 self-made
studio equipment and electronic devices was the norm for recordings made in the '60s
and '70s in Bratislava, we can see now the use of Western equipment like the Studer 907
with console etc. used by the Nová Generácia in the '80s. This technical development
allowed new composition processes and this new equipment generated new and fresh ideas
-- on the same footing as avant-garde composers on the other side of the iron curtain
like Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, Pietro Grossi, etc. Sound art gradually
found its firm place in the Slovak culture. A new generation -- Nová Generácia -- of
composers who looked for new and different methods of musical expression. All the
recordings are strictly analog -- recorded and produced with analog equipment only!
A selection of Slovak electro-acoustic composers who follow the pioneers previously
released on Iná Hudba: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 1" --Peter Doggwiler,
producer. Limited numbered edition of 500 LPs with CD included. While most tracks have
been shortened to fit on the LP, the CD includes all tracks in their full original
length. Includes works by Milan Adamiak, Martin Burlas, Juraj Pospísil, Vítazoslav
Kubicka, Rudolf Pepucha, Robert Rudolf, Juraj Duris, and Svetozár Strasina.
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