Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Bleep/
Style   : electronic / experimental /

RFLP    001
RFLP    002 LP  SYNTH SISTERS           AUBE                            LP      06.2016

        A1.     I'm Calling You From Distance
        A2.     A.u.b.e
        A3.     Silver Dust
        B1.     Sunrise, Guide Us
        B2.     25 September
RFMLP   003     MIYAKO KODA             IN THE SHADOW OF JUPITER        LP      01.2017

        A1.     Io (Chee Shimizu Re-Edit)
        A2.     Ndembu (Jordan GCZ Re-Edit)
        A3.     Butter (Original Version)
        B1.     Sleep In Peace (In The Shadow Remix)
        B2.     A Sea Of Love (Seahorse Remix)
RFLP    004     HIROSHI YOSHIMURA       PIER & LOFT                     LP      09.2017
RFLP    004     HIROSHI YOSHIMURA       PIER & LOFT                     LP      05.2018

        1.      Horizon I've Ever Seen Before
        2.      Signal F
        3.      Tokyo Bay Area
        4.      Wavy-patterned Ice Cream
        5.      Kamome Dayori
        6.      The Sea In My Palm
        7.      In The Sea Breeze

The sadly lost Hiroshi Yoshimura, aged 63 in October 2003; Japanese ambient pioneer.
His Pier & Loft was released in 1983 as a C46 cassette and now sees the light of day
as an LP.