30D ExoPlanets

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : techno / house / minimal funk /

30DEXOLP-001    TERRENCE DIXON          OTHER DIMENSIONS                LP      04.2022
30DEXOLP-001    TERRENCE DIXON          OTHER DIMENSIONS                DL      04.2022

        A1.     Cosmic Storms
        A2.     Aurora
        A3.     Mystical Journey
        A4.     Final Results
        A5.     The Meeting
        B1.     Elliptical Orbit
        B2.     Small Discovery
        B3.     Brilliant Rotation
        B4.     Other Dimensions
        B5.     Yesterdays World

Presented on the 30D ExoPlanets label, ‘Other Dimensions’ showcases all the finest
elements of Terrence Dixon’s sound. Split cleanly into two distinct halves, the
first side is an exercise in Dixon’s trademark minimalistic techno funk, while the
second is more dark and avant-garde, relying more on atmospherics. A great starting
point for exploring this Detroit legend’s work.