13 O'CLOCK RECORDS                      Austin
******************                      USA


Owner   : Brian Smith
Distr.  : US -
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
          UK - Norman/
Style   : psych pop / r&r / garage punk / punk / power pop / paisley pop
          / noise / acid rock / psych. rock / 

(m)     mono fotmat

13OC    01      STATIC STATIC           NERVOUS CONVERTER               7"        .2008

        A       Nervous Converter                               4:00
        B       Dementia                                        3:01

Tweaked synth punk from this L.A. group. "Taking equal parts of Volt and Spider and
molding it into a whole new spectrum of sonance" - Todd Killings, VoT
13OC    02      THE HIGHER STATE        AUTOMATIC MOTION                7" (m)    .2008

        A       Automatic Motion                                2:47
        B       Trip On High                                    3:00
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
13OC    03      THE HIGHER STATE        DARKER BY THE DAY               LP      03.2009
13OCCD  03      THE HIGHER STATE        DARKER BY THE DAY               CD      03.2009

        A1      And In Time                                     2:33
        A2      That's Where I'll Stay                          2:25
        A3      You Are What They Want                          4:24
        A4      Do You See Me?                                  3:22
        A5      Clear Motive                                    3:12
        A6      Know That You Know                              4:10
        B1      Darker By The Day                               3:43
        B2      Just Not Today                                  3:22
        B3      (Wandering Thru) Fields Of Green                4:12
        B4      The Electric Cowboy                             4:44
        B5      If We Don't Realise                             2:21
        B6      Ladder Of Death                                 3:56

CD +            Bonus Enhanced Section
        1       Automatic Motion (Video)
        2       You Can Forget About That (Video)

2nd album from the Higher State, comes in a nice tip-on style jacket. "Britain has
never had it so good when it comes to garage psychedelia" - Lenny Helsing, the
13OC    04      PAUL MESSIS             LOST AND FOUND                  7"      03.2010

        A       Lost And Found                                  2:22
        B       I Gotta Go                                      2:08
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
13OC    05      THE HIGHER STATE        SONG OF THE AUTUMN              7"      02.2010

        A1      Song Of The Autumn                              3:22
        B1      Precious Rings And Stones                       4:08

Two new tracks from one of the UK's finest contemporary garage-psych bands, with
plenty of '60s-style fuzz mixed with folk-punk jangle and great vocal harmonies.
Featuring former members of THE MYSTREATED and THE EMBROOKS.
13OV    06      THE SAFFRON SECT        ALL LEAD BACK TO YOU            7"+DLc  10.2014

        A       All Lead Back To You                            4:07
        B       A Pinch Of Chalk                                5:04

The "lost" second single from the Saffron Sect. Formed in Toronto in 2005, the group,
led by Gaven Dianda (ex-Flashing Lights, Thee Gnostics) made its debut and quickly
gathered a local following with their highly eclectic sound, which merged timeless
folk musings with pop-psych sensibilities. On this release, the group is fully
amplified and electric, merging nice layers of folk-psych with brilliant pop-psych
flashes. If you can imagine the Strawberry Alarm Clock with some whimsical folk-psych
moves, that may give you an overall impression of the music contained within. Comes
in a full colour sleeve with a digital download code included.
13OC    07      THE FLIGHT REACTION     TAKE ME AWAY                    7"      05.2014

        A1      Take Me Away
        B1      Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

Debut U.S. single from this new group from Stockholm, with members from the Crimson
Shadows and the Giljoteens! Top notch garage psych!
13OC    08      OS HAXIXINS             NOITES BRANCAS                  7"      11.2010

        A1      Noites Brancas                                  2:15
        A2      Cry With Me                                     2:43
        B1      De Lei                                          2:58
        B2      Victim Of Circumstances                         2:48
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM)
13OC    09      PAUL MESSIS             THE PROBLEM WITH ME             LP (m)    .2011

        A1      I Go Walking                                    4:36
        A2      Escape                                          2:16
        A3      The Problem With Me                             2:58
        A4      Live And Die                                    2:38
        A5      I'm Leaving Town                                2:22
        A6      Why?                                            4:40
        B1      I'll Be Gone                                    2:59
        B2      What Am I Going To Do                           2:43
        B3      Heaven And Hell                                 2:46
        B4      Louise                                          2:34
        B5      (If I Go Away) Would You Still Cry For Me?      2:37
        B6      Cry A Tear For Loneliness                       3:52
                (Note : LP , 150 g.)

Debut album from this garage punk unknown extraordinaire! 150 gram vinyl with digital
download code included! Absolutely essential!
13OC    10      ARSENE OBSCENE          ROCK SAUVAGE                    7"      05.2014

        A1      Rock Sauvage
        A2      Je Suis Américain
        B1      Planete Obscene
        B2      Conseiller Municipal

4 song 7" EP from this one-man punk rock n' roll army! His 2nd U.S. release.
KBD-styled punk rock.
13OCLP  11      THE HIGHER STATE        FREAKOUT AT THE GALLERY         LP (m)  11.2011
13OCCD  11      THE HIGHER STATE        FREAKOUT AT THE GALLERY         CD (m)  11.2011

        A1      The Gypsies' Graveyard                          3:54
        A2      These Things Take Time                          3:00
        A3      It's Not Up To You                              2:17
        A4      I'll Always Be Around                           3:42
        A5      A Thousand Yards                                2:39
        A6      Everything I See                                4:18
        B1      You Had It Coming                               2:50
        B2      If At All                                       4:39
        B3      Bus Song                                        3:54
        B4      Turn Into Fall                                  3:50
        B5      There's Always Time                             3:08
        B6      Hey In There                                    3:08

The Higher State return with their long-awaited third album, Freakout at the Gallery!
While still employing their bedrock signature sound of fuzzy 60's-style garage
psychedelia meshed with jangly folk-punk, the group expands their musical horizons
through a broader mix of instrumentation. On these 12 new songs, sitar, piano, and
even a lush string arrangement add a lot of color to this affair. Mix all of these
vibrations with quite possibly some of their most infectious vocal harmonies and
spot-on, thought-provocative lyrics to date, and you will bear witness to the Freakout
at the Gallery. Quite possibly, becoming an active participant as well, as the sounds
excite your ears, move your feet, and paint the colors of your mind!
13OC    12      FLIGHT REACTION         MOURNING LIGHT                  7"      05.2014

        A       Mourning Light
        B       Citadel

Their 4th single has arrived! Moody garage psych mover on the A side, and a trippy
lysergic cover of the Rolling Stones' Satanic Majesties nugget on the flip!
13OC    13      JIMMY C. & THE CHELSEA FIVE : PLAY WITH FIRE            7"      05.2014

        A       PLAY WITH FIRE
        B       LEAVE ME ALONE

Reissue of their only release on Zero Records in 1967! Ultra mooody, broody take on
the Stones' classic backed up with a garage punk stomper on the flipside!

7"      Zero            Z1003           1965    US
13OC    14      THE HIGHER STATE        I JUST PRETEND                  7" (m)  05.2015

        A       I Just Pretend                                  2:35
        B       Ain't It Hard                                   2:45
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies , push-out center hole)

Single with special UK style punch-out center holes! Awesome original on the A side,
and an excellent cover of the folk punk classic on the flip! Both tracks are non-LP!
13OC    15      THE HIGHER STATE        THE HIGHER STATE                LP (m)  11.2013
13OCCD  15 p    THE HIGHER STATE        THE HIGHER STATE                CDR(m)  11.2013
                (Note : CDr , promo only)

        A1      Need To Shine
        A2      Jagged Words
        A3      Why Don't You Prove It
        A4      You've Drifted Far
        A5      No Feeling At All
        A6      Sky Clears To Blue
        B1      Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)
        B2      I'm Going Home Now
        B3      What Is The Deal
        B4      They Walk Away
        B5      Someone There
        B6      Try Slowing Down

New, vinyl-only album from one of the UK's finest contemporary garage acts. The songs
are streamlined and simple, with their signature bedrock sound meshing folk punk with
garage psych, laced with top shelf vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics.
13OC    16      PAUL MESSIS             NIGHTMARES                      7"+DLc  07.2014

        A       NIghtmares                                      3:22
        B       Penny Arcade                                    2:49
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)

The U.K.'s finest garage punk unknown returns with a great two-sider! Picking up right
where he left off with his second album 'Case Closed', Paul continues to display his
incredible grasp of pure '60s style garage-punk, along with his refined sensibilities
as a very good songwriter. 'Nightmares' is an original song, moody and broody with
ample doses of fuzz to seal the deal. On the flipside Paul shifts gears and serves up
a nice, jangly 12 string ballad, with excellent vocal harmonies to boot. This single
comes in a old-style, classic sleeve with a download code included.
13OC    17      THE FLIGHT REACTION     THE FLIGHT REACTION             LP+DLc  08.2014

        A1      Falling Through Color
        A2      Take Your Time
        A3      Every Time You Die
        A4      Nothing Lasts
        A5      Love Will See Us Through
        A6      Slide Away
        B1      Running Out Of Mind
        B2      Get Ready For Take-Off
        B3      Eight Hours Ago
        B4      Mourning Light
        B5      The World Is Black
        B6      Your Smile
                (Note : LP/150 g. , 100 copies + 11x17" poster)

At last, the long-awaited debut album from the Flight Reaction has arrived! This
Swedish group, featuring ex-members of the Crimson Shadows and the Giljoteens,
expands on their signature sound of 60's-style garage psychedelia that they have
displayed over the course of 4 singles already. Through 12 new songs, the band
sonically paints with a much wider palette, with nice freakbeat and acid-punk moves
to boot, as well as some additional instrumentation to spice up the affair, such
as sitar, mellotron, farfisa, and flute. As a whole, the album has a similar feel
to the Pretty Things classic S.F. Sorrow as well as the Outsiders legendary C.Q.
album, yet song by song retains all the immediacy, fuzz, mood, and grit that
predominated the sounds of many garage and psychedelic unknowns during the height
of the psychedelic 60's, while remaining very much in touch with the ever-present
now. 150 gram vinyl with download code included.
13OC    18      THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS     CHANGE YOUR MIND                7"      12.2014

        A       Change Your Mind                                2:48
        B       Once Or Twice                                   2:39

This top-notch two-sider finds the Roanoke, Virginia-based group in peak form as they
display their signature sound: a mixture of jangly folk rock diffused through a prism
of paisley pop, and accentuated at times by garage, powerpop and mod moves. The key
equation to their sound is thoroughly demonstrated on the A-Side of this single,
a jangly Byrdsian folk rock song with spot-on vocal harmonies, steeped heavily in
the pot of Rain Parade-style paisley underground pop. On the flipside, the group adds
thick dollops of powerpop to this mixture, rounding out what rest assured is a single
to stay in constant rotation on turntables everywhere!
13OC    19      THE TOMB WEAVERS        VISITATION                      7"      05.2015

        A       Visitations 1                                   3:45
        B       Visitations 2                                   2:36

The Tomb Weavers return with their third single! Picking up right where they left
off from their previous singles, this power trio from Monterey, California displays
once again some great heavy psych moves, akin' to the heavy psych/hard rock sounds
that emerged in the late 1960s and early '70s. Both tracks bear the same title, not
only due to the way they both complement each other, but also in the sense of
"visitation" as a reconnection with the heavy psych sounds of days past in order to
create music now that is at once as immediate yet remains timeless. Think not only of
well-known heavy-hitter groups like Blue Cheer for a comparison here, but also of
a myriad of obscure representatives of the psychedelic '60s, with colourful names
such as Orange Wedge, Glass Sun and Twentieth Century Zoo, and connect the dots!
13OC    20      THE HIGHER STATE : (CONSIDER IT) A DEBT REPAID          7"+DLc  08.2015

        A       (CONSIDER IT) A DEBT REPAID                     2:01
        B       In A World That Just Don't Care                 2:21

The Higher State delivers a new top-notch two-sider! Picking up right where the
and left off with its last full-length album, the Higher State has dialed back the
sound a bit further for an even more stripped-down affair. Both songs, one each
written by band members Marty Ratcliffe and Paul Messis, are really shot through
the prism of '66 as the group once again amply displays '60s-style garage moves,
meshed with folk-punk vibes, whilst as usual adding incisive and thoughtprovoking
lyrics to the mix.
13OC    21      THE BEGINNER'S MYND     I FOUND YOU OUT                 7"+DLc  09.2015

        A       I Found You Out                                 3:21
        B       When You Go                                     3:46

The vinyl debut for The Beginner's Mynd picks up right where the band left off from
their cassette EP on Burger Records, and presents the Washington DC-based trio in 
fine form. Their signature sound, which maashes Byrdsian guitar jangle with sixties
UK-style psych/pop-psych in the vein of early Pink Floyd and The Factory, is on full
display here. Add a few dollops of baroque psychedelia to the proceedings and presto,
a top shelf two-sider for your listening pleasure!
13OC    22      NOBLE KRELL             THE VELVET YOU                  7"+DLc  11.2015

        A       The Velvet you                                  2:13
        B       Not The Sun                                     2:46

Noble Krell returns with this second single. Echo-laden vocals and thick layers of
gloriously reverberated psychedelia glide along Byrds-like guitar jangle to create
a tapestry of sound in the vein of the Electric Prunes and 'S.F. Sorrow'-era Pretty
13OC    23      THE HIGHER STATE        VOLUME 27                       LP+DLc  04.2016
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)                                (m)

        A1      Long Someways To Go                             2:28
        A2      The Worst Of Their Treason                      2:03
        A3      When We Say                                     2:22
        A4      I Suppose You Like That Now?                    3:00
        A5      Forest Through The Trees                        2:16
        A6      Pretending I'm Dead                             2:28
        B1      Break The News                                  2:03
        B2      Reason For Today                                2:32
        B3      Killing Me Inside                               2:22
        B4      Tomorrow You'll Find Today                      2:14
        B5      Never Be That Man                               2:08
        B6      Smoke And Mirrors                               2:46

On vinyl, this is The Higher State's fifth full-length album. 'Volume 27' presents
twelve songs blending '60s-style garage with jangly folk-punk that timelessly reflect
upon the ho-hum world we all face without sounding clichéd and trivial. Mastered by
Crypt Records head honcho Tim Warren, and with liner notes from Ugly Things Magazine
guru Mike Stax, the album comes pressed on 150 gram vinyl and housed in a nice 
'60s-style tip-on jacket. The lyrics are printed on the inner sleeve and you also
get a digital download code.
130C    24      THE WRONG SOCIETY       DARK CLOUDS                     7"+DLc  09.2016
        A       Dark Clouds
        B       Don'y Know Why

Out of the beat Mecca that is Hamburg, Germany comes The Wrong Society with a top
-notch two-sider! This single presents the quartet in fine form, racking up a couple
more moody and broody garage-beat originals with a heavy mid-60s teen-jangle vibe.
13OC    25      ASTEROID NO.4           TICKING TIME BOMB               7"+DLc  01.2017

        A       Ticking Time Bomb
        B       Broken Moon

hese long-standing psych veterans lay down a heady psych groover on the A-side that
in some ways comes off sounding like a long lost track from the Pretty Things'
classic 'S.F. Sorrow'. On the flipside, the group travels into a hazy, dreamier
realm of psychedelia that channels some strong Paisley vibes in the vein of Opal
and Mazzy Star.
13OC    26      THE TOMB WEAVERS        (WHY ARE YOU) SHAKING?          7"      06.2017

        A       (Why Are You) Shaking?
        B       7 Cycles Per Second
13OC    27      THE BEGINNER'S MIND     DON'T LOSE YOUR MIND            LP      07.2017

        A1      Don't Lose Your Mind                            3:23
        A2      Unity                                           3:17
        A3      I've Seen Stars                                 3:58
        A4      The Next One                                    2:24
        A5      I Want Truth                                    3:02
        B1      Out of Tune                                     5:14
        B2      Nothing Wrong                                   4:28
        B3      Days of Joy                                     3:30
        B4      I Am Done                                       3:20
        B5      No Expectations                                 4:40

On vinyl, this is the debut full-length from The Beginner's Mynd. From the fuzzed-out
garage-fueled opener 'Don't Lose Your Mind' to the dreamy, psych-poppin' closing track
'No Expectations', the Washington D.C.-based trio presents ten songs that expand upon
their bedrock sound of Byrdsian guitar jangle meshed with '60s-style pop-psych and
'80s Paisley underground moves.
13OC    28      PAUL MESSIS             SONGS OF OUR TIMES              LP+DLc  12.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
13OC    28      PAUL MESSIS             SONGS OF OUR TIMES              LP+DLc  12.2017
                (Note : LP , red vinyl)

        A1      Yesterday's Confusion
        A2      Sign Of The Times
        A3      Societies Games
        A4      The Last Reflections Of Fall
        A5      Back Against The Wall
        A6      Apathy's Callin'
        B1      Games People Play
        B2      The Ballad of A Strange Cat
        B3      Mainstream Lifestyle Blues
        B4      Stuck In The Past
        B5      Mistress Of Death
        B6      Don't Follow The Man

Since the release of his first single, back in 2009, Paul Messis has been a whirlwind
of musical activity. Along with his own work as a songwriter, he is still an active
member of The Higher State and The Suburban Homes. Now he's back full circle with his
third full-length album, containing a dozen songs firmly rooted in his solid bedrock
of sound, meshing jangly '60s-style garage-punk with folk-rock/folk-punk moves. This
isn't a cookie cutter retro trip. The LP includes a download code.
13OC    29      ASTEROID NO.4           COLLIDE                         LP+DLc  05.2018

        A1      Ghost Garden                                    4:24
        A2      Explore                                         4:56
        A3      Sagamore                                        5:14
        A4      Collide                                         6:54
        B1      Weeping Willow                                  4:26
        B2      Finest Of Mimes                                 3:53
        B3      Remedy                                          5:28
        B4      Cry Of Hosana                                   9:27

At long last, in celebration of their 20th anniversary as a group, here's the ninth
full-length album from the Asteroid No. 4! On this album, these longstanding psych
veterans return to orbit with eight songs, merging hazy, paisley vibes with fluid
shoegaze moves and dots and dashes of '60s-style psychedelia! In many ways a return
to form similar to the group's classic albums like 'Hail The Clear Figurines' and
the 'These Flowers Of Ours' double album in particular, yet still traveling into new
dimensions of sound as well. Comes in gatefold sleeve including download code.
13OC    30      THE HIGHER STATE        TEN CLEAR PETALS                7"      11.2018

        1       TEN CLEAR PETALS
        2       DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL 45
13OC    31      THE BEGINNER'S MYND     EGO DEATH                       7"      11.2018

        A       Ego Death
        B       Baby Blue

The A-Side of this awesome single by the Washington DC-based band contains an exciting
psychedelic track that sounds like a cross between Syd Barrett-era Floyd and UK
freakbeat darlings The Factory. The flip offers an appealing, jangly rendition of
the famous Dylan-song 'Baby Blue', adding a notable garage edge.
13OC    32      TOMB WEAVERS            WE DIG SOUNDS                   LP      05.2019

        A1      Without You                                     2:35
        A2      We Dig Sounds                                   2:09
        A3      Mynd Eclypse                                    2:30
        A4      Expect A Miracle                                2:32
        A5      You Won't See You                               2:53
        A6      Orange Gives To Grey                            5:01
        B1      Lovecraftian Lighthouse                         2:37
        B2      Perceptions                                     1:55
        B3      Estero Dawn                                     3:33
        B4      Until The Day                                   2:40
        B5      New Strange Vibes                               3:46
        B6      The Road Down                                   2:53

After releasing five singles over the past few years on 13 O'Clock Records, Burger
Records and Get Hip, the debut album from the Tomb Weavers has finally arrived! The
power trio out of Monterey, California deliver twelve songs on their album "We Dig
Sounds", merging late '60s heavy psych rock moves with lots of moody, introspective,
late '60s style garage rock vibes, and a generous amount of dawn of the '70s style
psychedelic hangover hard rock crunch! Presented on 150 gram vinyl, get ready to dig
the colorful,vibrating sounds of the Tomb Weavers! Download code included.
"A great new psychedelic garage band who sound like ancestors of Glass Sun or Scorpio
Tube. It's got that dark and heavy 'Psychedelic Disaster Whirl' sound."
13OC    33      THE ELEVATOR OPERATORS : THE ELEVATOR OPERATORS         7"      09.2019

        A1      On The Ground                                   2:32
        A2      Freudian Knowledge                              2:25
        B1      It Could Do Me Better                           2:49
        B2      Sending This To You                             3:23
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
13OC    34 7    GENTLE CYCLE            IVY                             7"      11.2019

        A       IVY
        B       IT'S YOU

Nowadays based in southern California, The Gentle Cycle releases two great tracks for
the fans of '60s style psychedelia. Side 1 contains a self-penned power/psych-pop gem,
while the flip contains a cover of an obscure 13th Floor Elevators song.
13OC    35      ELECTRIC LOOKING GLASS : DAFFODIL TEA SHOPPE            7"      01.2020

        1       DAFFODIL TEA SHOPPE
        2       DREAM A DREAM