12TH ISLE                               Glasgow
*********                               UK

Distr.  : UK - Bleep/Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : experimental house and techno /

ISLE    001     DICES + AEM             RHYTHM-CASCADE                  LP      07.2016
ISLE    001     DICES + AEM             RHYTHM-CASCADE                  LP      09.2018
                (Note : LP, repress, new colour scheme on the sreen print)

        01.     Pacific
        02.     Like A Dream
        03.     Green Diver
        04.     Pool
        05.     Square Fauna
        06.     Seine
        07.     Echo-Thought
        08.     Caleidoscope
        09.     Hologram
        10.     Stream Itself
        11.     Back Frame

(Note : LP , comes with screen-printed sleeve, labels and insert)
ISLE    002     CRU SERVERS             BLUBBER TOTEM                   LP      09.2017
                (Note : LP , 300 copies, screen-printed sleeve)
ISLE    002     CRU SERVERS             BLUBBER TOTEM                   LP      05.2018
ISLE    002     CRU SERVERS             BLUBBER TOTEM                   DL      05.2018

        A1.     Incubation on Ram Skins
        A2.     Shot To Life
        A3.     Dorito Rook
        A4.     Ark Bile Top-Ups
        B1.     Deithe 2 Hansy
        B2.     Granite Of Blobs Ghost
        B3.     Whale Vomit Windfall
        B4.     Accursed Share
        B5.     Yellow Domes & The Dawn
ISLE    003     X.Y.R.                  EL DORADOM EP                   LP      10.2017

        A1.     Lost City
        A2.     Conquistador
        A3.     Middle of Nowhere
        B1.     Golden Haze
        B2.     Purple Sunset
        B3.     Aguirre Song
                (Note : LP , comes housed in screen-printed sleeve)

‘El Dorado’ recorded April – August 2014, originally released via Illuminated Paths
(March 2015).
ISLE    004     RAMZI                   PEZE-PITON                      LP      04.2018

        1.      MWI Intro                                       02:47
        2.      Backin                                          02:57
        3.      Safe                                            05:24
        4.      A Jungle for RAMZi #5                           02:05
        5.      Fly Timoun                                      06:18
        6.      Brazili                                         04:38
        7.      In Shed w Tan                                   03:35
        8.      Nofo                                            06:01
        9.      Ptite Zelda                                     03:13

Phoebe Guillemot’s RAMZi returns with an exotic kiss of tribal rhythms and 4th world
electronics in Peze-Piton, her keenly anticipated first record for 12th Isle and a fine
follow-up to a string of roundly acclaimed excursions for 1080p, RVNG Intl, Total
Stasis and Mood Hut in recent years.
ISLE    005     PALTA & TI : PALTA OG TI PA DEN TOLVTE O                12"     05.2018

Aarhus-based pseudonym enthusiasts Palta (aka Natal Zaks, Central, Brio, Escar, Soft
Talk etc.) and Ti (aka Milán Zaks, DJ Sports) follow last year’s cassette Hej
Australien and 12” EP’en Andre Hjem with this fellow for 12th Isle. Quite hard to pin
this one down, but it’s some sort of mucky, ultra-relaxed house. A1 is an extremely
chill tempo with offbeat FX and understated chords, A2 sounds like early B12 doing
dub and B1 gets a bit krauty with super funky bass and cute synths.

        A1.     Vivi-Q Flight Path
        A2.     Orbitiara
        A3.     Nick & Kev Set Controls For The Waning Moon
        A4.     Loneliest Animals of Them All
        A5.     Disrecalling The Assassatoir
        B1.     Unfathomed Fathoms 
        B2.     Tranquatic Slakes
        B3.     Extinct Song

Portland’s Best Available Technology makes homemade electronic music that is born
out of the world of noise, drone and unpredictable electronics, but that wonders
in places into some dubbed-out techno vibes and bass surges you’d want to hear on
a club PA. Enginetics & Plasmalterations sounds playful and explorative, even from
the depths of its darkness.
ISLE    007     LO KINDRE               CHLOROPHYTUM                    12"     03.2019
ISLE    007     LO KINDRE               CHLOROPHYTUM                    DL      03.2019

        1.      Sounder                                         03:58
        2.      I Don't Really                                  05:50
        3.      Aibell                                          04:49
        4.      No Hiding                                       03:14
        5.      Interlude (i)                                   01:49
        6.      For Sleep                                       06:07
ISLE    008     PATAPHYSICAL            PERIPHERA                       LP      06.2019
                (Note : LP , hand-stamped centre label)
ISLE    008     PATAPHYSICAL            PERIPHERA                       DL      06.2019

        A1.     Dream Reveal
        A2.     Aun Cyc
        A3.     Metaxy
        A4.     Montoon
        B1.     Protae
        B2.     Ken World
        B3.     Purlo
        B4.     Energen