Distr.  : UK - Rough Trade
          US - Columbia
Style   : indie /

Since launching in December 2015 with the release of 30th Century Records Compilation,
Volume I, Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records, the imprint in collaboration with
Columbia Records, has already built an impressive roster, releasing albums by Autolux,
Same Cohen, Maybird, Dams of The West (featuring Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson),
and the upcoming album Last Place by Grandaddy. The most recent project for the Label
and Danger Mouse – aka Brian Burton – will be an ambitious accompanying soundtrack for
the acclaimed Amazon Original Series The Man In The High Castle, which will feature
everyone from Beck, Michael Kiwanuka, The Shins, Sharon Van Etten, + more, all covering
songs from the early 1960s.

GRANRTLP  1     GRANDADDY               LAST PLACE                      LP      03.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
GRANRTLP  1 X   GRANDADDY               LAST PLACE                      LP      03.2017
                (Note : LP , Rough Trade Exclusive Translucent Blue Vinyl,
                2000 copies worldwide)
88985445201     THE BABE RAINBOW        THE BABE RAINBOW                LP      10.2017

TCR     027 V   THE BABE RAINBOW        TODAY                           LP      09.2019

        1       Butter
        2       Morning Song
        3       Something New
        4       Us And The Rainbow
        5       The Faraway Nearer
        6       Funky I Like It
        7       Electrocuted
        8       The Wedge
        9       Beasty
        10      Many Moons Of Love
        11      For Your Eyes Only
TCR     032 V   ADAM GREEN              ENGINE OF PARADISE              LP      09.2019
TCR     032 CD  ADAM GREEN              ENGINE OF PARADISE              CD      09.2019

        1       Engine Of Paradise
        2       Gather Round
        3       Freeze My Love
        4       Wines And Champagnes
        5       Escape From This Brain
        6       Cheating On A Stranger
        7       Let’s Get Moving
        8       Rather Have No Thing
        9       Reasonable Man

Adam Green is an artistic polymath -- a songwriter, filmmaker, visual artist, and poet.
Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, by Loren Humphrey, the forthcoming album reimagines
the baroque orchestral style of his early 2000s era records and features performances
by James Richardson (MGMT), Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) and Jonathan
Rado (Foxygen).
TCR     045 V   ALEXANDRA SAVIOR        THE ARCHER                      LP      03.2020

        1       Soft Currents
        2       Saving Grace
        3       Crying All The Time
        4       Howl
        5       Send Her Back
        6       Can’t Help Myself
        7       The Phantom
        8       Bad Disease
        9       But You
        10      The Archer