1 in 12 Records                         21-23 Albion Street
***************                         Bradford BD1 2LY
                                        West Yorkshire


Start   : 1985 (in Bradford)
Distr.  : UK - Southern Studios
Lab.code: LC 7861
Style   : punk / post punk / dub /

12      001     THE MEN FROM THE MOUNTAIN S : TREMBLING                 12"       .1985

        A       Trembling (Extended Version)
        B1      Trembling
        B2      Can't Do That

1in12   003     V / A                   ENEMIES OF THE STATE            LP      06.1984

        A1      Eton Crop               Boringisms
        A2      Requiem                 Spartan Life
        A3      Surfin' Dave and The B'Nee Teas : Exchange & Mart
        A4      Sweet Life              In a World of My Own
        A5      The Mighty Clifton Brothers : Eldridge
        A6      Chinese Gangster Element : World's on Fire
        A7      Wild Willi Beckett      Privilege
        A8      The Word                Boys Choir
        B1      The Three Johns         Bloop
        B2      Chronic                 Who Cares
        B3      The Ex                  The Big Zzzleep
        B4      Seven Antelopes         Eat People
        B5      The Convulsions         Media Punx
        B6      Dirk Spig               The Russians Are Coming
        B7      Household Name          The Race Is On
1IN12   004     V / A                   SYSTEMBEAT                      LP        .1985

        A1      Indiscriminate Hoax Fund : Bulkhead
        A2      A Witness               Camera
        A3      The Effect              No Place
        A4      Spectre [UK]            Ideal Home
        A5      The Blood Brothers      We Steal
        A6      bIG fLAME               Debra
        A7      The In-Stinks           My Mama's Dead
        A8      God Dog                 Mood Music for a British Empire
        B1      Citron Girls: How I Made a Million $ By Leading Two and
                a Half Lives for the F.B.I.
        B2      Category A              Assassination
        B3      The Men From The Mountains : Trembling
        B4      Dig Vis Drill           I'm Hip, I'm Vain
        B5      Dik Dik Dimorphic       In Egypt
        B6      Vegetable Section       Fruitcake Jake
        B7      The Sinister Cleaners   Rise Up
        B8      Son of Sam              Charmaigne
1IN12   005     V / A                   SYSTEMBEATWO                    LP        .1985

        A1      Boys from the East      Young & Beautiful
        A2      Shee Hees               Hello
        A3      The Chorus              Chimeras
        A4      Jazz Hipsters           Elvis's Quiff
        A5      Still Life [UK]         She Don't Care
        A6      The Passmore Sisters    Strong for Europe
        A7      IK                      Livin' in the Eighties
        A8      One Thousand Violins    Tragic Tale of Daniel
        B1      Inca Babies             Cowboy Song
        B2      Mass Of Black           Rock 'N' Roll Hospital
        B3      Domestic Enemies        Reproductive Ritual
        B4      Legion [UK]             Into the Night
        B5      GRRR                    Xenophobia
        B6      Silent Community        Broken Bones
        B7      Matamba                 Nowhere to Run
        B8      Doctor & The Inmates    Never a Rebel
1IN12 006.7     V / A : "VOLNITZA"-WORST OF 1 IN 12 CLUB VOL. 6/7       2LP       .1989

LP 1    A1      Shrug                   Fear and Violence
        A2      The Whiskey Priests     Shut Down the Wagon Works
        A3      Black Spot Champions    Fuck Off Yuppie Scum
        A4      Old Joe Zydeco          Zydeco Gris Gris
        A5      The Hoverchairs         Two Pints and It Rains
        A6      Pete Pax                New Improved Great Britain
        A7      Alex [UK]               City Nights
        A8      The Everly Sisters      Inside / Outside
        B1      Feed Your Head          Refuge
        B2      Seven Antelopes         Alienation
        B3      Every New Dead Ghost    Lonely Faces
        B4      Kage Engineering        Whistling
        B5      Western Dance           This Perfect Day
        B6      The Heart of Darkness   The Storm

LP 2    C1      The Volunteers                  Crawl Through the Soil
        C2      Vatican Shotgun Scare   Roman Catholic Priest
        C3      Thrilled Skinny         Tec Buff
        C4      The Next World          Rising Tide of Fascism
        C5      Giant Treads Clean      Slogan for Today
        C6      Vee VV                  God Bless Johnny Woodentop
        C7      The Wendys              Do Anything
        D1      Hotalacio               Don't Kick Me
        D2      Default [UK]            Decline and Fall
        D3      Sore Throat             Eric Pickles Is a Fat Tory Bastard
        D4      Doom                    Sick Joke
        D5      Generic                 Take It
        D6      Pleasant Valley Children : The Myth Of ...
        D7      Pre-Menstrual Tension   Video Monster
        D8      Thatcher on Acid        Monument to Boredom
1IN12   008     V / A                   THEE DEEP IN SHIT               LP        .1990

        A1      Political Asylum        Symptom
        A2      Alienation [UK]         It's So Easy
        A3      The Honkies             Old Men Don't Want to Die
        A4      Thought Police          The More You Try
        A5      Uncle Ted Grundy        Sacred Cow
        A6      Pink Noise              On My Mind
        A7      Danbert Nobacon         Twenty Years From Now
        B1      Atavistic               Clearcut Conscience
        B2      The Attic               Another Saturday Night
        B3      The Planet Wilson       At the End of the Day
        B4      Virus Insurrection      Exploitation
        B5      Archbishop Kebab        This Is the Norm
        B6      Inky Pig                Liberty Bodice & Drindle
        B7      Not Precious            Nightmares
1IN12 009.10    V / A : Wild & Crazy "Noise Merchants"... Invade a City 2LP       .1990
                 Near You: Worst of the 1 in 12 Club Vol.9/10 

        A1      Godorrhoea-Star of Deathly Realm: Glub Dub Drib: Mothman: Garble
        A2      Psycho Flowers          Who's the Scum
        A3      Paradox U.K.            Abuse of Power
        A4      Active Minds            Take It Back
        A5      Slander                 Freedom
        A6      Trottel                 There Are Days
        B1      Chumbawamba             Bradford Bad Lad
        B2      Spongetunnel            Filthy Rich
        B3      M4 Alice                Thrones & Bones & Death to All
        B4      Indian Dream            Our Land
        B5      Telic Tribe             Times

LP 2    C1      Pink Turds in Space     Teenage Kicks
        C2      Sofa Head               Invitation to Dinner
        C3      Nitro Puppy             Bubblegum Burnout
        C4      Incest Brothers [UK] : Aneka Rice Sez Snakebelts 4Da Punx'
        C5      F.U.A.L.                20 Years On
        C6      Warfear                 Dig Your Own Grave
        D1      Chris Halliwell & Mary Johnston : Dam(n) Your Eyes
        D2       Greenhouse             This One's for Me
        D3      The Wonderful Thing Called Tiddles : Where Has Everybody Gone
        D4      The Clearing [UK]       Celia
        D5      Wild Willi Beckett & Jont : Averagely Surprised
12      011     V / A                   A NIGHTMARE ON ALBION ST.       LP        .1992

        A1      Bio-Hazard              Society's Rejects/We Are Us
        A2      B.T.F.          Caring Society
        A3      Disaster                Death Race
        A4      Threshold Shift         Power Games
        A5      Nerverack
        A6      Citizen Fish            Lifesaver
        A7      Mushroom Attack         Mushroom Attack
        B1      Idiot Gods              Judas Had a Burger
        B2      The Justice League of America : I Think I Know
        B3      Primate                 Overwound
        B4      Rubber. Leather. Plastic. : Can't Resist
        B5      Robb Johnson & Pip Collings : El Chorillo
        B6      Rhythm Activism         Anthony Griffin
12  012.013     V / A                   ENDLESS STRUGGLE                2LP       .1995

LP 1    A1      Terminus                (In This) Dark Carnival
        A2      Disaffect               State Worse Than Death
        A3      Sedition                Disgrace / Abuse
        A4      One By One              Prisoner Of Conscience
        A5      Cluster Bomb Unit       Without A Warning
        A6      Blitzkrieg              Lest We Forget
        A7      Sarcasm                 Mist Of Confusion
        A8      Wat Tyler               James Whale
        A9      Sore Throat             Hurry Up Garry '94 / Retribute
        B1      Oi Polloi               Guilty
        B2      Voorhees                Fucker / Whatever I Do
        B3      Ironside                Suffocation
        B4      Nailbomb                My Problems
        B5      Wordbug                 Anywhere But Here
        B6      Decadence Within        Stitch In Time

LP 2    C1      Contropotere            Attacco Al Visus
        C2      Doom                    (We Hate The) Brew Crew
        C3      Concrete Sox            Speak Japanese Or Die
        C4      Scraps                  Familiar Patterns
        C5      Virtual Reality         Stalemate
        D1      Hiatus                  They Really Got Me
        D2      Protest                 Paralysis Through Conformity
        D3      Beer Beast              Govern Mental System / Ilkey Moor
        D4      Immortal Dead           Who's In Power
                (Note : double LP , 2000 copies + 28 p. booklet)
12  014.015     V / A                   DECADE OF DISSIDENCE            2LP       .1999

        1       Dawson : Cross My Heart Fliptop Head (Remix)
        2       Health Hazard           Jailbait
        3       Dog On A Rope           Bloodsucker
        4       Witchknot               Tongue & Groove
        5       Conclude                Petshop Forever
        6       Glue                    Mie Korzysciso Gainl
        7       Headache                Shit / Agaa
        8       Jimmy Saville's Wheelchair : The Egotist
        9       Revolt                  In Limbo
        10      Stalingrad              Human Byproduct
        11      Manfat                  Pigfood
        12      Kito                    Eyes Passim
        13      Cress                   Violate / Beast
        14      Bloodsucking Freaks     War Is A Cunts Trick / Razorblade Smile
        15      Sawn Off : All Politicians Are Bastards/Nazi Stickers/Execution
                Justice / Insane
        16      Extinction Of Mankind   Veins Of Hatred
        17      Hard To Swallow         Hard To Swallow
        18      Voorhees                Blood Simple
        19      Happy Anger             Regrezionsverbot
        20      Month Of Birthdays      Of Chickens
        21      John Holmes             Downstream
        22      Polaris                 Things You Don't Know
                (Note : double LP , 1000 copies + 28 p. booklet)

12      017     ANDY T                  I STILL HATE THATCHER           7"      07.2012

        A       I Still Hate Thatcher (Extended Version)
        B       Sing A Happy Song
12      018     v / a                   1 in 12 RECORDS VOL.18          12"     01.2016

        1       La La & The Boo Ya      Northern Adventures     3:57
        2       The Urbanizer           King Selassie           5:20
        A       Galvatron               Positive Vibez          4:35
        B       Rufus!                  Elasmotherium           6:06