Owner   : Golden Filter
Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/
          US - Forcd Exposure/
Style   : electronic /

4GN3S   000     THE GOLDEN FILTER       TALK TALK TALK EP               12"     11.2018
4GN3S   000     THE GOLDEN FILTER       TALK TALK TALK EP               DL      11.2018

        1.      Talk Talk Talk                                  04:36
        2.      Talk Talk Talk (Kasper Bjorke & Colder Remix)   10:12
        3.      Talk Talk Talk (Cooper Saver Remix)             06:11
        4.      Talk Talk Talk (Fantastic Twins Remix)          07:42

The first release on The Golden Filter's new label, 4GN3S (pronounced "Agnes") is
The Golden Filter's "Talk Talk Talk", along with three remixes. LA's Cooper Saver
provides the dancefloor fire with his absolute banger of a remix. Fantastic Twins
is the guise of Julienne Dessagne, originally from Paris and now based in Berlin.
She provides a tripped-out rework that forays into unexpected twists and turns, but
still retains her trademark analog psychedelic dancefloor vibes. Kasper Bjorke teams
up with Colder for an epic take on "Talk Talk Talk". Minimal and hypnotic, dubbed-out
vocal snippets fly in-and-out of a one-note entrancing bassline.
4GN3S   001     THE GOLDEN FILTER       DISLOCATION EP                  12"     02.2019

        01.     Talk Talk Talk
        02.     All The Way In
        03.     Dislocation
        04.     Cut My Hair
        05.     Temple

he second release on 4GN3S (pronounced "Agnes") is a five-track EP by The Golden
Filter. "Talk Talk Talk" is like Siouxsie vs early Human League, but heavier.
"All The Way In" is a jittery electro beat workout sounding as if Anne Clark were
fronting Drexciya. Beatless and odd, "Dislocation" is part art-piece, part word
association, and part no wave experimentalism. A mutating arpeggiated bass and an
ominous tone drive "Cut My Hair" into an incongruously sci-fi dark dance netherworld.
"Temple" is classic Golden Filter, with modular bass blurbs, soft vocals, and an 808
beat doused in analog reverb.
4GN3S   002     THE GOLDEN FILTER       AUTONOMY                        LP      07.2019

        01.     Downturn
        02.     Coercion
        03.     Electric Light
        04.     Autonomy
        05.     O K
        06.     Infinity
        07.     We Are The Prey
        08.     Wisdom
        09.     Newpolitik
        10.     All The Queens

London based Australian-American duo The Golden Filter will release their latest
full-length album ‘Autonomy’ via their own 4GN3S imprint.
4GN3S   003     THE GOLDEN FILTER       AUTONOMY VARIATIONS             12"     11.2019
4GN3S   003     THE GOLDEN FILTER       AUTONOMY VARIATIONS             DL      11.2019

        1       Autonomy (Medlar Remix)                         04:22
        2       New Politik (Anna Wall Remix)                   05:45
        3       Electric Light (Curses Remix)                   07:34
        4       Infinity (Isolating Remix)                      05:46

London-based Australian-American Avant-garde pop duo The Golden Filter released their
third album Autonomy in the summer of 2019. With the ability to see different things
in their music they have had four of the tracks remixed for the EP Autonomy Variations.
Includes remixes by Medlar, Anna Wall, Curses and Isolating.
4GN3S   04      ISOLATING               PERENNIAL                       LP      09.2020

        1.      That Art Thou                                   02:00
        2.      Incarnation                                     03:56
        3.      Mortification                                   04:47
        4.      Good And Evil                                   04:06
        5.      Ritual                                          00:51
        6.      Time And Eternity                               05:25
        7.      Sacrament                                       03:56
        8.      Idolatry                                        05:14
        9.      Unconscious Beliefs                             05:10
        10.     Immortality                                     04:10
        11.     Truth                                           01:58

Isolating is the industrial solo alter ego of London-based, Stephen Hindman,
one half of The Golden Filter.