29MUSIC                                 Paris
*******                                 Ile-de-France


Start   : 2017
Owner   : Léonard Lasry
Distr.  : FR -
          UK - Norman-
Style   :

29MU    023 LP  JAY-JAY JOHANSON        KINGS CROSS                     2LP     06.2019
29MU    023 CD  JAY-JAY JOHANSON        KINGS CROSS                     CD      06.2019

        1.      Not Time Yet
        2.      Heard Somebody Whistle
        3.      Smoke
        4.      Lost forever (feat. Robin Guthrie)
        5.      Hallucination
        6.      Old Dog
        7.      Niagara Falls
        8.      Fever (feat. Jeanne Added)
        9.      Swift Kick in the Butt
        10.     We Used to Be So Close
        11.     Everything I Own
        12.     Dead End Playing

Produced with former Cocteau Twins star Robin Guthrie, Kings Cross is the 12th album
from veteran Swedish singer Jay-Jay Johanson. Unsurprisingly for an artist more than
two decades into his career, it cleaves very closely to the widescreen, filtered
trip-hop ambience that’s earned him a devoted cult fanbase.
29MU    025     JAY-JAY JOHANSON        FEVER                           12"     08.2019

SIDE A  1.      Fever (feat. Jeanne Added)
        2.      Heard Somebody Whistle
SIDE B  1.      Not Time Yet
        2.      Not Time Yet dub