Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : synth pop /

MMC     1 LP    LUIS VASQUEZ            A BODY OF ERRORS                LP      02.2021
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
MMC     1 C1    LUIS VASQUEZ            A BODY OF ERRORS                LP      02.2021
                (Note : LP , crystal-clear vinyl)
MMC     1 CD    LUIS VASQUEZ            A BODY OF ERRORS                CD      02.2021

Side A  1       Interno
        2       Poison Mouth
        3       Under My Teeth
        4       Decomposition (Part 1)
        5       This Guilt
        6       The Wasp
        7       Surgery
Side B  8       In A Cage
        9       No Longer Human
        10      Decomposition (Part 2)
        11      Used To Be
        12      From The Drain
        13      Arms & Legs
        14      World On Fire

After a decade and four albums recording as The Soft Moon, Los Angeles-based
songwriter Luis Vasquez steps out from behind his alias and offers up an LP of
intensely personal material. ‘A Body Of Errors’ explores the wonders and limitations
of the human body itself. Almost entirely instrumental, this record owes a great
debt to the musical ambience of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’.