Distr.  : UK - Bleep/Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : world music / electronic / jazz / fusion /

180GLP  01      AJATE                   ABRADA                          LP      11.2017

        1       Kobockle
        2       Taiwasho
        3       Awadama
        4       Butakusa
        5       Okamin
        6       Amemie

Crazy crazy record here! Trad Japanese folk music meets juju afro-funk with a heavy
live sound and killer percussion.
180GLP  02      VIDEOTAPEMUSIC          SOUVENIR                        LP+DLc  06.2018

        1.      Slumber Party Girl's Diary                      05:29
        2.      Hong Kong Night View                            03:09
        3.      Hot Pants in the Summercamp                     05:08
        4.      Pontiana                                        03:00
        5.      Sultry Night Slow                               05:53
        6.      Tokyo Luv Story (Souvenir Version)              05:15
        7.      Pianican Night Club (Souvenir Version)          05:04
        8.      Her Favorite Song                               04:09
180GLP  3       NAOITO                  DOTA                            LP      11.2019

Former member of the Kingdom Afrocks band, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Naoito
creates with 'dotA' an explosive and unique mix of spiritual jazz, Afro flavors and
soul. Sung in Japanese and English and bringing the very best musicians of Tokyo's
underground scene, 'dotA' is released in Japan on the legendary Jazzy Sport imprint.
180g is proud to bring to the international audience this essential album of
contemporary grooves straight from the far east!
180GDU  4       MOONS                   THINKING OUT LOUD               LP      01.2020

Space/folk rock at its best. Moons is a sextet from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Sung in
English, 'Thinking Out Loud' flows between soft and ethereal moments and guides the
listener through bucolic and cozy landscapes with ten delicious songs made for calm,
introspective and organic appreciation. For fans of Nick Drake, Lou Reed, Bon Iver,
Tim Bernardes and Leonardo Marques. Comes on 180 gram vinyl with download card.
180GDULP  02    LEONARDO MARQUES        EARLY BIRD                      LP+DLc  09.2019
180GLP    4     AJATE                   ALO                             LP+DLc  03.2020